5 Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes


Quick question.

What do yo know about diabetes?

Chances are that if you are not yet diabetic, You have no clue about it or just happen to know someone who is actually diabetes but still dont know if it can easily be got.

Well the news for you is this.

If you are not careful, chances of you becoming a diabetes patient is extremely very high should you not take the necessary steps.

The good news is that there are 2 stages of diabetes which is the Type 1 and the Type 2 diabetes.

The bad new is that, every one is prone to becoming a type 2 diabetes even without having an history in the family of having someone that is diabetic.

So what are the signs and symptoms of diabetes.

That’s what you are about to read today to get a better understanding about it and how you can harness yourself with the necessary kit to help you either reverse your type 2 diabetes should you already know that you are a victim of it Or simply get more knowledgeable to know the signs that you might have a bad shot at becoming diabetic.

Diabetes is actually one of the health issues that actually lead to several other health diseases such as amputation, weight gain, loss of vision, arthritis, heart attack, stroke, hypertension etc.

Diabetes in simple term is a disease that deals with the insulin production in the body that gradually reduces, When this happen, the body will not be able to convert the sugar in your body into energy.

When such happens, It leads to an increase in the blood sugar level.

One of the problems that most people with diabetes go through is that they dont detect it in time and as such is what leads to various complications.

One of such is that, because of the fact that there is an increase in the blood sugar level, it affects the nerves, and this leads to nerve damage that creates a tingling sensation and pain in the leg.

And when such person gets a cut right in the leg, It wound refuses to heal even though you wont feel the pain because the nerves has been affected.

But over time as this happens, such person might have to see his leg taken off as it would affect the entire leg rendering it useless.

Other damages can be kidney failure, heart attack, stroke etc.

To be on the safe side, here are the signs that you should watch out for.

– FREQUENT URINATION: If you know that you urinate frequently to the extent that it affects your sleep at night, best for you to hurry to seek medical attention to know your state of the level of your diabetes. Because of the fact that your blood sugar level is on the high side, Your urine tends to attract ants to it which is also something that you can also notice.

– INCREASED THIRST: As a result of the fact that you are going to be urinating frequently,, you will feel more thirsty than usual. By things, you are encourage to stay away from soft drinks, chocolate, milt and take only water. By you taking soft drinks simply means that you are unknowingly increasing your blood sugar level.

– TIREDNESS: As a result of the high blood sugar in your body system, you will also get to feel tired always which will later on affect your productivity at work. Some have actually result to slumping from work when they overwork themself, only to get the news that they are actually diabetes, hence the reason for the fainting during work

– EYE SIGHT ISSUE: The lens of the eyes is always affected to people that are dealing with diabetes making your lens to become distorted making it harder for you to focus and have a blurry vision which might lead to cataract or blindness.

– Slow Healing and tingling sensation: With the increase in the sugar level, one will get to feel a tingling sensation on the feet, which is simply as a result of the immune system been affected due to the nerve damage. This makes it difficult for wounds to heal and in most time, leads to amputation of the legs.

Now the truth is that chances are that you alread know about all this symptoms or perhaps know that you are diabetic already.
But there is actually a good news to those with type 2 diabetes that helps you to naturally reverse your diabetes issue and drastically reduce your blood sugar level.

And that is through using the GLUCOFIT supplement which has worked for hundreds of people who are testimonies of having to completely reverse their diabetes.

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I believe that you have learnt a lot from this information that i have just shared with you.

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How Natural Lemon Can Help Boost Your Fertility



One of the things that helps to keep your uterus healthy is when you take in enough water on a daily basis as it helps your embryo and your eggs to remain in a perfectly healthy condition.

In this light, i simply want to share a simply secret with you that helps to boost your fertility over time.

and that has to do with the powerful properties that is inside LEMON

You see, taking lemon mixed with water daily actually helps to enhance fertility in women

Not only fertility, it has the ability to treat and prevent some diseases that is inside our body system.

One of the nutrients that women need which has to do with fertility is FOLATE which is actually abundance in lemon in addition to the presence of Vitamin C, potassium phosporus among others including antioxidant which are essential important micro nutrients that is needed to help with fertility.

So how best can you take your lemon?

First off, be advised to avoid lemon juice made by companies as that is not what we are after.

We are after using the natural lemon fruit that you can easily get at the market or any shoprite outlet that is closest to you.

Now when you mix your lemon with water and take it in the morning, one of the function that this does is to increase the flow of cervical fluid that aids conception.

Now when it comes to conception to take place, without the cervical fluid, it will be difficult for the sperm to reach the egg.

And another important property of this cervical fluid is that id its in good quantity and quality, it can keep the sperm alive inside a woman for days before ovulation occur in women.

You can read more about this here where i talked about how to increase your chance to conceive a baby boy.

Is there any side effect to taking lemon water every day?

Truth is, there is no side effect whatsoever because as long as you are taking the natural lemon that you make
yourself from home, you can always drink it even if you are pregnant or still on a fertility cleansing program with the detox pack with C9


Taking lemon water will give you a lot more of added benefit.

Everyday, we all go out and are exposed to various radical and toxins which comes as a result of the food that we eat, the air that we breathe or the water that we drink.

All of this normally has adverse effect even to the sperm quality, egg and reproductive organs which inhibit pregnancy. But when you start taking in lemon, overtime, it helps to purify your body system thereby removing the poisonous toxins that is in your body system.

Now this is actually just a tip of what you are going to be learning in my 60 Days Get Pregnant Guide which
you can get here by downloading here today to learn more about the other fertility foods that you can take and use on a daily basis.

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Another big question that a lot of people ask…

Can lime be substituted for Lemon?

As much as both almost has the same properties. They are completely opposite.

If you are looking to get pregnant or fertile… Then by all means avoid the use of lime because it rather hinders fertility to both men and women.

But if you know that you are not in the child bearing age, then by all means, you can use lime as a substitute.

I hope this article teaches you something today.

As much as possible, ensure that you have exhausted your means to find lemon before you go for lime.

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Welcome to today’s article where I will be talking about something interesting.

It’s actually a topic that I know that lots of women has been asking about which I had to take my time to help educate you on and shed more light on them to help you get the result that you desire

Which is about how to conceive a boy?

Now what you are about to read is not a 100% guarantee that it will work for everyone but what this does is it helps to greatly increase the chance of helping you to conceive a male child.

With that out of the way, I believe that we can go on.

One of the things that you need to know is that the sex of child lies in both the man and the woman working together to help get that result.

Studies and research has shown that the sperm Y chromosome that is responsible for the male sex of child has a short lifespan but thrives very well in an alkaline environment but travels very fast after when released inside the woman’s vagina which makes it difficult for it to stay for a very long period of time.

Hence by using the following five tips that is been shared with you, you stand the risk of increasing the chance of having a male child.

So here we go

1 Have sex on the day of ovulation

When it comes to conceiving a male child, timing is very important especially when it comes to ovulation.

And having sex during this period is very important because this is when you have eggs that are matured and ready to be fertilized and because the sperm responsible for the male child is very fast. Its gets to meet with the egg first before that of the female gets there.

So how do you get to do this?

You need to ensure that you keep track of your ovulation, observe your vaginal mucus, monitor your basal body temperature and also know when it’s the right time to ovulate by simply getting across to your doctor or pharmacist to get an ovulating kit that you can use to spot that exact day.

By doing this, you get to know when you are most fertile and have sex exactly on that day which increases your chances of having a baby boy

Other natural ways through which you can know when you are ovulating is when your vaginal mucus is simply thicker than normal and more, your breast is more sensitive and your basal body temperature is on the high side.

All you need to do is to spot this period and strike exactly that day with your partner.

2  You must Ensure that you climax or orgasm before he releases inside you.

Now let me explain this are very well. During sex, you must be able to fill fully satisfied during sex which always result your climax or having orgasm which is a scenarios of high ecstasy where you simply cant control the movement of your body.

Now for you to be able to achieve this, your man must be able to perform his sexual duties very well to ensure that you are 100% satisfied and able to reach this stage.

It is at this stage that your man can now release his sperm inside you.

Now the reason for this is this.

When your climax, a fluid is been produce in your body that instantly makes your reproductive system to become alkaline in nature, thereby making it easier for the male sperm to reach the egg much faster in this condition because they thrive well in their environment which further increases it life span.

Which helps to increase the chance of you getting a male child.

If you know that your man has not been man enough to take you to this level. Now would be the time you get these natural supplement with no side effect whatsoever for you which is the Men’s Sexual Health fertility which gives him am improved stamina and also increases the quality of his sperm.

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3 Sexual Position.

Now, not all sexual position are good when it comes to conceiving a male child.

But there are some sexual position that actually helps to make the man go deeper into you that gets him closer to your cervix, this way, when he releases inside you, its faster for the sperm to instantly get to the egg and fertilize which increases your chances of having a baby boy.

One of such position is the missionary position

In which the woman’s knees are drawn up to her chest and her feet are on her partners’s chest  or resting on his shoulders. This paves way to ensure that he goes deep inside you.

The other position is the doggie position.

Especially if a woman curls her legs under her chest instead of being on her hands and knees.

There is the right way and the wrong way to go about the doggie position. The picture below simply explains it all.


4 High Sperm Count and Fertility Rate

Now this applies to both men and women.

For the men, there is need for their sperm to be high in quality and also morbidity. He can start by going on a 30 days period of using the vitofit natural supplement fertility pack that helps him to not only improve his sexual stamina in bed but also increase the quality of his sperm which makes it easier to produce more male sperm cells.

And for the women, there are several factors that might inhibit your from either getting pregnant or even the sex of the child that you want. Which is why you need to not only do a complete fertility cleanse but also a complete fertility boost that helps to make it easier for you in creating the perfect environment to house your child and also get to have the sex of the child that you have.

You can read more about why you need to do a fertility cleanse right here.

The higher the sperm count in your man, the higher the chances of the male sperm reaching the egg first.

So ensure you get this kit for dealing with low sperm count and premature ejaculation here now. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS

5 Fertility Food

Despite the fact that you try to eat healthy, there are some foods that you can eat that helps to increase the alkaline level of your reproductive system that helps the male sperm to stay long and fertilize the egg.

That is explained inside my all natural 60 days guide report which you can get FOR FREE WHEN YOU ORDER FOR THE FERTILITY DETOX CLEANSE HERE. CLICK HERE NOW

But avoid eating red meat and fish during this period.

Some of the other foods that you can eat are

fresh fruit, certain vegetables, but avoid milt and dairy products, such as cheese, nuts, chocolate wholemeal bread.

To get a complete list of fertility foods that you can eat and prepare. ORDER FOR YOUR DETOX PACK HERE

I believe that with this tips that you have, you can now work your way to increase and speed up your chance of having a male child.

Once again, the fertility booster for women will help a whole lot in increasing your chances of getting a male child.

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And that of the men which you can also get for your partner by clicking here to get it today

Do let me know your comment and opinion and share this article with your loved ones.

Thanks for reading as always

One of the common beliefs is that the only thing that helps to determine the health of an egg in a woman during her ovulation is simply through AGE.

Well, there are as well a lot more factors that has a general impact on the quality of the egg released during ovulation that also affect the fertility of a woman and that includes environmental factor, hormones in the diets, stress etc.

Now the truth about fertility in women is that it is based off four major areas which are

Proper circulation

Healthy fertility cycle

Balanced hormones

Healthy eggs

For you to get pregnant, you need an healthy eggs because that is what actually leads to fertilization and pregnancy.

Believes has shown that when a woman is born, she has all her eggs inside her, hence the reason why age is been said to affect the quality of the egg in a woman.

It has also been shown that Eggs do not regenerate.

This goes to tell you how much age is been influenced by the quality of an egg in a woman.

Now while that may be true.

Here is what you dont know.

Many women with issues of pregnancy having been told by their doctor are given alternative options such as IVF, egg donor or even as a last resort having to adopt a child.

But majority simply dont know that by simply increasing the quality of your egg over a 90 days period, you will be able to improve the quality of your eggs and eventually get pregnant simply following all that i will be showing you.

So how does this works.


By working with this factors listed below you will be able to improve the quality of your eggs over a 90 days period because this are the contributing factors that leads to poor egg health


– Blood flow

– Proper Oxygenation

– Hormonal Balance

– Nutritional Intake

– Stress.

When you work on this,you will see a much better improved result.

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5 ways to get pregnant fast


In todays article, I will be sharing with you some of the things that every couple needs to do get pregnant fast.

Now the truth about getting pregnant is that most people know nothing or little about it

even though it comes naturally for some couple, for some, it does not come so easily.

Research has shown that one in Every 6 couple actually have issues with infertility and because

of the ignorance of majority of the people that are dealing with infertility, it becomes a major


Which is why i believe these 5 steps will definitely helps you move on to the path of finally seeing the

smile on your face.

so what are these steps.

First, you must have sex regular.

Is there really any other method to getting pregnant without sex?

Well, i believe not. which is why you have got to ensure that you have regular sex. Never make the excuse of your work or business to not allowing you to make love to your partner.

Sex is a good thing, so its better you enjoy it at every given chance that you have,.

and if you are known to be an extremely busy person. i have one word for you.


Next is you going through a cleansing process called detoxification.

Now a a result of the type of the lifestyle that we live, we inhale different form of toxins and waste

into our body system, which affect and damage our system.

And it has also been shown to greatly affect the reproductive system and why lots of people are having ‘issues getting pregnant

A simple cleasing process is all that you need to do to flush out everything that is in your system

You can simply do that by getting access to download this report right here by clicking here

that shows and explains the process through which you can help to cleanse your body system

Third, is you actually knowing your ovulation period.

By you simply knowing your ovulation cycle, it helps you in knowing the best time for you to know when to have sex which also increases your chances of getting pregnant soon.

When you dont know your ovulation cycle, then it does not help you in knowing the best possible type to know when its ripe for you to sleep with your husband which increases the chances of you getting pregnant.

So what are the ways through which you can know this.

Every woman normally has a 28 days menstrual cycle which puts ovulation of the 14th day right after your period has stopped.

that period my dear friend, is the time that is super ripe for you to conceive.

So ensure that you work your way to ensure that you have sex with your partner at least 2 days before that 14th day and also on the actual date of you ovulating.

Fourth is Nutrition

In my last email, that you received, i talked about this and why you need to ensure that you eat foods that are meant to promote fertility. you can get a comprehensive list of fertility diet foods right inside this report here by clicking right here to download them

You are what you eat, so eat more of foods that will help you get more fertile.

Lastly, Drugs And Abuse.

I would want to believe that those reading this message are not involved in the use of drugs as it can also lead to miscarriages which is bad. Never take a medication without a doctors prescription during pregnancy, no matter what it is you are going through, ensure that before you take in anything, a doctor is the one that prescribed it to you, that way you will be completely safe from miscarriages.

Now that you have learnt about this.

You can click here to download the All natural ways to get pregnant report now

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My 7 Easy Ways Of How To Deal With Bloating


I will like to share some light on something that is also very important to your health which is bloating.

What is bloating and how does it affect your health.

Bloating is any abnormal general swelling, or increase in diameter of the abdominal area. As a symptom, the patient feels a full and tight abdomen, which may cause abdominal pain, and sometimes accompanied by increased stomach growling, or more seriously, the total lack of it.

That is actually according to Wikipedia.

We all face it at certain point and I actually saw lots people still feeling the same way probably because of the festive season that just ended.

So what causes bloating in the first place and how can it be eliminated from our body system.

So here we go.

1 Eat lots of potassium based foods or fruits such as banana, mango, nuts actually helps with suppressing bloating should it occur.

2 Keeping a healthy eating pattern such as chewing of gum, taking a drink from a straw or even talking while eating actually helps in getting air into your body system which can also gives rise to bloating if not careful.

3 Reduce your carbonated drink. I should rather say for you to stop taking carbonated drinks because aside from the fact that its actually gassy and tend to make your belly pooch out, it has also been linked to lead to obesity and extra fat in both men and women. You can simply read about the flat belly program here.

If you must take drinks or energy drinks, then I would suggest you go for this FAB drink as its not just gassy but its also completely safe and all natural for you to take. Simply order through this link here.

4 When bloating occurs, a simple massage might probably help to lower the effect that it gives your body of been full which is simply as a result of the liquid that is in your abdominal area that makes you feel as though you are full. Trust me, I get to feel that when it happens to me.

Flat Belly

5 Actually going through an exercise program can actually help you prevent you from experiencing this. This is part of the criteria of either our 9 days flat belly program and our 30 days weight training program exercise for people over 90kg.

Exercise plays a key important role in helping the body to remain active, keep the body system running and burn off calories, which is also why people who sit in one place for a long time can actually fall victim to this.

6 Alcohol consumption and intake makes you to fall victim of this simply because of the water retention and the dehydration effect that it causes to your body system which makes an easy target to the person involved. Do note that alcohol has also been linked to people having pot belly and better get to experience bloating quite often.

Its also linked that taking in of too much of alcohol can be traced to leading to type 2 diabetes which is why patients are always adviced to stay away from alcohol if they don’t want to shorten their life span.

You can read more about reversing type 2 diabetes right here

Ensure you stay hydrated daily. As long as you make sure that you take at least 2 litres of water daily, you will be perfectly hydrated and wont have to worry of any excessive weight gain that may come as a result of it.

Lastly, ensure that you limit the intake of beans and onion. As good as beans is to your well being with its high protein source, you need to watch your intake of it as it most often times when taken too much lead to you have a gassy stomach.

Well there you have it, all I can tell you about bloating and also if you know that you really need to work on your body, you can simply get the 9 days flat belly program.

If you are also looking to tone your belly and thigh areas to make them more firm, then you should watch this video right here now.

Do let me know your comment.


First off, welcome to the new year and I pray that all your hopes and dreams this year will definitely be achieved.

While that may be, I simply want to enlighten you on the secrets to faster recovery to get back in shape.

Am sure that majority of you all must have added a few kilogram and feel more heavy due to the festivity and I feel its my obligation as a writer here at womentalksng to ensure that you get back in shape as fast as possible to make you fee more alive and active.

So how can you go about this.

Is there really a fast route to getting back in shape after the festivities.

Well using my tips that I will be dropping right now, you will definitely get the needed guide in getting back on track.

So here we go.


Drink lots of water daily: now one of the things that I will encourage you to start doing this year, is to drink lots of water daily. Water helps not only in keeping you hydrated but it helps in making you fit and this feeling of activeness.

Now when you take in water, you tend to urinate which is good because along the urine that you are passing out, all the unnecessary dirt not needed is flush out.

Just like in my fat loss magic report which you can dowload here where I showed you a unique tip on how to go about this in your daily routine to cleansing your system by adding a little something extra to your water



Exercise daily: As part of our clean 9 weight loss program which I recommend that you go through here, going through an exercise training program helps you in boosting not only the metabolism in your body to lose weight, but its also helps in the burning out of calories that might have been added into your body system,

While there are unique special exercise that you can through inside the 9 days weight loss program here or the 30 days weight loss program, other simply exercise that you can be engaged in is simply walking, jogging, cycling, skipping etc.



Eat more fruit: Fruit is great for the body system, a lot of times, we tend not to take in lots of fruit which is a necessary body intake that you ought to take because there are some nutrients that cant be produced in your body system or given to you from what you take in which you get from eating fruit.

Fruits are great for boosting your metabolism which aids weight loss when used in the right way and when combined with any weight loss program such as the clean 9 or the fit one 30 days program.

The result is astonishing in your way to faster recovery of your body and also dropping of those fat in the process.



Get enough sleep: sleeping is actually a good form of helping your body to heal and balance itself. While you might have gone through different exercise program or using any of the different program that you can start with either the 9 days program or the 30 days program. It is necessary that you get enough sleep to help balance your body system.

Daily recommended sleep time is 8 hours. By having a steady 8 hours sleep. You will feel renewed and more active because you have been able to condition your body system to get enough rest that its need which helps you in getting more things done and been productive.

So there you have it. I believe you enjoy this article and I look forward to reading your comments on your plans to getting back in shape.

You can simply check out any of the following get back in shape program that i can recommend for you.

The 9 days weight loss program

The 30 days weight loss program

A lot of my reader in my newsletter usually send me a mail about how they are looking to have a much firmer and toned tummy and arm and this is actually coming also from people that are just on the okay side but still need to drop a bit more in those areas.

So I decided to do something special and made some research which is what you are going to be reading below and its about how you can naturally get to not only tone up those areas but also get to see instant result in less than 2 hours of using what I will be introducing to you.

Now trust me when I say this, a lot of people have not seen the result from using this product simply because they simply don’t know how best to apply it on their body which is why am here to give you a complete overview of how you can get to see the result that you as you apply it.

The name of the kit is the aloe body toning kit and it looks like that.


The Aloe toning kit contain 5 different component that helps you to bring out that long lasting result on your body which are

The conditioning crème which helps to keep the body conditioned and ensures that the inches lost actually stays off.

The body toner has a warming agent that helps to remove cellulite, tone and tighten your tummy.

The aloe bathe gelee actually helps in the cleansing of the body, before and after the application.

The wrap is what is been wrapped around the body with the loafer which is used in the cleansing with the bathe gelee.


This is actually the only body wrap kit available in the market
that does not have to washed off.

Great for beauty therapist, makeup artist and saloon owners to use for their clients.

Using this kit would definitely help get you the result that you need and even further result 24 hours after the application.

Click here now to watch this video on how it is applied and how you can also order for this to be delivered straight to your house anywhere in nigeria

Hope this helps

5 Top Ways to completely beat boredom when exercising.

So you have decided to start your weight loss journey and perhaps already registered at the gym to get those calories burnt and weight reduced.

Either you frequent the gym or possibly doing the workout at home as I teach majority of my subscribers who partake in either the 9 days clean 9 weight loss journey or the 30 days weight loss journey.

The fact remains that some of this exercise can actually get boring when you are actually doing the same thing over and over again.

In fact a study in florida actually revealed that doing the same exercise day in day out actually increases the chance of you actually giving up on your weight loss and fitness goal

That also why we see that lots of people who register at the gym actually lose interest after some time.

Is there actually a way to correct this in making sure that people who have started engaging in exersice either at the gym or at home get to look forward to doing this exercises without having to lose focus.

Well, that’s what you are about to learn today

 Changing the exercise you do daily.

Few months back, womentalksng decided to create a  weight loss guide that can help people to actually lose weight the natural way and one of the things we did was to actually create an exercise program that is different from every other day to make sure that you don’t get bored from doing them.

You can actually read more about it here on the fat loss magic report

By spicing up your exercise routine and doing something different everyday makes you t want to be engaged in it

Simply because, its not the same exercise you did the day before

Going for a spin.


Now because am writing this piece from the Nigerian view, I know that not everyone actually might have this spin at home. So the alternative would be you actually buying a bicycle that you can be riding either in the morning or evening depending on the time that is comfortable for you.

Having to engage in riding a bicycle helps you make your workout more fun because you get to see the environment while also burning out those calories in your body.

Its actually the perfect exercise for people that actually has the time to do.

Spending a simple 30-60 minutes on this would go a long way in helping you in putting you back to shape.

Going for a swim.


When last did you go swimming?

Perhaps you don’t even know how to swim, now would be the best time to start learning how to swim and using it as a form of exercise.

Swim is actually fun because of the cool water that gets to wash over your body that also helps to cool you down.

Taking it as a form of exercise would actually help in strengthen your arms and legs because those are the areas that are important when you are swimming.

Actually I got it from one of my subscribers who actually went through my 9 days clean 9 program and added swimming to it which helped her to lose 10kg within 9 days.

Trust me when I say this, you can achieve your weight loss goal if you set your heart to it.

And I also make sure I help my subscribers achieve that result.

Taking A Walk


While this one does not need anything special.

All you need to do is to spend the next few minute simply taking a walk.

It actually helps you in cooling the nerves while also slowly burning out those calories.

One of the things I usually do when I engage in this is applying a simple twist to it.

I simply walk slowly from one transformer pole to the next, and once I get to the next one, I increase my pace of walking and continue to change my pace for about 30 minute which helps me to increase the amount of calories burnt

Drink plenty of water.


I cant overemphasize this a lot. You need to remain hydrated.

This is one of the things that gets you bored and tired quickly.

When you are not taking enough water, it does not give room for your body system to work as it should thereby straining your muscles which leads to fatigue.

Its ideal for women to drink between 1.5-2 litres of water daily and 2-2.5 litres for men.

That sums it up for now.

I believe that you have learnt a great deal from this writeup.

Do drop your own comment and also remember to share this article using the share button.

I once wrote an article on how to look more sexy by boosting your metabolism which you can read right here.

So now I would like to expose you to six metabolism foods and fruit that you can start using today to help increase your metabolism.

Though inside the fat loss magic system right here, lots of my users have been able to insanely boost their metabolism which has helped them in getting more result in losing weight effectively.

You can also check it out here by clicking here

So here are the 6 best metabolism boosters


A good source of vitamin E and also high in fibre. Though when taken in little proportion, it contains high amount of this nutrients that helps with your body system.

Some studies has shown that it can also lower cholesterol level in the body.

Also a good source of protein and monosaturated fat

Whey protein

This is highest form of protein that can be taken inside your body to help you in increasing the metabolism rate in your body which also helps in the product of amino acid in building up muscle tissues.

If you are looking to lose weight, this is one of the most important supplements that is needed in your body which is why I usually recommend the clean 9 weight loss kit or the fit one 30 days weight loss kit as it contain the highest level of protein that is needed in your body to help lose those weight.

Whey protein also plays a role as an antioxidant and helps support a healthy immune system. Most importantly, consistent whey protein intake coupled with exercise will result in consistent muscle building and potential fat loss.


This is a type of fish that is high in protein, has low saturated fat and a very good source of omega 3 essential fatty acid.

Omega 3 fatty acid cannot be made or produced by the body hence it has to be taken directly from foods that we eat and salmon is actually a good source.

Helps to speed up your metabolism and makes it more easier in losing weight.


Personally I love turkey to chicken, not just because of its unique taste but the fact that it has low fat without the skin and also a good source of folic acid, vitamins B, B!, B6, zinc and potassium

Extremely high in protein and a good source of building lean muscles and losing fat as it keeps the metabolism rate high in the body.


Taking whole grain such as oatmeal actually helps to control your appetite for food. Whole grain like oatmeal has a short chain fatty acid which helps you to eat less and in turn helps to stimulate the fatty acid in stomach to release leptin.
The high levels of fiber in whole grains also help us feel full by slowing blood-sugar release and steadying insulin levels. Avoid white bread.


I once wrote an article on the benefit of drinking water daily which you can read here. Daily intake of water should be about 2 litres daily for women and 3 litres daily for men.

Trust me, try this for just 30 days and you will be astonished with the result of how your body will begin to feel

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