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How To Look More Sexy!- Metabolism RockStar

Hello Friend,

One of the things that actually limit the ability of you in losing those weight is one little mechanism that is happening in your body that you simply know little about which is what I want to share with you today.

And that is the METABOLISM

How does it affect your weight gain or your weight loss…

Well here is what you need to know right now

Metabolism is the rate at which your body naturally burns the calories you take in.

Now the simple explanation of this is this. If the rate at which you burn calories ie your metabolism rate is low. You will find it hard dropping those weight no matter the amount of workout or weight loss product that you use.

But if there is a way you can exponentially increase how much calories you burn ie your metabolism rate increasing. Then you will drop those weight as fast as possible.

So how can you easily exponentially increase your metabolism rate to help you in losing weight fast.

Now here is the secret am about to drop for you which you should hold dear to you because this is how you can effectively get to increase the burn out of calories.

Now here is it…

A combination of a healthy diet, cardio-vascular exercise and weight training can help you to change your body composition and have a positive effect on your metabolism.

Once you have been able to grasp this.

Losing weight would become easier for you.


Which is why whenever i promote the Clean 9 product for people to use in losing, I ensure that they actually get it right.

Because using the product alone would help you lose weight but not as much as you want which is why every one of my customers has to go through a process of training exercise and meal that is simply to help increase the metabolism rate in your body system.

You can call my way hard because i know that a lot of people are actually looking for a quick fix.

But i tell you this, the quick fix that you are looking would result in your simply getting little result and worse still, getting to become more fatter because you didnt do what you were suppose to do.

But going through my own specially designed training that comes with the CLEAN 9 pack, you will be able to get the result that you want.

That is if you do not cheat the plan i give to you. Smiles.

Now head over here now to get your own Clean 9 Pack today and be on your way to losing those weight.

Talk soon.

Your health and fitness coach.

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5 Negative Effect Of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks seems to be the order of the day…

If you are at home… you can simply get to your fridge, open up one and drink.

If you are at the club, its easy… order for one, drink or simply mix it with your favorite alcoholic drinks.

And to some people, when they want to have sex, they take in energy drinks to give them that extra boost of energy to be able to perform well. Well truth is you can naturally cure that on your own without having to rely on energy drinks

But then, there are a lot of things that you don’t know that is killing your body system which is what I want to address today.

Yes… you get to have that energy boost that you want but at what cost is it to you.

Energy drinks is known to have a high volume of both caffeine and processed sugar which is very much disastruous to your health.

And here are the top reason why.

It causes type 2 diabetes: ever wonder how in the world some people came to become victim of diabetes. It simply because of the sugar and caffeine that they have taken into their system which has accumulated over time. You can click here to see how you can lower your blood sugar level if you are dealing with diabetes.

It becomes an addiction: A lot of times, people get addicted to taking energy drinks and cant seem to put a stop to it. That my friend is your number one killer slowly because all this substance you are taking usually gives rise to kidney stones and other diseases.

Headaches and migraine: due to the high consumption of energy drinks, you will tend to always have this strong headache and migraine as time goes on and that’s simply because of the caffeine that you have been taking in.

It leads to insomnia: not been able to sleep is usually cause when you are addicted to taking these unhealthy energy drinks because you are always looking to stay awake which can limit your productivity in not been able to do some heavy task when necessarily

It leads to cardiac arrest: last resort to drinking all this energy drinks is having a cardiac arrest which can lead to death. Don’t blame the withcraft in your village when this happens, because its due to the fact that you have completely killed yourself without you knowing.

Now if all thise energy drinks are bad and also soft drinks included. Which should people then be taking into their body system.

Well the truth is that as long as you stay away from caffeine and also process sugar. You are good

And there is one available that you can easily get which is the FAB ENERGY DRINK.


Its made from a natural plant extract known as guatana and also and ADX technology system that allows it to give you a much more energy boost than even the caffeine and sugar that you are taking…

It does not have sugar..

It has no calorie

Its has a blend of aloe vera gel in it that make it a good healthy nutritional energy drink that can be taking at any time of the day.

If you would like to get this drinks… you can click here now.

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Continue to live a healthy lifestyle

Talk to you soon

Your health and fitness coach


Everyday that we go out, we indirectly take in a lot of things that we are not aware of.

We probably don’t even have any way of getting to avoid them because as long as we move around people and location. We get to indirectly get them in our system.

And that is called toxins…

Each and every day, we inhale air inside our system and inside what we are exposed to are harmful toxin that slowly affect our health without our knowledge.

Now when this piles up to a certain stage. It hinders a lot of things in your body system and even cause some diseases in your body because they have piled up to a stage where it becomes extremely harmful to the body.

And that is why that when you are to go through the process of losing weight. You have to reset your whole body system through a detoxification process initially before finally getting to lose those weight.

Now here are a list of some of the Nigerian fruits and food that you can naturally take to help cleanse your system.

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1. Avocado


This is one of the list of fruit that tops the list of something to take because it is very high in fibre and and also a very good antioxidant. Though it has a lot of fat but its kind of fat is more of good fat than the bad kind of fat which I will explain in a later article. You should consume this alone without having to mix it with anything.

2 Pineapple


Inside this tropical fruit is a compound called bromelain which is an enzyme that cleanses the colon and aids the ease of digestion in the body system.

Most of the detox product that is been sold round the world which always has this compoment inside them

Which probably why taking pineapple will help you naturally detoxify your body

4 Water


I cant over emphasize the health benefit of water enough, that I just had to have a separate article on it for you to read. You can read it here.

5 Garlic


Garlic helps in the boosting of the immune system in the body as well as helping out with the liver which makes it also join the list of detox food that you can use. It could be in dietary form or simply as a spice to your food.

6. Cabbage


Cabbage is mostly eaten here in salads alone, though it can also be eaten alone or mixed with other fruits.

Cabbage helps in lowering your cholesterol level, cleansing your liver from accumulated toxins that has piled up

The major work of the liver is to filter the toxins from entering into your system. But all the toxins piles up at the liver… which is why what you are actually doing is cleansing the filtering process of the liver so as not to break down.

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7. Red pepper:


Do you know that red pepper contains 5 times vitamin c than orange.

Vitamins helps in the cleansing out of the liver, which is why you have to ramp up those red pepper and get them down your throat.

Not literally a lot… smiles

Because it aint always sweet in the mouth… but you can start adding them more in your foods that you cook to increase the amount of vitamin c that is in your system to help with the cleansing effect of the toxins.

8. Ginger


This is one food that I know has been in existence of use for century dating back to the ancient Chinese empire because of its medicinal properties that it has.

It helps mostly in the liver by flushing out toxic waste that has piled up either from too much of alcohol, toxic foods and waste that needs to be flushed out of your system.

Its mostly used in teas and also in meals.

9. Grapefruit


One good thing about grapefruit is that it actually helps burn out fat fast. As long as you keep piling up good things into your body system.. it will definitely flush out the bad ones.

One good thing about grape fruit is that it helps to powerup your liver to make it ready for whatever work that its to do.

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10 Lemongrass


If you are looking for something that will clear up the entire organs in your body. Its lemon grass and its very popular in thialand. We also have it here in Nigeria as its readily available anywhere most especially in the rural areas.

It does not only help the liver in cleansing but also the kidney, bladder and the digestive system as a whole.

11. Olive oil


When trying to detox, olive oil should be your alternative source of oil to be used in your cooking simply because it has a lot of healthy properties than the normal oil that you are using.

Now once you have been able to do all this. Though they are not going to be quick but they sure work. It will be easier to lose more weight.

And if you are looking for a perfectly safe way to cleanse out all those toxins in your body to also lose those weight that you really want to burn off, then it would be better to start with a pack of clean 9 as it gets the job done for you in 2 days which is what that has resulted in people losing between 5-10kg of fat in the body within 9 days.

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Lots of testimonies have been coming in from the clean 9 product.

Talk to you soon.

Have you ever been in this position that you just stepped out somewhere and saw a food or snack that caught your attention and you just can’t instantly let go until you have had a taste of it.

Well it happens to a whole lots of people, myself included most especially if it’s something that we have been longing to want to eat. It could be the taste shawarma that you so much love or that special fried chicken that is sold at KFC. It could even be that mama shade’s canteen that you just can’t do without her food.

But the truth is that if you are on a journey to lose weight and keep fit just like the 9 days weight loss program that helps you lose between 5-10kg of ugly belly fat. One of the ways by which you can get more positive result is when you try to do away from such food and reduce the intake of them.

Doesn’t look so doable right?…

Well, here are my 11 tips that you can use starting today that helps to instantly reduce your urge to want to eat.

1 Going for a walk.


Do you know that a simple 15 minute low intensity walk can actually help you in regulating your intake of food.

2 Find something relaxing to do.


There are time that when you are really craving for something and you are trying to do away from falling into such temptation. Finding something relaxing to do can actually help you in fight it. Stretching, meditation or just chilling somewhere can actually help you in dealing with such cravings.

3 Think about the future


One of the killer action steps when you are always craving for food is for you to simply think about the future. Doing this would simply take you on another journey that instantly makes you to forget that you were actually craving for something.


4 Play Video Game/watch a movie


When next you are hungry, take a video game or watch a movie, science has shown that when people do this, the concentration of wanting to eat instantly changes to that of the visual entertainmentthat you are going through. That why you will see some people playing game for a long period of time without even the feeling of been hunfry, you can also adopt that strategy,

5 Take A break


Having to pause to someone during work for some minute actually helps you in foirgeting ever thinking about wanting to eat. Studies has shown that when  you are alone, you tend to want to eat more than when you are in the midst of people talking. So when  next you are in your work place and the hunger is beginning to strike in. That time is the perfect time for you to do some gossiping with friends. smiles

6 Drink ginger tea


One of the properties of ginger is the cleansing property that it has which actually helps fight against that urge to want to eat any sweet things that you might be longing for. Simple make ginger tea and add some lemon into it with hot water.

I ended up losing 22kg within 30 days. Click Here To See How

7 Drink a glass of water


Water has a lot of benefit as I have even written about the benefit of drinking water which actually helps you in a whole lots of ways that you don’t even really know. That’s also part of the reason that why you make use of the 9 days clean 9 product that helps in losing between 5-10kg of fat, you will be required to take in a lot of water as you start the program

8 Picture yourself eating something you are craving for


This one might be way too much for some people to handle because you would simply fall victim of it. I for one will… smiles. But some study has shown that when you picture yourself eating what you are craving for, it actually helps reduce the urge for you to eat. Well don’t really know how well true that is. It might work for you.

9 Lie down for a nap or take a break


You cant always to working round the clock, doing so would only increase your craving for the desire of food when it sets in. If you really want to enjoy your day without having to take in unnecessary food, taking a nap for about 15 minutes will help do the trick. Trust me, it works

10 Snack on protein and fibre


One of the ways by which you can stop your craving for some type of food or snack is to simply get a protein or fibre snack. That one of what you get when you order for your 9 days clean 9 weight loss product that helps you to lose between 5-10 kg of fat in your body.

10 Have small amount of what you crave for and something healthy with it.


Here is not where you have to go gangsta on the food that you crave for just because I said so. But here is the trick to it. Crave for a type of food, take a little of it and accompany it with healthy food. Truth is that most of what people eat outside most especially in fastfood actually causing you never to lose weight the way you like.

I believe that ends it for now. Do drop your own comment to what you also feel about this piece that i have just sent you to read.

Remember that if you are looking to shed that ugly fat in your body, The 9 days program of the CLEAN 9 PACK would help you lose between 5-10 kg of fat. Click Here Now To Get It Delivered To Your Home Today

Talk to you soon

The Unknown Health Benefit Of Water Melon

Watermelon has been known to be have been cultivated for thousands of years which Is why most people love it so much over the past centuries with evidence of its origin at South Africa and also in the River Nile area which recorded of its existence of over a thousand years of its existence.

Watermelon comes from the botanical name citrullus vulgaris which contains about 91% water and 6% sugar.

In the 16th century, the native southern America started growing this marvelous fruit and today, it is a common fruit that is been grown by majority of the farmers in the united state.

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One of the reasons of how it was discovered is basically because of its water content and its sweetness while been grown in the wild making it a good substitute for people who need to survive in the Wild while they are lost especially in the dessert.

Later on, when studies were carried on this fruit, lots of discoveries were made as a result of the nutritional benefit of what it can do to the human body.

Nutritional Content Of WaterMelon Water Melon Has some very important nutrition content that can help in a lot of different health way to the consumers of the fruit when taking rightly.

The Nutritional content include

Vitamin A: which helps to keep the eyes healthy.

Vitamin B6: which helps to make the brain to function well and also help to convert protein to energy.

Vitamin C: which helps to strengthen immunity, healing of wounds and also in the prevention against cell damage that might want to happen in your body system. –

Amino Acid like Citrulline and arginine which helps to maintain the keep the heart flow of the body stable and prevent any form of cardiovascular attack in the body.

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Even with all this nutritional content that is inside this marvelous and amazing fruit, there was also a new discovery of a particular nutrition content that is said to be one of the highest in tomato which was also discovered in water melon and also even higher than in tomato.

The name of the nutrient is the LYCOPHENE which is mainly found in red Fruit and its an extremely powerful oxidant that can help prevent against degenerative diseases like cancer, heart diseases and muscular degeneration.

One of the thing we do not known about lycophene is that it cannot be generated inside the human body, thus we have to get it by having to get it from food or fruit source to which led to the discovery of its presence in water melon.

For those of you looking at dieting in other to reduce your weight and keep your body fit. The calorie content of watermelon is extremely low, which means that you can take as much as you like and even use it in creating other food recipe that you can add to your list of dietary foods that you want to consume.

Personally, from experience, each time I consume watermelon I notice that I feel stronger, active and my body tends to be very active which is why I cannot do without it almost on a daily basis.

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Health benefit of watermelon

Now because of the studies that has been carried out on this fruit and the great result that was found from it, it is now a known fact that the fruit has a lot of amazing nutritional benefit that is derived from those that consume it rightly.

The first nutritional benefit of watermelon is that it acts as a powerful antioxidant. Insufficient amount of antioxidant leads to the damage of the cells in the body which is why it is essential that you consume lots of fruit especially watermelon because of its high antioxidant content.

The second nutritional benefit of watermelon is that it helps in the prevention of cancer.

The third nutritional benefit of watermelon is that it helps to prevent erectile dysfunction in men.

According to Dr Bhimu Patil “Arginine boost nitric oxidem which relaxes blood vessels having the same basic effect as viagra, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it”. This makes watermelon to be a natural stimulant for men who are having erectile problem.

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How Can WaterMelon Be Taking In a Healthy Way

Now because you have now known the health benefit of water melon does not mean that you should go and eat a whole bunch of water melon because you want to fortify your body system.

Even though the health benefit of water melon is great, it is known to cause to natural diuretic which will cause you to purge a whole lot, you will regret ever eating it.

So how should Water Melon be taking.

You have to be take it moderately. A few slice cut of water melon very early in the day will give you the required nutritional content to last you for the day.

Also another way by which you can take in watermelon in a healthy way is to simply extract the juice using a juice extractor so that you can easily have a glass cup of watermelon juice.

It’s very tasty and very good for the body especially for those who don’t have time to sit down to eat the natural watermelon fruit.

You can also try to spice things up by adding it together to other fruit to make a nice fruit salad for you. If you don’t love eating watermelon due to certain things, what you can easily do is to take the fruit that you love and mix it up with watermelon. That way you will still get the nutritional benefit that comes with it.

I hope you have been enlightened more about the powerful works of the watermelon…

I would love to hear your contribution and comments about this information that you have just read.

Talk Soon

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Am sure that a good number of you must have given up on getting a cure for diabetes and resort to using all the medication that is been prescribed to you.

Well, am here to educate you on what you MAY not know about diabetes.

I believe this will also help you in living the kind of healthy lifestyle that you always wanted most especially for the diabetic patients

To get started, Let me give you a brief introduction to diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that is mostly commonly associated with consumption of a large amount of sugar in the body as everyone knows it to be…

But what you do not know is that when food is taking in the body which is mostly carbohydrate, it is broken down into glucose which is then converted into the energy that is needed for the body function in the body.

The process of conversion from the glucose in your body into energy is done by the hormone called INSULIN.

Now when the insulin in your body is very low or does not exist in some people, that is what actually gives rise to people been diabetic because the food that is been taken in which is been converted into glucose cannot convert into energy in the body system.

Awful Right?

This type of diabetes that is formed as  a result of this is called the TYPE 2 Diabetes.

Now for you to understand what am talking about, all diabetic patients are given drugs that would help produce the insulin in their body system which would now help them in converting the glucose into energy for the patient.

Now I have found out that most type 2 diabetes people can actually go through a detoxification process which I will talk about later.

Type 2 diabetes from recent research has shown that it can actually be cured NATURALLY

Yes… that’s for a fact.

And no its aint through all those drugs that you are been told to use by your doctors.

The fact is that for you to actually go through the process is difficult because of some of the things that you might have to change. Your eating habit and lifestyle

Change is a difficult thing but then, we all want to become better and live healthy.

So you have to undergo this change and process.

One of the ways by which you can move towards curing your type 2 diabetes is through detoxification which is removing all the toxins in your body system and reseting your body system anew.

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According to Wikipedia, Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including, but not limited to, the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.

So you might think that, what does going through the detoxification process has to do with natural curing type 2 diabetes.

Now, lets forget the fact that we are humans,

lets forget all the drugs,

lets forget all the technology advancement that has been going on in the world today.

And put your mind back to where live was before technology.

How did we survive up to this point…

without all those drugs, without all the technology

That goes to show you that naturally, our body undergoes a healing process if giving the right condition and environment which is also why you will have to change some things about you.

Once this environment can be created, then the natural healing process in the body is triggered and it does its work.

And what triggers that process?

Its when you have totally removed all the toxins in your system and start eating and maintaining a healthy high quality natural lifestyle.

That’s the secret and also the reason why you will find out that a lot of diabetic patience who knows about this are actually getting this product and getting real result from it after going for their checkup

So how can you do this,

well you can start here by getting this pack of vital5 that helps you in detoxifying your body.

you can click here now to watch this interview video about a more efficient way to deal with diabetes.

This process that you are about to start helps you to avoid and reduce cancer, heart disease, hypertension etc

All you have to do once you are through with this detoxification process is to ensure that you eat high quality natural healthy foods which I will talk about later on in this blog.

That will be all for today, remember to watch this video by clicking here now

You can share this article to your friends and also comment on this article that I have just written

This article is simply as a result of the numerous email and calls from people that actually want to lose weight and talk about how they cannot do without a particular kind of drink.
In this article I want to stress out and write about the 1 different types of drinks that is totally bad for your health for you to recognize them and try to put a stop to it.
So here are the list below…
1. Soft drinks



Popularly known as “mineral”.

I know some set of people that cannot simply do without this in a day. They must always take a bottle every day.
This type of drinks simply has no nutritional benefit to your health because it has zero calories and worst of all, you are simply increasing the sugar intake in your body which is bad for your health.
Too much of these kinds of drinks simply helps make your body more toxic, acidic and worst off making it conducive for bacterial growth.
2. Juice



What makes this juice aside from the fact that you think its all natural.

But the truth is still the same as it has as much sugar that is been used in making it as any other soft drinks that you have.
That’s why it goes through the industrial process thereby adding synthetic sweetner which is not good for your health.
Best natural juice that you can take is the one that Is actually made from your home from the fruit themselves and not some branded pack of fruit juice which is just simply a marketing stunt to make you buy more.
3. Alcoholic beverages


People are still having misconception about alcohol.

True alcohol is know to be good for the body as it helps in increasing the blood flow of the body, raise the cholesterol level and improve sugar metabolism.

But as a result of this fact that you think you know, people simply abuse it by sticking to taking lots of alcohol on a daily basis.
While taking too much of this can easily increases the chance of you having cancer should in case you don’t know.
If this is to be taken, It should be taken in moderation or simply avoid it at all cost.
4.  Soda

Do you know that high rate of soda consumption have also been known to be the causes of weight gain, poor dental health, diabetes and cardiovascular disease
What you don’t seem to know is the when too much sugar is been taking into your body, it is converted into fat which is not good for your body.
Also know that taking this types of drinks adds no calorie to the body, but the conversion of this sugar to fat actually makes it more toxic for your body.
5 Energy drinks.

What people take in energy drinks, they believe that there is a sense of activeness that they feel in their body. Note that this is only temporary. What you are feeling is just the work of the extra boost of caffeine that is been added inside the energy drink that you take in.
And it is a known fact that taking too much of caffeine increase the blood pressure and heart rate of the body which is bad for your health.

So if you are looking to continue to consume a huge amount of sugar inside your body system, then be my guest and have more of this in your system. But if you truly want to live the healthy live that you want, then you will have to learn how to do away with most of this.
The first way you can simply start is by resetting your system completely, through a complete detoxification process that you can easily go through. To Know More About This You Can Click Here Now.

Once you have gone through the detoxification process, you can start taking our all naturall sweet herbal tea.

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