10 Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy

A lot of times I get asked this type of question.

How do I stay fit or simply how do I stay healthy…

Well today I decided to reply your answer through this article piece that I simply put together for you to help you in your journey to stay fit and healthy.

A lot of times people want to lose weight and some even before losing the weight always have one question in their mind which is them staying fit and healthy after they have stopped doing whatever they are doing.

Well I believe this article would also help you understand more about your body.

So here we go

1 Take Fruit Daily


Adding fruits to your daily meal really helps you in a long way than you can ever imagine. Most people are tied down to taking in packaged drinks that simply adds more sugar to your body that you don’t even know about.

If only you know the amount of sugar you are taking in. you would stay away from them.

Do more of natural fruit like pawpaw, pineapple, apple, watermelon, cucumber etc. they help keep you in shape and give you the necessary nutrient that you need


2 Use More Of Ginger In Your Food

Ingefära or as it is known in English, Ginger. I got the idea when a net friend of mine used one picture similar to this one on her web page.

looks like I will still have to write a separate post on the health benefit of ginger in your body. Simply using ginger in your meals helps a great deal.

According to http://www.whfoods.com/

Historically, ginger has a long tradition of being very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. In herbal medicine, ginger is regarded as an excellent carminative (a substance which promotes the elimination of intestinal gas) and intestinal spasmolytic (a substance which relaxes and soothes the intestinal tract). Modern scientific research has revealed that ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties including antioxidant effects, an ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory compounds, and direct anti-inflammatory effects.

3 Stop Late Night Food


late night snacks is a no no for me, though I would personally say that I fall victim of this but if you are on a weight loss journey, it would be advisable for you to stick to what am telling you. One of the reason why late food or snack is not advisable is before, it takes a longer time for your food to digest and when this process slows down most especially when you are sleeping. It piles up and makes you add more weight in the long run.

4 What’s Your Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Number?


knowing your cholesterol and blood pressure level helps to keep your health in check, as when this number is high, it can lead to hypertension or heart attack if not seriously taking care of. That’s why one of the benefit of using the 9 days clean 9 product that helps you in losing weight is that it helps to reduce this cholesterol and blood pressure level in your body. That way, you remain healthy and reduce your risk of having any heart attack, hypertension or stroke…

5 Take At Least 2 Litres of Water Daily


Water is very important if you are to stay healthy and fit and it also helps you in your journey to losing weight for those that are seeking to lose some. I already wrote an article about the health benefit of drinking water which you can read here now. But the summary is that taking at least 1.5-2 litres of water helps you a lot in staying fit and its also recommended when you take part of the 9 days program of losing 5-10kg of fat.

6 Engage In A Weight Loss Fitness Program


Another way you can help get fit and stay fit is by completing a program that will help you lose out some of those unwanted fat that is in your body. Just using the 9 days weight loss program will help you lose between 5-10kg of fat in your body, which is the starting point that I always recommend for anyone that is looking to shed some weight. Completing this fitness program puts you in shape. You can click on the link here to start now

7 Exercise At Least 20 Minutes Daily


I cannot stress this enough. Exercise plays a vital role to losing weight and also staying healthy. If you think that you are too busy to exercise and workout on your body, then you are better off not even starting at all because its just going to be a waste of your time. This is also part of the reason why I had to help those that goes through the 9 days program on a 2 video series of 10 minutes exercise routine that you are to do during your program.

Call this your extra personal home trainer that you can call out anytime without having to pay those high fees that personal trainers charge you.

8 Meditate

A woman meditating on a rock in the ocean against a setting sun background

A woman meditating on a rock in the ocean against a setting sun background

Taking out time to meditate and think is one of the ways by which you can calm yourself positively which puts your body in check. Only focus your meditation on positive things that will bring a smile on your face and make you want to achieve more in life.

Trust me you will look more relived and it helps to deal away with whatever stress that might want to come your way.

9 Stretch Your Body When You Wake Up


what do you do when you wake up in the morning…

do you just rush out and head over to the bathroom to have your bath and head out for work.

If you do such, now is the time to stop.

Whenever you wake up in the morning. Stretch your body very well before even having your bath. I wuld even recommend that you even  follow the video workout that is sent out to only those that got access to the 9 days training program of losing 5-10kg of weight.

Once you do this every morning, you will feel more energy in your daily activity as you work or engage in your daily dealings.

10 Tidy Up Your Surrounding


One of the ways you can help yourself in been in shape in tidying up your surrounding. If you don’t, then you are giving room for stress which also indirectly makes you to add more weight. Ensure your surrounding is tidy enough and neat and you are good to go.

I believe this few tips that i just gave helps you in a lot of ways.

Talk soon.

11 Ways To Get Rid Of Hunger In Less Than 15 Minutes

Have you ever been in this position that you just stepped out somewhere and saw a food or snack that caught your attention and you just can’t instantly let go until you have had a taste of it.

Well it happens to a whole lots of people, myself included most especially if it’s something that we have been longing to want to eat. It could be the taste shawarma that you so much love or that special fried chicken that is sold at KFC. It could even be that mama shade’s canteen that you just can’t do without her food.

But the truth is that if you are on a journey to lose weight and keep fit just like the 9 days weight loss program that helps you lose between 5-10kg of ugly belly fat. One of the ways by which you can get more positive result is when you try to do away from such food and reduce the intake of them.

Doesn’t look so doable right?…

Well, here are my 11 tips that you can use starting today that helps to instantly reduce your urge to want to eat.

1 Going for a walk.


Do you know that a simple 15 minute low intensity walk can actually help you in regulating your intake of food.

2 Find something relaxing to do.


There are time that when you are really craving for something and you are trying to do away from falling into such temptation. Finding something relaxing to do can actually help you in fight it. Stretching, meditation or just chilling somewhere can actually help you in dealing with such cravings.

3 Think about the future


One of the killer action steps when you are always craving for food is for you to simply think about the future. Doing this would simply take you on another journey that instantly makes you to forget that you were actually craving for something.


4 Play Video Game/watch a movie


When next you are hungry, take a video game or watch a movie, science has shown that when people do this, the concentration of wanting to eat instantly changes to that of the visual entertainmentthat you are going through. That why you will see some people playing game for a long period of time without even the feeling of been hunfry, you can also adopt that strategy,

5 Take A break


Having to pause to someone during work for some minute actually helps you in foirgeting ever thinking about wanting to eat. Studies has shown that when  you are alone, you tend to want to eat more than when you are in the midst of people talking. So when  next you are in your work place and the hunger is beginning to strike in. That time is the perfect time for you to do some gossiping with friends. smiles

6 Drink ginger tea


One of the properties of ginger is the cleansing property that it has which actually helps fight against that urge to want to eat any sweet things that you might be longing for. Simple make ginger tea and add some lemon into it with hot water.

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7 Drink a glass of water


Water has a lot of benefit as I have even written about the benefit of drinking water which actually helps you in a whole lots of ways that you don’t even really know. That’s also part of the reason that why you make use of the 9 days clean 9 product that helps in losing between 5-10kg of fat, you will be required to take in a lot of water as you start the program

8 Picture yourself eating something you are craving for


This one might be way too much for some people to handle because you would simply fall victim of it. I for one will… smiles. But some study has shown that when you picture yourself eating what you are craving for, it actually helps reduce the urge for you to eat. Well don’t really know how well true that is. It might work for you.

9 Lie down for a nap or take a break


You cant always to working round the clock, doing so would only increase your craving for the desire of food when it sets in. If you really want to enjoy your day without having to take in unnecessary food, taking a nap for about 15 minutes will help do the trick. Trust me, it works

10 Snack on protein and fibre


One of the ways by which you can stop your craving for some type of food or snack is to simply get a protein or fibre snack. That one of what you get when you order for your 9 days clean 9 weight loss product that helps you to lose between 5-10 kg of fat in your body.

10 Have small amount of what you crave for and something healthy with it.


Here is not where you have to go gangsta on the food that you crave for just because I said so. But here is the trick to it. Crave for a type of food, take a little of it and accompany it with healthy food. Truth is that most of what people eat outside most especially in fastfood actually causing you never to lose weight the way you like.

I believe that ends it for now. Do drop your own comment to what you also feel about this piece that i have just sent you to read.

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Talk to you soon

We’ve all seen the news how some of our celebrities who have died as a result of their kidney failure which they were late in recognized which eventually killed them.

That has also led to some other celebrities coming out to create awareness to prevent the death of people dying from killing failures.



Now am here to educate you and enlighten you on some of the things that you need to know about your kidney and why you also need to understand how your kidney works to better take care of it and help improve its activity.

Now if you still neglect some of what I will be sharing with you, then you are simply not far off from people that get to realise that its too late for them to do anything which is why you need to know this now.

Its my prayer that none of my subscribers reading this, do not fall victim of this.

Now what are the causes of kidney failure…?

Can it be prevented?

Can it be cured?

What does it really means to have a kidney failure.?

Now these are some of the questions running through your mind which am going to be talking about today and also in subsequent other articles i will be writing here later on in this blog

What is Kidney Failure?

As the name is, this is when your kidney has finally failed to perform its function in the body. And what are this function

  • Waste removal of toxins
  • Water balancing of the body
  • Blood Pressure Regulation
  • Acid Regulation

Now this main function of the kidney makes it to be one of the most important organ in the body that when it fails to perform this function, your entire body breaks down which also leads to permanent failure and finally death of such patience.

Now most people don’t even know that their kidney is failing which is why some people die from it because they get to know when its already late which could have been avoided if they had the information that you are now reading now today.

But by getting to understand the causes and how you can prevent this most especially permanently. You will get to live the kind of healthy lifestyle that you want.

Causes of Kidney Failure

There are several causes of kidney failure some of which are

When the drainage tube in the kidney is blocked which prevent waste from leaving the body. this can be cause by cancer that is associated within the area of the colon, kidney, bladder, prostate gland in men, cervical


Some medical conditions that slows down the activity of the kidney like heart disease, blood pressure, infection, liver failures, bleeding, use of some drugs, dehydration,


When there is a direct damage of the kidney like toxins which is very common in our world today such as alcohol, heavy metals, cocaine and also when there is an inflammation of the blood vessel that is normally caused by free radicals in the body

How can you reduce the risk of kidney disease.

Now having known all this, you need to know that keeping a healthy lifestyle is one of the ways by which you can avoid having a cleaning failure.

Now because of the daily work that we do. We inhale lots of toxins on a daily basis that if its not removed, could lead to kidney failure.

Now its very important if you can cleanse your body from these toxins once every 6 months as it really helps in giving you a healthier lifestyle and also helps make you to be more fit.

One product that could help you to detoxify, Cleanse your colon and help you trim down and avoid diseases is actually the clean 9 product which you can get here

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You can also watch this free video presentation from a medical scientist that tells you how this works.

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Now it’s a wise and safe decision if you decide to take care of your body as it helps you against the potential of been a patient of kidney failure.

Also if you know you have any of this associated diseases such as diabetes, Liver Disease or high blood pressure. Then I strongly advise that you go through the clean 9 product as it really helps.

More article will be written later on as regards this topic.

Love this article, Do please leave your comment and also share with your friends and family.

Talk to you soon.

6 Foods that Helps You Stay Fit And Healthy.

Did you just lose weight…?

Or you are scared of growing fat?

Then this information that you are about to read will mostly definitely help you to keep in shape and stay slim.

As most people are losing weight and getting slim which can easily be achievable through our 9 days program here. Most people usually have this question at the back of their mind.

How do I stay slim, fit and healthy?

Some reading this post are actually slim but are scared of just increasing their shape hence the desire to want to learn how they can stay slim and also in a healthy way

While exercise workout session actually helps does the trick just like the two 10 Minute exercise workout video that is given only to those that gets access to the 9 days program to help get that much effective result.

There is also the need to know some of the foods that can help you stay slim which is what this post is about today which I believe will help many of you.

Hence this research i had to do and keep you informed.

So lets get started.



Popcorn is loaded with a lot of fibre that is self fulfilling when taking. Should you feel the need to want to eat.

Studies has also shown that just 15calories of popcorn is equivalent to taking 150calories of chips which you would have avoided taking.

And as a result of its texture and longer time it takes for you to consume it, your brain is registered that you have had enough of it thus suppressing your thirst of hunger

Wheat bread


it has been proven that when you eat more of wheat bread, you tend to become fuller eating just less of it than the normal bread that is common to us all. This is also as a result of the high fibre in the bread which helps in keeping a fuller stomach and also eating less food.

Chilli Pepper

chilli pepper

Now chilli pepper are rich in something called capsaicin which is an appetite suppressant. It helps in increasing body temperature which also increases the burnout of calories in the body and helps makes you more fuller.

Studies also revealed that when the capsaicin touches the neuron in the tongues, its sends a signal that releases the gut hormones that kicks of satiety response.


mushrooms (1)

Mushroom naturally are high in a particular amino acid called glutamate which triggers a new type of taste called umami. This is actually the fifth taste bud that is found in mushroom. Remember the other four which are sweet, bitter, sour and salty.

Result shows that those who eat this tend to eat less than normal and are more satisfied and fuller.



This is not only nutritious but its also a fulfilling meal with low calorie.

Now here is what is goes on in your system when you eat potato from the studies that I found out. Potato itself contains what is known as resistant starch which is not even digested as it goes through your small intestine. Getting to the large intestine, bacteria that live there actually feast on it creating a substance known as short chain fatty acid which also create another compound called peptide that makes you feel as though as you are full as that is message it sends to your brain.

Dark Chocolate


Yes… chocolate.. especially this dark chocolate can make you actually stay slim.

You might be surprised…?

But what taking dark chocolate does is that, it actually reduces your urge to eat the main meal

There we have it for today.

I believe you learnt a lot from this post today.

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Do share and contribute to this piece.

Talk soon

5 Causes Of Stretch Mark In The Body

Stretch mark is one of the most dreadful scar that any woman would always fear having but be that as it may, Majority of women end up having it due to certain causes that you might be aware of or not aware of…

Whichever which case I would like to enlighten you on this scar that makes you lose your completely sexy self esteem.

What is stretch mark?

stretch mark is simply the scarring of the skin that changes the colour into an otherwise off colour that is not in tune with the normal body colour which happens as a result of the stretch of the dermal layer of the skin.

Stretch mark can be found in the tommy, arm, breast and buttocks area of the body

It can come in different colour than your normal skin which might be light grey, purple or bright pink.

Which ever colour is it…

It does not look attractive and that is the reason why you will see some women who cant even afford to put on the bikinis in the beach because they simply don’t look sexy in them as a result of the mark it leaves on their body

What causes stretch mark?

Stretch mark is mostly common among women and here are the major causes of it.

Pregnant Women: Pregnant women are mostly the carrier of stretch mark and this is because of the gain in weight and the child that they are carrying. Signs of this actually start showing from the 6th to 7th of been in pregnancy.

Obese Women: Women that are generally fat tend to develop having stretch mark in their body which is also why you will some obese women with the stretch mark very visible in their body mostly on their arm and chest areas.

Genetical history: If you have an history of people in your family who has the stretch mark, chances of you having it is rather on the high side.

Dramatic Weight loss: Have you lost a lot of weight recently, then chances of you have stretch mark is high because as you reduce that weight. The size of your skin reduces and because of the new found size that you have, your skin is not accustomed to it and also very weak as at that time. Hence the stretch mark in your body and if not immediately taken care of… then its something that becomes permanent in you. Am sure you don’t want to have that permanent scar in your body

Men who work out a lot: For men who work out and exercise a lot in getting the 6 packs abs. they tend to also have the stretch mark on their  shoulder area because of the strenuous exercise that they do which actually damages the skin in that area thereby causing the break which leads to stretch mark.

So can Stretch Mark be cured?

While there are a lot of way through which you can get rid of stretch mark one of which is an expensive route which is through laser therapy which I don’t think is done in Nigeria.

Some other expert will tell you that stretch mark can never be cure and telling you to accept your fate and live with it.

But there has been a revelation secret that can actually clear your skin completely within 30 days using pure natural plant extract that gives you that perfect skin back within the next 30 days of starting the process and that is through using the AllClean Beauty Kits. This is one of the most natural ways that can help you to completely get rid of it.

I’d recommend that you get it here now at http://naturalhealthsecrets.com/stretchmark

If you know that you are a mother and want to get that clear, sexy skin back. Then this ALLCLEAN is all that you need today.

Am sure this will help.

Do let me know your comment and contribution to this information that is just published.

The Unknown Health Benefit Of Water Melon

Watermelon has been known to be have been cultivated for thousands of years which Is why most people love it so much over the past centuries with evidence of its origin at South Africa and also in the River Nile area which recorded of its existence of over a thousand years of its existence.

Watermelon comes from the botanical name citrullus vulgaris which contains about 91% water and 6% sugar.

In the 16th century, the native southern America started growing this marvelous fruit and today, it is a common fruit that is been grown by majority of the farmers in the united state.

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One of the reasons of how it was discovered is basically because of its water content and its sweetness while been grown in the wild making it a good substitute for people who need to survive in the Wild while they are lost especially in the dessert.

Later on, when studies were carried on this fruit, lots of discoveries were made as a result of the nutritional benefit of what it can do to the human body.

Nutritional Content Of WaterMelon Water Melon Has some very important nutrition content that can help in a lot of different health way to the consumers of the fruit when taking rightly.

The Nutritional content include

Vitamin A: which helps to keep the eyes healthy.

Vitamin B6: which helps to make the brain to function well and also help to convert protein to energy.

Vitamin C: which helps to strengthen immunity, healing of wounds and also in the prevention against cell damage that might want to happen in your body system. –

Amino Acid like Citrulline and arginine which helps to maintain the keep the heart flow of the body stable and prevent any form of cardiovascular attack in the body.

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Even with all this nutritional content that is inside this marvelous and amazing fruit, there was also a new discovery of a particular nutrition content that is said to be one of the highest in tomato which was also discovered in water melon and also even higher than in tomato.

The name of the nutrient is the LYCOPHENE which is mainly found in red Fruit and its an extremely powerful oxidant that can help prevent against degenerative diseases like cancer, heart diseases and muscular degeneration.

One of the thing we do not known about lycophene is that it cannot be generated inside the human body, thus we have to get it by having to get it from food or fruit source to which led to the discovery of its presence in water melon.

For those of you looking at dieting in other to reduce your weight and keep your body fit. The calorie content of watermelon is extremely low, which means that you can take as much as you like and even use it in creating other food recipe that you can add to your list of dietary foods that you want to consume.

Personally, from experience, each time I consume watermelon I notice that I feel stronger, active and my body tends to be very active which is why I cannot do without it almost on a daily basis.

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Health benefit of watermelon

Now because of the studies that has been carried out on this fruit and the great result that was found from it, it is now a known fact that the fruit has a lot of amazing nutritional benefit that is derived from those that consume it rightly.

The first nutritional benefit of watermelon is that it acts as a powerful antioxidant. Insufficient amount of antioxidant leads to the damage of the cells in the body which is why it is essential that you consume lots of fruit especially watermelon because of its high antioxidant content.

The second nutritional benefit of watermelon is that it helps in the prevention of cancer.

The third nutritional benefit of watermelon is that it helps to prevent erectile dysfunction in men.

According to Dr Bhimu Patil “Arginine boost nitric oxidem which relaxes blood vessels having the same basic effect as viagra, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it”. This makes watermelon to be a natural stimulant for men who are having erectile problem.

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How Can WaterMelon Be Taking In a Healthy Way

Now because you have now known the health benefit of water melon does not mean that you should go and eat a whole bunch of water melon because you want to fortify your body system.

Even though the health benefit of water melon is great, it is known to cause to natural diuretic which will cause you to purge a whole lot, you will regret ever eating it.

So how should Water Melon be taking.

You have to be take it moderately. A few slice cut of water melon very early in the day will give you the required nutritional content to last you for the day.

Also another way by which you can take in watermelon in a healthy way is to simply extract the juice using a juice extractor so that you can easily have a glass cup of watermelon juice.

It’s very tasty and very good for the body especially for those who don’t have time to sit down to eat the natural watermelon fruit.

You can also try to spice things up by adding it together to other fruit to make a nice fruit salad for you. If you don’t love eating watermelon due to certain things, what you can easily do is to take the fruit that you love and mix it up with watermelon. That way you will still get the nutritional benefit that comes with it.

I hope you have been enlightened more about the powerful works of the watermelon…

I would love to hear your contribution and comments about this information that you have just read.

Talk Soon

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8 Health Benefit of Drinking Water.

Water… As simple as it sound and easy to get. Its one of the most important fluid that our body needs to perform its necessary activity for the body to function normally.

But as widely available as water is, most people still are not aware on why you need to take in a whole lot of water on a daily basis most especially when it has to deal with living a healthy living lifestyle as I usually preach in most of my articles.

Here I will be sharing with you the 8 benefit of drinking water

1  It Keeps Out Body Fluid Balanced.

Do you know that the entire human body consist of 60% water. This means that the body fluid is involved in a whole lot of activity ranging from transportation to digestion to excretion and energy rate in the body.

2  It Helps in Regulating The Calorie Amount In Your Body.

Taking in lots of water helps in making you more full thereby making to want to eat less than necessary. Which is why its always recommended in any weight loss training programme like clean 9  to take lots of it to ensure that you don’t take in unnecessary food.

3   Increase in Brain Boost.

There has been an establish research that links drinking water to help boost brain performance while working. So a bottle of water can always come in handy while at your work place.

4  Increases Digestion of Food.

When having issue with indigestion. Best bet is to drink a lot of water as it helps in the digestion of food most especially in the colon to make it all go easily and smoothly.

5  Can Prevent You From Been Tired or sleepy.

Remember those time that when you are feeling sleeping and want to stay awake. You either drink water or wash your face with water. Your eye becomes clear. That goes to tell you that water helps to reduce fatigue most especially when you are very tired.

6  Its Increases The Smoothness of Your Skin.

When you body is regularly hydrated with water, you help prevent having wrinkle and also dry skin that might occur as a result of dehydration that might occur as a result of not getting enough water inside your body system.

7  It Gives Your Muscle More Energy.

When exercising, it is important that you take in enough water to prevent fatigue of the muscle that might occur. That way your body keeps getting the energy it needs to continue with the different exercise that you might be doing or involved with.

8  It helps to keep the kidney in check.

To prevent having diseases such as kidney stones, you need to help the function of the kidney to move the toxic waste that is in the body out and it’s the function of the body fluid in your system that actually helps it to achieve such function in the body.

When limited, then you are at a high risk of getting a kidney disease which you could have otherwise prevented by taking more water.

All in all, always ensure that you take in enough water on a body daily.

Hope this helps.

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Talk Soon.

5 Reasons Why Less Sleep Will Make You Gain Weight.

This is purely based on the research I have made so far in ensuring that you get to live the kind of healthy lifestyle that your body needs.

And one of such that I will like to address today has to do with sleeping.

Quick question…?

How many hours of sleep do you get daily…?

If you are looking to lose weight, then your answer would most likely be an issue that you have to deal with in your course of ensuring that you get to lose weight the right way.

Some people might have tried hitting the gym or ran for a long distance to ensure that they sweat a lot to help them lose weight but at the end of all this training, you find out that you are not losing as much as you expected…

According to the research and experiments made, it is found that an adult needs to have 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

Now regardless of whether you are fat or not… You all need to have this time to yourself to sleep.

That is your  “you time” to ensuring that you have a healthy lifestyle

Then the following reasons might prove helpful to you which you need to know.

1, Sleeping Makes You Eat More

What happens if you stay longer awake instead of sleeping,

You get hungrier and when that happens, you are forced to want to take in something.

Now that’s an extra calorie count that your body was not prepared for. Because that extra food that you just ate would be converted into fat instead of converting into the energy that your body needs

Do you want to know why you have the first food in the day known as break fast… Its simply because your body is meant to be fasting while sleeping at that appropriate time to reset the body and make it function normally when it wakes up back.

So that by the time you wake up and take in something, your body system would have rested enough to break the fast which is what it’s called breakfast.

Now late sleepers don’t get to enjoy this as they simply disrupt the entire body system for the consumption of food during this time and the failure of allowing the body system to get the needed rest that it needs.

2. Easy tiredness From Sleeping late.

If you see a man in your work place that is always sluggish with work, chances are he’s a late night sleeper and you would even notice it on his face as the signs will be everywhere.

Now let me explained to you what is happening to such person.

As a result of the fact that you sleep late, you get to always want to take in something, and whatever food that you take in does not always get to digest which is bad for your health.

The calories are then turned in fat in your body which causes weight gain and this is due to the fact that you deprived yourself from sleep and there is no energy to help convert all the foods that you have eaten which makes it all turn into fat in your body system.

3. Increase In The Amount of Cortisol

Do you know that cortisol is also known as the pot belly hormone because it is responsible for the movement and storing of fat in the stomach region.

Now what happening if the cortisol is increased in your belly…

Or let me better put it this way… How can these hormones be increased in the body system?

Well, when you deprive yourself from sleep, the cortisol in your body simply increases and it’s produced in the bloodstream

So if you are losing to lose weight, then ensure that you take enough sleep to ensure that the cortisol are not produced in your belly to make you have an increase in your weight.

4. Its Increases The Burnoff of Calories When You Take Enough Sleep.

There was a research that was undergone that when you take enough sleep at this recommended time, it increases the rate at which the calories in your body is burnt off by 5 percent than  someone who regularly sleeps late for a lesser time of waking up back.

5. It Increases Fat Loss

Let me make reference to a research that was conducted in the usa, 2 group of people were formed and given the same quantity of food calorie but they slept for different hours. One group slept for about eight and half hours and the other slept for five and a half hours… the result was that the one with the higher amount of sleep lost about 6 and half pound of weight which was pure fat.

Meaning that sleep actually helps you to lose weight naturally giving the perfect condition and environment.

It goes without saying that for you to create that environment that aids in ensuring that you lose weight. Then I would recommend that you get a pack of the clean 9 weight loss product which you will use in 9 days to help you lose between 5-10kg of fat.

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Does working out helps in reducing weight?

This is one of the quetions most people talk about especially when they want to lose weight

A lot of people want to lose weight but they do not want to workout or exercise

They are looking for the easy way out.

And I do not blame them because they do not know the effectiveness of having to add simple workout session to the progam or product  they are doing to fight off fat in losing weight

Now you could use a product like the clean 9 product that I always advertise here and you will still get your result that you want… But having to exercise helps you in hastening the calorie burn off in the body and burn the fat faster which is why I always advise that you ensure that you engage in some kind of workout.

Though not necessary every day.

If you could spare just 2-3 hours every week to do some workout exercise, then you are on your way to building a sexier you at the end of the day.

Trust me… All who do this always testify at the end of the day.

Below here are 13 reasons why working out also helps you to not only lose fat but also helps you in living a perfectly healthier lifestyle

     1. It helps you manage your weight.

manage weight

Are you overweight or you have this feeling that you are adding up weight. Then getting to do some exercise or workout will help you in maintain that weight and ultimately getting to drop that extra fat and be in shape.

  1. It helps increase your energy level.

energy level

Your metabolism level increases as your exercise and it sends signals to your brain which energizes your body. That why most people who find time to workout are usually more active than others

  1. It helps to improve your mood.

improve your mood

Do you always feel bored. Then get yourself ready to start exercising. There is an excitement in it that just makes you feel alive.

  1. It helps you sleep better.


There is nothing like having a good night rest when you incorporate working out to your weekly routine. You body feel relaxed and built up that helps makes sleeping come easy and peaceful to you.

  1. It helps you in having better sex.


Nothing is better that been able to steer up the energy to have a better sex with your partner when you are physically fit. By exercising and keeping your body in shape, you get to be able to do different sex variations with your partners which adds spice to your sex life with your partner

  1. Better posture and physique.


Do you have this type of slight posture that you like. Just like in the pics above. Doing regular exercise can actually help solve that slight posture and make you be able to stand perfectly straight

  1. Helps deal with depression.


There is nothing like been alive when you are exercising. Your cells comes alive and active. Which helps in reducing depression.

  1. Helps reduce sickness.


Do you regularly fall sick. It has been proven that one of the ways through which you can reduce sickness is when you engage in a exercise session that helps you sweat and increases the metabolism rate in your body

Others includes

  1. Strengthen of your bones
  2. Helps you stay healthy with your age
  3. Gives your skin a glow
  4. Improves your cholesterol level by balancing it
  5. Its helps to boost your memory making you have more better ideas and reasoning.
  6. Helps to reduce stress
  7. Helps makes you happy with yourself

Don’t you just want to be happy with yourself. Exercising just makes you do that. Try it out and see for yourself. Its fun

It already a common thing for me to hear… I don’t want to exercise. I don’t have time to exercise… But the truth is that if you do not get started in exercising your body. Then you are simply saying goodbye to all this benefits that has been listed here above.

To learn more about actual Exercises and workout sessions that actually deal more in your belly and arm area. Get One Clean 9 Product and I will give you a special access to 2 Video Series Of Exercice Workout that you can do that increases the burnout of fat in your body while using the clean 9 product.

Get it here now at http://naturalhealthsecrets.info/clean9.html

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