Does your man like you fat?

In Nigeria today, we have a lot of women that are fat or getting fat/obese by the day and its actually getting to be on an alarming rate if not controlled.

Being big is not bad by the way because there are also some men who loves women that are actually fat and chubby as its whats actually turns them on in their own way.

Well not majority of men.

But let me Now ask you this simple question

Does you man like you fat?

Most of the time, women tend not to be able to see the big picture as regards their healthy living lifestyle and as such dont simply know when it gets too much.

Now let me point out one thing that you might not know in the aspect of  either in your marriage or relationship.

How did your man get to meet you years back.

Were you slim and well figured in all the right
places or where you already fat and chubby?

What am about to reveal to you is simply based on the interaction and mails that I have received from my over 10,000  subscribers over the past year and from all indication.

Majority of women actually added a great deal of weight after getting hooked up with their man and also giving birth to children.

And this simply tells you one thing.

You are simply changing the look that your husband has known about you.

Adding to the fact that you are risking your body from several health diseases such as

  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (excess fat and inflammation in the liver of people who drink little or no alcohol)
  • osteoarthritis (a health problem causing pain, swelling, and stiffness in one or more joints)
  • some types of cancer: breast, colon, endometrial (related to the uterine lining), and kidney
  • stroke

I will be writing about each of this in subsequent articles that i will start sharing on this blog

Now if you really care about your health plus also need change the way that your man looks at you, then you need to start doing something right.

Start sticking to a balanced diet and
work your way to getting back in shape.

Now when you start doing this, you will start to feel more comfortable about yourself, your lifestyle and your relationship with your man.

Now the easiest way through with you can do this is to strike a cord between nutrition, exercise, keeping a balanced diet which automatically helps you to lose the weight that you have always wanted.

Now will this be easy for especially women that are fat.

Well, Yes In a way. You have to work with the plan that is given to you.

Just like the clean 9 weight management program
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That Comes With It.

Now let me explain one thing to you.

Losing weight comes at a price and you have to willing to be able to tag along with it following all what you are put to do which by the way are very easy to do if your heart is set to it.

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That been said.

I believe the ball is now in your court on the kind of move that you want to make to ensure that your man likes you exactly the way he wants you to be.


How To Look More Sexy!- Metabolism RockStar

Hello Friend,

One of the things that actually limit the ability of you in losing those weight is one little mechanism that is happening in your body that you simply know little about which is what I want to share with you today.

And that is the METABOLISM

How does it affect your weight gain or your weight loss…

Well here is what you need to know right now

Metabolism is the rate at which your body naturally burns the calories you take in.

Now the simple explanation of this is this. If the rate at which you burn calories ie your metabolism rate is low. You will find it hard dropping those weight no matter the amount of workout or weight loss product that you use.

But if there is a way you can exponentially increase how much calories you burn ie your metabolism rate increasing. Then you will drop those weight as fast as possible.

So how can you easily exponentially increase your metabolism rate to help you in losing weight fast.

Now here is the secret am about to drop for you which you should hold dear to you because this is how you can effectively get to increase the burn out of calories.

Now here is it…

A combination of a healthy diet, cardio-vascular exercise and weight training can help you to change your body composition and have a positive effect on your metabolism.

Once you have been able to grasp this.

Losing weight would become easier for you.


Which is why whenever i promote the Clean 9 product for people to use in losing, I ensure that they actually get it right.

Because using the product alone would help you lose weight but not as much as you want which is why every one of my customers has to go through a process of training exercise and meal that is simply to help increase the metabolism rate in your body system.

You can call my way hard because i know that a lot of people are actually looking for a quick fix.

But i tell you this, the quick fix that you are looking would result in your simply getting little result and worse still, getting to become more fatter because you didnt do what you were suppose to do.

But going through my own specially designed training that comes with the CLEAN 9 pack, you will be able to get the result that you want.

That is if you do not cheat the plan i give to you. Smiles.

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Talk soon.

Your health and fitness coach.

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My top 5 fitness application on your phone

Getting to be fit actually takes a lot of work on our part and one of the ways through which we can actually get to make things easier for us is through some of this fitness applications that I will be sharing with you.

These application are great for monitoring your progress and helping you as you journey your way to transforming your body into that sexier and attractive person that you have been longing to be.

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All of this apps that I will be sharing with you are all free and you can simply download through through your google play store starting from today.

So here is the list of my favorite apps that you can use.


This is a free fitness application where users starts by taking a fitness test to help assess their fitness level while also giving you the suggested form of exercise that you need to do. This application uses the GPS on your smartfone to help you in trackjing everything  from walking to running. It also has a community of people where you can meet with friends and also get to challenge your activity to get more work done. FREE on iOS and Android.


A lot of times, we find it difficult in knowing how many calories of food that we are actually taking it as your calorie intake goes a long way in helping you in achieving your weight loss dream. If you order for the clean 9 pack, you will get the Nigerian Calorie Counter report that helps you in measuring the amount of calories that you are to take. Click here now to get yours this week.

All you simply need to do with this app is to type in the name of the brand name foods that you would like to know the calorie amount. It has a very large database of meals that has been saved up there. And if you are making something from scratch, you can easily input it there and it does the calculation for you. FREE on iOS and Android.

Noom Coach

When you are trying to put together a new set of food that you want to eat. It might be a daunting task in know the correct amount of calories that you are making. But thanks to the Nigerian calorie counter for Nigerian foods when you get the clean 9 pack.

Now Nooms does all the heavy lifting for you using its extensive database as it would know the calorie intake of most of the major foods that you want to take in. It also helps in suggesting how you can make simple changes to living a healthy lifestyle. FREE iOS and Android


How many times have you exercised your mind, because majority of the time, we tend of dwell more on our physical body. Lumosity is an app that helps to take the normal traditional task used by neuroscience researchers and turn them into fun games designed to improve everything from memory to attention to attentions. This is a nice app that everyone should use.

You don’t need a lot of time, just set aside 15 minutes three times a week and you will really fall in love with this app. FREE iOS and Android

Pump Up

As a way to meeting with like minded people most especially when you want to use it to challenge yourself as you are progressing with the clean 9 program, this application is the perfect place to post your progress photos and also help motivate other like minded people to meet your fitness goals. FREE iOS and Android

So there you have it… do you have a favorite one, do please share with the rest and also add your own comments to this.

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5 Negative Effect Of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks seems to be the order of the day…

If you are at home… you can simply get to your fridge, open up one and drink.

If you are at the club, its easy… order for one, drink or simply mix it with your favorite alcoholic drinks.

And to some people, when they want to have sex, they take in energy drinks to give them that extra boost of energy to be able to perform well. Well truth is you can naturally cure that on your own without having to rely on energy drinks

But then, there are a lot of things that you don’t know that is killing your body system which is what I want to address today.

Yes… you get to have that energy boost that you want but at what cost is it to you.

Energy drinks is known to have a high volume of both caffeine and processed sugar which is very much disastruous to your health.

And here are the top reason why.

It causes type 2 diabetes: ever wonder how in the world some people came to become victim of diabetes. It simply because of the sugar and caffeine that they have taken into their system which has accumulated over time. You can click here to see how you can lower your blood sugar level if you are dealing with diabetes.

It becomes an addiction: A lot of times, people get addicted to taking energy drinks and cant seem to put a stop to it. That my friend is your number one killer slowly because all this substance you are taking usually gives rise to kidney stones and other diseases.

Headaches and migraine: due to the high consumption of energy drinks, you will tend to always have this strong headache and migraine as time goes on and that’s simply because of the caffeine that you have been taking in.

It leads to insomnia: not been able to sleep is usually cause when you are addicted to taking these unhealthy energy drinks because you are always looking to stay awake which can limit your productivity in not been able to do some heavy task when necessarily

It leads to cardiac arrest: last resort to drinking all this energy drinks is having a cardiac arrest which can lead to death. Don’t blame the withcraft in your village when this happens, because its due to the fact that you have completely killed yourself without you knowing.

Now if all thise energy drinks are bad and also soft drinks included. Which should people then be taking into their body system.

Well the truth is that as long as you stay away from caffeine and also process sugar. You are good

And there is one available that you can easily get which is the FAB ENERGY DRINK.


Its made from a natural plant extract known as guatana and also and ADX technology system that allows it to give you a much more energy boost than even the caffeine and sugar that you are taking…

It does not have sugar..

It has no calorie

Its has a blend of aloe vera gel in it that make it a good healthy nutritional energy drink that can be taking at any time of the day.

If you would like to get this drinks… you can click here now.

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Continue to live a healthy lifestyle

Talk to you soon

Your health and fitness coach


I know that I have been talking about how important it is to workout without having to go to the gym.

But most time those exercise can get boring when you have to be the only doing them most especially when you don’t have a partner to do those exercise with you.

For those of you that have those special 20 minute fat burning blast workout, this is actually something you should download to your phone or laptop and listen to

Am sure it will help you in doing more of the exercises and also get to enjoy it…

Do have a nice exercise workout…

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Everything You Need to Know About Fibroid

While many women are in the dark about fibroids, doctors commonly say that there is nothing to worry about this type of tumor. You can think of a fibroid as a group of rebel muscle cells that form an unusual knot or mass inside, outside, or on the walls of the uterus. They are “benign” and do not cause or lead to cancer. Other names for fibroids include leiomyomata, myomas, and uterine polyps.

Fibroids commonly occur in women during their childbearing years. African and African-American women are quite susceptible to this condition. It is estimated that millions of women in North, Central, Western, Eastern and South Africa have or are prone to develop fibroids.

Different Types of Fibroids in Women

There are different types of fibroids found in different locations near or along the uterus.

  1. An intramural fibroid is found in the endometrium or within the lining of the uterus. This is the most common type of tumor, occurring in 70% of women. They can enlarge and take up a lot space, stretching the womb.
  1. A subserosal fibroid is found in the serosa or outside of the uterus. When the tumor enlarges, one side of the womb decreases in size, making the other side appear larger.
  1. Pedunculated fibroids are basically subserosal fibroids that develop a stem or a slender base that supports the tumor.
  1. Submucosal fibroids are found in the myometrium or inner lining of the uterus. They are not as common as the other types and may lead to symptoms such as heavy bleeding and trouble conceiving.


Causes and Side Effects of Fibroids

In spite of the developments and advances in the medical field over the past years, doctors have not figured out what causes a fibroid. They do believe, however, that some factors influence its appearance or growth.

Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are believed to stimulate this condition. Estrogen and progesterone are produced in the ovaries and are used during women’s menstrual cycle to heal and regenerate the lining of the uterus.

Family history may also influence fibroid development. This is similar to other diseases that are hereditary or genetically passed on from one generation to another. If your grandmother, mother or sister has this condition, then you will most likely have fibroids as well.

Pregnancy may also lead to the development of fibroids. Pregnancy produces more hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in the body that stimulate fibroid growth. If you get pregnant, there is a possibility that you may develop this condition.

How will you know if you have fibroids? Well, it is normally diagnosed by a gynecologist who checks the condition of the uterus through a pelvic exam. Other ways of detecting fibroids include ultrasound and pelvic MRI. An ultrasound makes use of high-frequency sound waves to paint pictures on a machine’s screen. This lets the doctor see the inside of a uterus and helps him or her check the presence of this condition. A pelvic MRI makes use of in-depth imaging to show pictures of the uterus, ovaries, and other pelvic organs.

Another way of detecting fibroids is through its symptoms and side effects. You may have one, all or none of the side effects depending on your age or on the location, size, and number of the tumor. A small fibroid may have no side effect on a patient. Age affects fibroids as well. Menopause causes the tumor to shrink and minimizes its effects. Some of its side effects include:

  • Heavy vaginal bleeding. When a woman has an unusually heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding, then this might be a sign of fibroids. Women who have this symptom are unable to leave their houses because their sanitary napkins are soaking in blood and blood clots. It is quite unpleasant! Because of excessive blood loss, some women even develop anemia or low blood count.


  • Pelvic discomfort. Women who have this side effect report a heaviness or pressure in their lower abdomen. They feel a “vague discomfort” in that area and find it hard to lie facedown, bend over, or exercise.
  • Pelvic pain. Unlike pelvic discomfort, women who experience this side effect feel a sharp or severe type of pain. The pain can be found in a specific spot or area and usually subsides two to four weeks. Taking a pain reliever like ibuprofen can help decrease the pain. However, if there is chronic pelvic pain in a specific area, then it is recommended that you visit a doctor.
  • Bladder problems. Women who have fibroids have trouble urinating. They either wake up frequently during the night to pee or complain that they cannot urinate at all in spite of having a full bladder. This is because the fibroid is pressing against the bladder, thus decreasing its capacity to hold urine or blocking urine outflow.
  • Low back pain. When a woman complains of lower back pain, she may most likely have fibroids. The tumor presses against the back’s muscles and nerves, causing pain in that area. Suffice to say that a large tumor is more likely to cause pain than a small one.
  • Rectal pressure. Fibroids may also put pressure on the rectum, causing a woman to feel full or to have difficulty with bowel movement. Sometimes, the fibroid stimulates the development of hemorrhoids.
  • Discomfort or pain during intercourse. This is a red flag. A woman who has this side effect experiences pain in specific sexual positions during intercourse. She also can experience pain during certain days of her menstrual cycle.


Available Treatments for Patients with Fibroids

The treatments for fibroids vary depending on the woman’s age, fibroid size, and health. It is definitely better to consult a doctor rather than self-medicate or self-treat the tumor. Those who do not experience any of its side effects such as bleeding or bladder problems should still have regular check-ups to monitor the condition. Some of the treatments for fibroids include:

  1. Medications. They generally improve fibroid side effects, but they do not take away the tumor. Women should try taking these medications first before resorting to other treatments like surgery. Medications include contraceptive pills, GnRH agonists (Lupron), and intrauterine devices (IUD).

Contraceptive pills and progestational agents are for women who experience heavy menstrual periods. They reduce the bleeding and regulate the menstrual cycle. They are not recommended for women above 30 years old who smoke.

GnRH agonists also prevent heavy bleeding and shrink fibroids. Lupron is the most well-known GnRH drug, but women should be careful taking this since it causes hot flashes and long-term bone loss. Once a patient stops taking Lupron, fibroids may grow back to their original size.

Intrauterine devices (IUD) are contraceptives that are used to prevent pregnancy and decrease bleeding caused by fibroids.

  1. Invasive Procedures or surgery. There are two types of invasive procedures that can remove fibroids: myomectomy and hysterectomy. Myomectomy is a procedure that removes the tumor while preserving the uterus. It is recommended for women who would like to have children again. While it is effective, there is a chance that fibroids will grow in the uterus again. Hysterectomy, on the other hand, is a procedure that removes the uterus. Unlike myomectomy, there is no chance for the tumor to regrow again. It improves fibroid side effects and stops excessive menstrual bleeding, relieves pelvic pressure, and halts frequent urination. The downside is that women who undergo this procedure can no longer get pregnant.
  2. Herbal Remedy: it’s a known fact that herbal remedy has actually helped in a lot more ways than the synthesized treatment that you have been taking which is why when I heard about this… its something that will actually help fibroid patient in reducing the tumors and also helping them live a healthier lifestyle without having to go through surgery to remove the uterus/womb.

So what does this entail:

Strengthen Your liver…

Now for you to be able to help yourself with the treatment of fibroid. You have to strengthen the liver by removing every form of waste that this there.

This process is know as detoxification.

Now this is now something that you will do within few days… its recommended that you spend at least 90 days in ensure that you are completely detoxified as that will also help to reduce the amount of oestrogen that your body is created which helps in the treatment of fibroid.

Now for you to easily do this, you need a trusted herbal product that you can use which is FIBROFIT. Which you can check out here…

Reduce your oestrogen level…

To ensure that your oestrogen level that is been produced is reduced, you will have to stay away from some foods and drinks…

Such as caffeine, processed foods, alcohol, No sugar, Diary foods amongst other.

Staying away from this foods and drinks helps to ensure that the complete detoxification is done in your body system when you use the fibrofit pack here.

Use of natural dietary supplement…

It is a known  fact that majority of the time, we cannot get the required nutrient that our body need to perform its task.

Which is why the fibrofit pack is introduced.

Because it contains the 5 major nutrients that is needed in your body which plays an important role in helping with shrinking the fibroid that is growing in your body.

Which is why it is suggested that you continually use it for 3 months to see its full effect in your body.

Now what this does is to cleanse your liver completely during this period and regulate the amount of oestrogen that is produced in your body which leads to the shrinking of the tumor.

If you would like to get the FIBROFIT  pack… you can get it here…

Now when this treatment occur… because you are going the natural way… you will start experiencing some changes in your body by the second and third week and you will also find out that as each month passes. Your menstrual cycle will start getting back to normal as you make use of the FIRBOFIT PACK

It is also advised that by the end of the 3 months period of using this FIBROFIT PACK, You go for a checkup to see how the result is.

As each day pass… you will feel more healthy… more energy and be more active…

Click Here To Get Your Fibrofit Pack Today

That will be all for now.

Do let me know if you have enjoyed this article. Share it with your friends and family.


Ever since I started publishing as a health researcher to help people to be
able to live a healthy lifestyle February 2015.

I have been able to actually help a whole lot of people in reaching their goal most especially
in losing weight amongst other highly recommended product that I tell you all my loyal subscribers about.

And for that am grateful for the trust that you have placed in me and following everything that I have always told you or instructed you to do
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we will continually work in ensuring that you work towards your goals through all the educative write-ups that is always put out her for you.

And that is why I always want to do much more for everyone to ensure that you continually live a healthy lifestyle.

Which is why when this idea came up few days back…

I didn’t hesistate to get it done immediately…

Which is actually having a social network weight loss community of people that has either used any of my programs that I
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Lots of testimonies has been shared…

But I still want more people to have more testimony and be happy…

I want you all to meet and interact with one another which I think is a great thing…

So the best place I decided to do this is to create a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where all those that has used either of the clean 9, stretch mark, fertility booster, fibroid can easily belong to and share their experience and interact with one another.


Access is free quite all right but limited to just only people
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I believe it’s going to be fun and also going to serve as a close monitoring system from me to you to instantly been able to answer your questions as you journey through this program and also get to meet with others that are on the same journey with you.

Do you think this is a good thing… I would appreciate your comment below.

In today’s special post, I decided to go a bit different than before in the kind of post to make and this has got to do with infertility and why you all need to be aware of this either you are single, married, either male or female.

Infertility is when a woman is unable to conceive within a year or two of having sexual intercourse with her man.

And as a result of this, couples get worried as to what is happening to them and why the woman is not been able to conceive.

Which is why I will be writing about the causes of infertility in both men and women and also talk about the possible solution of how you can be able to solve this.

Statistic has shown in that in Nigeria, 20-25 percent of couples are actually unable to give birth either in their first year or second year which is also why there is an increase with the consultation with the gynecologist because of this issue that they are facing.


Now there is something that I really need to stress out because this is actually common in Nigeria.

We all think that infertility is strictly for women
but the truth is that its not the case…

It can be either male or female that is actually having the problem and been able to recognize that will actually help you in getting help quickly.

To proof that last statement earlier, a statistic in the USA states that about one in four couples have infertility issues, 40 percent of the issue came from the men and 40 percent came from the women. The remaining 20 percent is simply a combination of the two.

Which is why the fastest and easiest way out for the couple is to have themselves checked and tested to see where the problem lies rather than leaving it one sided alone to the woman to go fix her issues.

Infertility comes in various forms which could be primary, secondary or infertility miscarriages which is a situation whereby a woman always loses a child due to mischarges.

So what is the general causes of infertility

According to the research that I had to conduct. The following are some of the causes of infertility that couples have to face.


Chronic Illness

Low sperm count

Use of antidepressant drug which could easily lead to irregular menstrual cycle

Use of hypertension drugs (not supplement) could also lead to male infertility


Sexually transmitted diseases



And generally for the men, here are some of the causes that can make a man to be infertile

Poor Diet






Pesticide &lead

Accident Or injury

Low Sperm Count

Not been Able To Perform Well In Bed


5 things that you need to do to help fertility takes place

There are 5 things that is needed for you to actually get pregnant and also fertile

1) You need to ovulate:  your ovaries needs to produce an egg of which this process is known as ovulation. A way through which you can fast track this is through the use of this supplement  called “fertility booster here which will actually help you.

2) Your man needs high quality sperm: When a woman is very fertile and her male partner is having issues with low sperm count, there is no way conception will take place, that’s why the man too will need to work on increases the quality of his sperm and also increase his sexual stamina and performance to help with the process. The vitofit pack supplement  can easily help him with that, which is actually what I recommend to the men to make use of.

3) You need to have sex frequently:  you can not be looking for a child and be having sex once every week or two weeks. Some even go for months without sex and are still hoping for the fruit of the womb.

You had better change and grab your partner and do it at any given opportunity and anywhere you so like.

Spicing up your sex life helps in bonding you much more.  Which is why both the fertlility booster for women and the vitofit pack for men will really help you a lot in achieving both

4) Having a healthy uterus: for conception to take place, you need to ensure that all is well in your uterus area (womb) as if all is not well in that compartment, you will find it difficult getting pregnant.

5) Losing Off Some Fat In Your Body: Studies has shown that women who are obese and have excess fat in their body are prone to have issues with infertility which is why most doctor usually recommend that women should loses some weight to help make conception easy for them.

You can simply lose weight using the clean 9 supplement pack today

Okay… this brings me to the end of this post.

I believe it would have touched someone, somewhere that is reading this.

Do share this article with your loved one and also drop your comment if this article was useful to you.


Cancer is one of the prevalent disease that the world has today that has no cure but then it can be prevented and avoided by actually know how to stay out from certain things that we do on a daily basis.

One of which is in the type of food that we eat or take into our system on a daily basis which actually helps in the increase in the cancer victims that we have in the world today.

Most of the time, we don’t usually have a look into the production of the food that we eat and that is part of what that kills us in today’s society.

In today’s article, I will be revealing 10 of the cancer causing foods that we actually need to avoid.

1. Popcorn



Now popcorn is actually very good for the body because of the increase in the fiber content that it has, but the problem with taking popcorn is when you are buying the processed on in the paper bag where it is been packed and microwave… that is where the problem comes in.

The brown paper bag been used is tagged as carcinogenic which is bad for your health and has been linked to have a chemical that is linked to liver, pancreatic or testicular cancer…

So it’s usually best if you just stick to the traditional way of making popcorn using those old popcorn machines as that one is safer to your health than the microwave one

2 Soda


I believe that you already know about soda.

Soda has no nutritional benefit that adds to the body system. It’s packed full with calorie, sugar and artificial ingredient which is simply a no no for your health.

According to the scientific study that has been done…
taking 2 soft drinks weekly doubles the likelihood of having pancreatic cancer.

Another studies also shows that these drinks is corrosive to the dental enamel which leads to tooth sensitivity and cavity despite good hygiene

Processed meat


To those of you that love going to restaurant and eateries to eat assorted meat and sausage, I hope this does not scare you.

Process meat like bacon, sausage, hot dog or packaged meat are known to have high amount of sodium nitrite and nitrate which is used in the preservation of this meat and also responsible for giving it its reddish color.

Well studies shows that it’s linked to colon cancer and other form of cancer which you are not aware of.

If you must eat meat. Go for the natural grass fed one than the packaged ones to reduce the risk.

I know some of you all are looking for been hygienic in what that you consume most especially meat. But then, not all hygienic packaged meat that you see is safe for consumption because of the method of preservation that is been used.


4 Refined white flour


Do you know that one of the food causes that have caused over 220% in breast cancer in women is in refined flour?

A well study has also revealed that and it has been linked to the excess carbohydrate content that has been added to it. High glycemic foods has shows to increase the blood sugar level which is been responsible for the growth of the cancer cells in the body

5 Canned Tomato


Now i hope i don’t get skinned here because i know that majority of us actually make

use of this…

But then, the truth has got to be said.

You might think what is bad about canned tomato… well nothing is actually wrong with it but the lining of most canned foods has what is called bisphenol-A(BPA) which acts as and estrogen and also disrupt the hormonal activity of the body.

Tomato as it is has high acidicity which actually causes this BPA to leak through into the tomato

itself and further studies has been shown that actually links to other forms of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, intestinal damage and several reproductive issues

which is why the sachet one is a far better option than the canned one… best still, go for the natural tomato and blend them

Now that ends this part of this information, now i know that a lot of people would have fallen prey on this on a couple of time. But then you still have the chance to actually reset your entire body system. Though not a cheap method, but it helps in removing all the toxins and waste that might have been stored up in your body.

Know that to prevent cancer or other disease from happening to you or endangering your health, you have got to take care of your body system which is why you can do that through a complete detoxification reset of your body through VITAL 5 as it helps in clearing out all the toxins and weight in your body. You can find out more details about that here at  and get one for yourself today

Do let me know how much this article has helped you by commenting below. thanks

Everyday that we go out, we indirectly take in a lot of things that we are not aware of.

We probably don’t even have any way of getting to avoid them because as long as we move around people and location. We get to indirectly get them in our system.

And that is called toxins…

Each and every day, we inhale air inside our system and inside what we are exposed to are harmful toxin that slowly affect our health without our knowledge.

Now when this piles up to a certain stage. It hinders a lot of things in your body system and even cause some diseases in your body because they have piled up to a stage where it becomes extremely harmful to the body.

And that is why that when you are to go through the process of losing weight. You have to reset your whole body system through a detoxification process initially before finally getting to lose those weight.

Now here are a list of some of the Nigerian fruits and food that you can naturally take to help cleanse your system.

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1. Avocado


This is one of the list of fruit that tops the list of something to take because it is very high in fibre and and also a very good antioxidant. Though it has a lot of fat but its kind of fat is more of good fat than the bad kind of fat which I will explain in a later article. You should consume this alone without having to mix it with anything.

2 Pineapple


Inside this tropical fruit is a compound called bromelain which is an enzyme that cleanses the colon and aids the ease of digestion in the body system.

Most of the detox product that is been sold round the world which always has this compoment inside them

Which probably why taking pineapple will help you naturally detoxify your body

4 Water


I cant over emphasize the health benefit of water enough, that I just had to have a separate article on it for you to read. You can read it here.

5 Garlic


Garlic helps in the boosting of the immune system in the body as well as helping out with the liver which makes it also join the list of detox food that you can use. It could be in dietary form or simply as a spice to your food.

6. Cabbage


Cabbage is mostly eaten here in salads alone, though it can also be eaten alone or mixed with other fruits.

Cabbage helps in lowering your cholesterol level, cleansing your liver from accumulated toxins that has piled up

The major work of the liver is to filter the toxins from entering into your system. But all the toxins piles up at the liver… which is why what you are actually doing is cleansing the filtering process of the liver so as not to break down.

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7. Red pepper:


Do you know that red pepper contains 5 times vitamin c than orange.

Vitamins helps in the cleansing out of the liver, which is why you have to ramp up those red pepper and get them down your throat.

Not literally a lot… smiles

Because it aint always sweet in the mouth… but you can start adding them more in your foods that you cook to increase the amount of vitamin c that is in your system to help with the cleansing effect of the toxins.

8. Ginger


This is one food that I know has been in existence of use for century dating back to the ancient Chinese empire because of its medicinal properties that it has.

It helps mostly in the liver by flushing out toxic waste that has piled up either from too much of alcohol, toxic foods and waste that needs to be flushed out of your system.

Its mostly used in teas and also in meals.

9. Grapefruit


One good thing about grapefruit is that it actually helps burn out fat fast. As long as you keep piling up good things into your body system.. it will definitely flush out the bad ones.

One good thing about grape fruit is that it helps to powerup your liver to make it ready for whatever work that its to do.

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10 Lemongrass


If you are looking for something that will clear up the entire organs in your body. Its lemon grass and its very popular in thialand. We also have it here in Nigeria as its readily available anywhere most especially in the rural areas.

It does not only help the liver in cleansing but also the kidney, bladder and the digestive system as a whole.

11. Olive oil


When trying to detox, olive oil should be your alternative source of oil to be used in your cooking simply because it has a lot of healthy properties than the normal oil that you are using.

Now once you have been able to do all this. Though they are not going to be quick but they sure work. It will be easier to lose more weight.

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