15 Radical New Ways To Boost Your Health

There are several ways to improve your health which is what I will be showing you today.

Sometime most people fall victim of this and don’t even have a clue that they are simply compiling unnecessary diseases inside them. One of the ways by which you can avoid this is by knowing how to continually stay healthy that also keeps you free of diseases.

So here we go…

  1. Eat Less Fried Foods.

I know some people that cannot do without eating fried food. In short they will even tell you that if its not fried they are not eating. Well what you don’t know is that fried foods actually have a negative effect on our arteries in the body which restricts the movement of blood in the body system. This also leads to increase in body weight and also having an adverse risk of heart failure in the long run. Instead of fried foods, start going for grilling, baking or poaching. That way, you help yourself by staying healthy and safe.

NOTE: If you are finding it difficult to lose weight, then make use of our 9 days Clean 9 product Here that helps you lose between 5-10kg of Ugly belly fat.

  1. Sleep More and Avoid Stimulant.

Truth is am also a victim of this. I take coffee due to the nature of my work. But then I had to cut down on it when I learnt this. When you sleep less, you damage your body system further and deprive yourself of sleep. When you take in stimulant such as coffee to help keep you active. You get to sleep less. Sleeping is one of the ways through which you can get to stay healthy because its helps all your body cells to get the rest that they need.

I know that majority of us do have a very busy day. But lets not forget the fact that when our body breaks down early, those busy work that we are doing will be forced to stop.

So why not take a chill and ensure that you get a lot of sleep so that you can keep doing the work that you are doing.

  1. Reduce your salt intake

I recently got to know that there are some people that love taking salt even when they are eating. They feel that the salt is not enough and even have to add it to their food. Truth is too much salt is dangerous for your health as it also increases blood pressure which I know you don’t want to have.

  1. Take In More Fibre

When you eat more of fibre foods, it actually helps in increasing the rate of digestion in your body which also helps to speed up the rate of removal of waste in your body. This is why we had to include a fibre food for those that wants to lose weight using the clean 9 product. It simply helps in speeding the removal of waste such as fat in your body thereby helping to increase the rate by which fat is been removed from your body which is why I totally always advice that you get a pack of clean 9 and use.

  1. Increase the strength of your bones

Having strong bony system makes you more active and agile. That is why you will see some old men still waxing strong and are still active.

Its simply because they are taking care of their bones.

Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D helps to lead in strong bones, healthy nerves and muscles which is good for you. Foods such as Egg yolk, bones, oil fish and early morning direct sunlight are good for you.

  1. Eat More Fruit.

And no I don’t mean the fruit juice they are selling at the supermarket.

Am talking about the natural kind of fruit that you buy and take in. Oranges, lemon and grapefruit which are classified under vitamin C actually helps to improve the body system. Fruits rich in potassium such as bananas helps in regulating your blood pressure.

  1. Drink More Water.

What you may not know about water is that it actually helps to heal you of a lot of things if you drink it regularly. Normal recommendation is to take in about 1Litre of water daily. This helps to increase the rate of absorption of nutrient, skin hydration and digestion of the body and also your general health.

  1. Take in more garlic.

Garlic is actually good for your body system as it’s a powerful cleanser. It helps in lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol and also helps in fighting infection and immunize your body system.

  1. Eat More Wholesale Foods

Foods labelled wholegrain actually helps to reduce your cholesterol level and also help reduce the risk of having heart diseases. Foods such as bread, cereals or rice belong to this category.

  1. Have More Sex.

Hehehehehe… smiles

Yes, having more sex helps you to workout and be engaged in a more physical exercise as the risk of having heart attack and stroke is greatly reduced by half for those that have it regularly. This is good most especially if you are married as you can having as many of it as possible without any restriction as long as you and your partner both have the safe appetite for it.lol

Sex greatly helps you to reduce stress and also helps you in getting more sleep.

So wives and ladies, if you see that your man is always complaining of stress. You now have a proper medicine to give him to keep him in bed for his own good.

  1. Eat More Pepper.

Not that much that it will make your mouth so hot…

Just enough to get what you need from it. Peppers contains what is known as capsaicin which helps to increase and stimulate blood circulation and also reduce the risk of clot. They also help prevent cell damages as a result of it antioxidant properties that it also has.

  1. Breakfast is a must.

Well, not really a must because on the plain truth, am used to skipping breakfast a whole lot. But then here is the reason why it’s a must for you. It helps you burn more calorie during the day. Simple

  1. Take in more of Carrot.

Want to improve your vision and help keep your eyes in check, then ensure you take in more carrot as its rich in vitamin A which the eyes need to see in dim light

  1. Eat more oily fish

Looking to reduce the level of cholesterol in your body system, then eat more of oily fish as they are extremely rich in omega 3 fatty acids which also helps to reduce stroke

  1. Always Think Positively.

Be free about life irrespective of what you are going through. Think positive and don’t allow anything to weigh you down. If you are going through anything, simply see it as a stepping stone to fight and prove to yourself that you are bigger than what you are going through. Stay happy and focused.

To end this article, I would recommend that you all do a proper body detoxification of your body system to flush out the toxins and dirts in your body, that way when you start following all what I have mention above, you will find it working for you easily and be more free with life.

You can also read it up here inside the Operation Service Yourself Letter

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Talk Soon and Stay Healthy

Today I want to talk about stress.

According to wikipedia, here is what they have to say about stress

a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances

If you are to enjoy living the kind of healthy lifestyle that you want, then you need to ensure that you understand how to deal with stress especially for those with such demanding work either as a student, a worker or a business owner.

Some people don’t know when they are already stressed out, some actually take it for just been tired. According to Wikipedia, here are the causes of stress

Physical symptoms of stress include:

Low energy.


Upset stomach, including diarrhoea, constipation and nausea.

Aches, pains, and tense muscles.

Chest pain and rapid heartbeat.


Frequent colds and infections.

Loss of sexual desire and/or ability.

Stress is also one of the factors that actually causes heart disease and its also known to prevent people that wants to lose weight.

Which is why I want to talk about the different ways by which you can deal with stress easily within minutes.

1. Wake up early

If you live and work in lagos, then you will agree with me that waking up early is a must if you are to get to your work station early, so what has that got to do with stress. Well its pretty simple. When you wake up early. Do not be in a hurry to go to work.

Rather take out about 10-15 minutes to think about how you want your day to be and what you hope to achieve. Don’t just rush out of the house in a hurry because if you do.

You will simply find out that you will be more tense than when you simply take some time to do some little thinking before leaving for work

2. Tidy up your surrounding

What you are stress, your mind is scattered and when that happens, you will find that some of your surrounding would be scattered because your mind is not focused in one place. If you know that you are always stress out.. Check where you are living, there will definitely be a part of the house that is untidy. It could be the kitchen, living room or bedroom. So what you need to do is to ensure that you put them back in shape. The moment you start doing that. It helps ease the tension because your mind is focused.

3. Watch funny videos

An easy way out to reducing your stress level is actually going for a comedy event or watching funny comedy shows on youtube.

Well thats probably why comedy shows will continue to sell out because people use it also as a means to clear their mind completely.

Once you become engrossed in it. It helps you in forgetting all the worries that you have at that moment.

Once you find yourself doing this. Focus that bright energy that you are receiving and turn it into positive energy afterwards.

Forget about what is currently worrying you and just be happy.

4. Sing out loud

Have you ever head the phrase that if you are so angry at someone, one of the way you can channel that energy inside you is by actually hitting somebody or screaming.

Research has shown that it helps a lot

And so does singing aloud when you are stressed helps you in combating stressed as it also reduces the cortisol level in your body which is a good thing to your health

You don’t need to shout out loud. Just switch on your phone, play your music and sing along.

You will find your mind at ease as you do this.


5. Learn a physical craft

Learning a physical craft helps in easing out stress. How do I mean by this.

When you are stressed, a lot of things are not in place.

Your mind is scattered.

You are thinking about how you are going to survive tomorrow or complete the task ahead.

Truth is stress is bad and a way you can help solve this is when you learn a physical craft like knitting, drawing, playing music or even sowing..

Why is this…

Because when you engage in this, your mind becomes focused at the exact thing you are doing and doing this help put your mind back in shape and at some point, your entire mind would be focused mainly on what you are doing presently.

That way, you have helped relieved the stress in your body.

6. Take deep breath

Doing breathing exercise helps calm the nerves which will help also ease the tension in your body when you are stressed. One of the ways you can help relieve yourself is when you simply spend about one minutes to take a deep breathe in and out. Doing this on occasion would help keep your body tension free as a result of the forced oxygen that is been packed in through your nose. So ensure you engage in a breathing exercises everyday. Its easy cos you can engage in it anywhere you are.

7. Write a thank you note

When you are stressed, negative energy vibrate through you and that also affect your thinking and can also sometime make you think about of things that you should not. A very good way to channel that negative energy is by thinking of the people that you are grateful to have in your life. You can do this by writing a thank you note in your dairy just to bring back the good memory of how they have affected you positively.

Just doing this will help drive away the negative energy.

Doing all this that i have talked about will definitely help you to ease the tension and relieve you from stress.

Do you know of any other ways that can help relieve stress, Do write them down in the comment section down below

Talk soon.

Have you ever used any weight loss product and never seen any result from it…

You have used so many that you just cant even think of having to use any more of this product because they never did work for you.

Getting a yes is no surprise to me based on my interaction with some of you either through calls or emails

Well here is the truth?

You have not started at all…

And that is all there is to it.

You might be surprised at my statement above.

When it comes to losing weight, a lot of people are actually looking for the easy way out to losing weight…

Am not saying its not possible, but you also have to know that it can be possible if you follow exactly what you are told to do.

Though lots of them works out just fine just like the clean 9 product if you use it according to how it is recommended for you to use it and not how YOU THINK YOU SHOULD USE IT.

Because If you use it based on what you feel as to its usuage. Then it’s not a surprise that you might not get the result that you hope to get.

Here is what some people do while using either the clean 9 or any other weight loss product that is out there to see how people easily miss it and not get the result that they want

They think that they can just take in any supplement and continue to eat whatever they like having the thought that they will still lose the weight by going to mr biggs or tantalizer

They think they  don’t need to do any exercise no matter how little it is and can just stay at home and watch all the movies and expecting lots of fat to be burnt.

They think that they do not need to have enough rest and continue to load more work and stress which is not needed and simply adds to the problem.

They think that after doing some kind of exercise that makes them sweat a lot, they feel they can just about eat as many as they like because of what they have done.

And so much things that these kind of people actually do when using whatever product that they like…

Now here is the truth, though products are different, some comes with it own side effect when used which is also why I choose the 9 days Clean 9 program because there are no size effect that comes from using it.

Both old and young, single and married can make use of it.

With also the fact that all you are taking inside your system are all 100 percent natural extract which is why there is so much rave about it because of its unqueness

So how then do you make sure that this product works for you.


Drop what you think or feel is right and follow simply instructions

If you are told to do something, do it without asking questions during the 9 days.

Breaking out from just one of what you are to do can affect everything.

Its 100 percent true that it actually works with little exercise…

But the truth is that some of you simply don’t know how little is too little which is probably why you are not getting result.

And that’s the reason why I personally ensure that am with you all through the program through my guide and new video that is sent to you to study when you order your own clean 9 product.

Look, I want you to trust me on this…

Follow what I tell you to do and you will get result.

Leave out just one single part of the equation and you wont get to lose the amount of kg that you want.

Its that simple.

All you have to do is listen and you will be good to go.

Talk soon

Now this is strictly for those of you that have ordered for the clean 9 product.

I had to write this article based on the emails and calls from people that either through calls or mails on daily basis, who ask me a particular type of question which prompt me to do the unthinkable this last weekend

Now the most common question that people ask me about losing or shedding their belly fat or overall weight is this.

“Am you sure that after I use this c9 product, I will not increase in weight…”

Now because this question is actually more frequent I have decided to write about it.

Now the answer to your question is this…

As long as you follow the healthy eating pattern and workout exercises that is recommended to you, you will not get back the shape that you just lost…

Now most people will think that because they have lost a lot of weight.. they can go back to eat anything or not do enough of body exercise…

That is where you miss it and also probably the reasons why other
programs that you have used did not work for you.

Well here is also another truth about those of you that don’t know that the type of food you eat can contribute to fighting fats in your body, you can read more on that here about the 6 types of food that helps to fight fat in your body

Now what is the perfect solution for this for those of you that are using the clean 9 product?

What I have done is to put together a series of Videos on different workouts and health tips that you can do to ensure that your body remains fully firm after you have shed those weight.

This is simply to get a much more highly effective result from using the Clean 9 product.

This video will be your guide, even after you are through with the 9 days programme here.

Like I said. Am here to help and ensure that everyone gets the necessary guidance that is needed which is what actually led to the creation and packaging of this videos series that you are about to get.

How can you get access to this video…

The Video is only released to people that have ordered the Clean 9 product, the access is given to them prior to when they receive their product.

And if you have already started using the product, Kudos to you…. As this added video training that you are about to get will be sent to you via a link in your email later on this week…

This video training is currently been sold for N6000… But it exclusively free to people that have ordered for the clean 9 here at http://naturalhealthsecrets.info/clean9.html

So what does this training tips and workout do for you.

It simply ensure that it keeps your body fit and also increase the rate at which those ugly belly fat is been burnt and shed off completely

Would you not want that…?

Now you have the chance to actually lose the weight that you want with no problem or side effect because everything used in creating the Clean 9 product are all Natural…

No more saying that a program does not work for you because once you start using this Clean 9 combined with this video series that you will be getting access to PLUS also the GUIDE that i also wrote personally for you to read
how to make use of the 9 days Clean 9 Program…

You will be amazed at the results you will get on the 9th day of using this product.

Do let me know if you have any questions…

Talk soon.

Am sure that a good number of you must have given up on getting a cure for diabetes and resort to using all the medication that is been prescribed to you.

Well, am here to educate you on what you MAY not know about diabetes.

I believe this will also help you in living the kind of healthy lifestyle that you always wanted most especially for the diabetic patients

To get started, Let me give you a brief introduction to diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that is mostly commonly associated with consumption of a large amount of sugar in the body as everyone knows it to be…

But what you do not know is that when food is taking in the body which is mostly carbohydrate, it is broken down into glucose which is then converted into the energy that is needed for the body function in the body.

The process of conversion from the glucose in your body into energy is done by the hormone called INSULIN.

Now when the insulin in your body is very low or does not exist in some people, that is what actually gives rise to people been diabetic because the food that is been taken in which is been converted into glucose cannot convert into energy in the body system.

Awful Right?

This type of diabetes that is formed as  a result of this is called the TYPE 2 Diabetes.

Now for you to understand what am talking about, all diabetic patients are given drugs that would help produce the insulin in their body system which would now help them in converting the glucose into energy for the patient.

Now I have found out that most type 2 diabetes people can actually go through a detoxification process which I will talk about later.

Type 2 diabetes from recent research has shown that it can actually be cured NATURALLY

Yes… that’s for a fact.

And no its aint through all those drugs that you are been told to use by your doctors.

The fact is that for you to actually go through the process is difficult because of some of the things that you might have to change. Your eating habit and lifestyle

Change is a difficult thing but then, we all want to become better and live healthy.

So you have to undergo this change and process.

One of the ways by which you can move towards curing your type 2 diabetes is through detoxification which is removing all the toxins in your body system and reseting your body system anew.

You can Click here now to see this full process using vital 5

According to Wikipedia, Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including, but not limited to, the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.

So you might think that, what does going through the detoxification process has to do with natural curing type 2 diabetes.

Now, lets forget the fact that we are humans,

lets forget all the drugs,

lets forget all the technology advancement that has been going on in the world today.

And put your mind back to where live was before technology.

How did we survive up to this point…

without all those drugs, without all the technology

That goes to show you that naturally, our body undergoes a healing process if giving the right condition and environment which is also why you will have to change some things about you.

Once this environment can be created, then the natural healing process in the body is triggered and it does its work.

And what triggers that process?

Its when you have totally removed all the toxins in your system and start eating and maintaining a healthy high quality natural lifestyle.

That’s the secret and also the reason why you will find out that a lot of diabetic patience who knows about this are actually getting this product and getting real result from it after going for their checkup

So how can you do this,

well you can start here by getting this pack of vital5 that helps you in detoxifying your body.

you can click here now to watch this interview video about a more efficient way to deal with diabetes.

This process that you are about to start helps you to avoid and reduce cancer, heart disease, hypertension etc

All you have to do once you are through with this detoxification process is to ensure that you eat high quality natural healthy foods which I will talk about later on in this blog.

That will be all for today, remember to watch this video by clicking here now

You can share this article to your friends and also comment on this article that I have just written

Like I have always told you all. This blog is all about staying healthy and that is why I created this site in the first place.

Okay, I went through some research recently thinking about ways by which one can easily avoid the unavoidable sickness that comes like a thief in the night. Though there are lot of studies out there which I have read.

But there was one that rather strikes me, which is why am writing about this today to let you know of my thoughts and also what i have found out.

One of the things I know about Nigerian is that we rather go for a cure than a prevention.

We never want to avoid certain illness or diseases until it has actually happened to us.

Now if everyone had rather gone towards the line of prevention rather than cure.  Do you think we would be in a safer healthy lifestyle…

I think so.

So that is why one of the ways by which you can live a healthy lifestyle is actually by ensuring that you do some medical test that is actually a MUST.

Most if not all death that is caused apart from accident or unknown circumstances could have been prevented if you had done one of these test that am about to talk about.

1. Blood pressure test:

Do you know that having high blood pressure leads to stroke, heart attacks and even kidney failure.

I recommend that you all do a checkup to know your blood pressure level most especially if you are above 40 years of age.

That does not exempt the younger ones, because when an individual undergoes too much stress which can be family, work or health issues, it can lead to an increase in your blood pressure without you know.

So by ensuring that you know your blood pressure level you can be in check to notice when there is already a slight increase in your blood pressure. You can also read about the causes of high blood pressure here

2. Blood Sugar test:

This is most especially useful for diabetes patient.

You need to know the level of the amount of glucose that is in your blood.

Having a higher blood sugar level is actually disastrous to your health. So ensure you go to a medical centre right now and find out If its normal and If its not, you will be recommended and told what to do to drop the sugar level in your blood system

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3. Cholesterol:

If you want to keep your heart in check especially as you grow older, then this is one of the best test that is really essential for you.

Doing this test will help you understand your heart better and also help prevent you from having heart attacks.

Your blood is usually tested for the total cholesterol level in your body which is now broken down into good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL) and blood fat called triglycerides. By getting to know the result of the test, you are helping to keep your cardiovascular system safe and in check.

You can lower your cholesterol level through our clean 9 pack. Click Here Now

4. Waist Size:

How big is your big…?

Do you know that the more big your waist size is, the more prone you are to heart diseases and diabetes.

For women, if you wait size is above 35 inches or for men if your waist size is able 40 inches, then you have already entered the danger zone and need to reduce that waist size immediate.

One of the ways you can do is, is by undergoing a 9 days program the helps you to reduce up to 5-10kg of fat in your body. Going through this programme will drastically reduce your waist size and help make you feel more better. You can simply start here now.

5. Breast and cervical Cancer test For Women:

This test has actually helped saved the lives of many who are early enough to start undergoing medical checkup to test for any trace of this symptoms. And that is the mammogram. Though this is actually done according to your age.

Starting 3 years after becoming sexually active or when a lady enters the age of 21 years, you are to undergo a test to see if there is any signs of abnormal cell changes that might possibly lead to cervical cancer. Doing this would help ensure early discovery and treatment of the cancer before it even develops in your body.

 6. Prostate Cancer For Men:

This is found mostly in older men. Though the test for early discovery of this  which is a kind of screening has actually been said to be of more damage to the man than the disease itself from a report I read in the usa. But a discussion with your doctor would help you in getting to know more about how you can quickly detect this disease.

I guess that’s all for now… though there are other test that you could do such as sexually transmitted disease and other… Just ensure that you  make sure that you are healthy.

And if you know that you want to do a total complete reset of your sexual organs by getting rid of all the toxins that had developed inside your body for years. Then you need to starting by reading this short letter here on resetting your body system.

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Talk soon and do also comment on this article if it was useful to you.

I remember sometimes last week when I was talking to a customer of mine who told me that she was on medication for high blood pressure, asking if she could use our 9 days weight loss package that help you to reduce 5-10kg of ugly fat…

Well truth is anyone suffering from high blood pressure can easily make use of the product without any side effect.

But this actually got me thinking.

What could have cause a lot of people to be suffering from high blood pressure.

Because I happen to know a few other people that are actually on medication on this same issue.

So here is what I found out which am going to be exposing you to.

Who knows, someone might probably get saved just from reading this article.

So here are the 15 causes of high blood pressure



Family History

Drugs such as cocaine, marijuana

Kidney problem

Adrenal Gland tumour

Birth control pills


Over the counter pain reliever and prescription drugs



Chemicals Such as BPA Found In some drinks

Excess Salt




So if you find out that one of this things is talking about you, then you need to work out how to easily get rid of this High blood pressure fast.

And one of the ways you can naturally get rid of this without having to use all those medication pills is by actually going through a natural process called detoxification through vital5 which in literal sense, reset your entire body system, you can simply head over here to read this short article on it.

And if you know that you are overweight and would like to get rid of both your weight and also reduce your high blood pressure. You can start out this 9 days weight loss program using clean 9 here and afterwards do a complete body system reset through this program here to.

Talk to you soon

3 Simple Workout Exercise For Women To Burn Belly Fat

Now, am sure that a lot of you are actually eager to lose your weight and also need help with tips by which you can actually burn off fat faster.

So I decided to help you today with simple easy exercises that you can do that will help you keep fit and also shed more fat most especially in your tummy area

But mind you, this will work best when you combine the powerful 9 days clean 9 programme to this exercise that you will be learning today.

Anyways. Lets get started with our early morning exercise

Now if you find out that the names am mentioning here is new to you.

The best thing you can do is to go and register in a gym centre and they will help you in getting some of this equipment that I will be talking about.


1. Alternating Dumbbell Row

credit: womenshealthmag

credit: womenshealthmag



Doing this… You will need to to do 5-10 repetition of this on a daily basis… Should take you more than 3-5 minutes to do but it actually helps in getting the job done faster.

Simply spread your legs wide apart when bending a little and also keeping your hand straight down parallel to your shoulder.

Once you are in this position, With your dumbbell, simply move up your right hand as though you are pulling something while still putting your left hand parallel to your shoulder.

Do it for both your right and left hand for 5-10 while still keeping your legs and knees widely apart.

the diagram above is quite explanatory.

2. Dumbbell Sumo Squat


credit: womenshealthmag


Just as the pics above represent. Stand straight tall with the dumbbell around your lower abdomen with your legs spread apart and move your way down like in the pics above.

Do this repeatedly 10 times, this should take you about 3-5 minutes exercise

3. Moving Mountain


credit: womenshealthmag

Assuming that you want to do the regular push up that men do but this time you are working more on your legs.

What you do simply is to assume the push up stance and while in that position, move up your left leg to your chest area and back and do the same for your right leg

Trying doing 10 each of this.

Now i know you might be thinking this is too much work, But here is the fact.

If you really want to totally shed off the ugly fat in your body system, most especially in your belly area,

then i would advise that you ensure that you spend at least 20 minutes daily doing this.

Also for faster turnout of this exercises, Start the 9 days Clean 9 program today to lose 5-10kg within the next 9 days.

Love this article. simple comment on it below

I want to talk about something important today that really has to do with your health and that is about your blood pressure.

You see. High blood pressure has been known to cause some serious damage in the lives of many such as heart attacks and also hypertension.

And this could have easily been avoided if you would just try to live a healthy lifestyle.

Inside this post I will be talking about the ways by which you can control your blood pressure without you getting it way over the top.

High blood pressure starts when your blood pressure level has gone above the 140/90 mm Hg

So if you ordinary know your blood pressure level and you see that its approaching these area. Now would be the best time for you to start taking this precautions to prevent having to regret it.

Now going to the list.

1. Losing weight.

Are you overweight? Then there is high chances that you would fall prey of this because all the fats in your body is simply affecting the blood flow which increases the pressure in your body and can lead to heart diseases or hypertension. One of the ways you can solve this is by simply working out to shed some of this weight.

Try losing about 10kg and you will feel more lighter and better and you will also discover that your blood level has reduced a bit which is good.

One of the ways you can easily shed this weight is through using one of our best selling product called clean 9 here through our flat belly program here at http://womentalksng.com/flatbelly  which actually helps you in achieving this.

2. Reduce your salt intake

If you are one of the people that love eating a lot of salt while eating. Now would be the time to have a rethink about it. Salt and high blood pressure sure don’t mix and its bad for your health.

Just reducing you salt intake can reduce your high blood pressure by 8mm Hg which is safer for you to adhere to prevent unnecessary panic.

And if your know that you have been taking a lot of salts, then trying taking foods rich in potassium to combat the effect. Foods that are high in potassium are potato, tomato sauce, beans yorghut, green peas, carrot juice etc

3. Do lots of exercise.

One still cannot stress this enough, this is probably why a lot of people don’t actually lose the weight that they want. It because they don’t necessarily stick to the exercise workout session that they are doing.

To help control high blood pressure, you need to ensure that you do a lot of exercise regularly, By burning off the calories in your body, you are simply fighting off the fat in your body and staying fit. Easy exercise routine you can do are pushups, skipping, light weight lifting, walking, jogging.

As long as you can devote at least 20-30 minutes daily to do this, then you would be good and it also best if you can get into a gym as that way you are motivated when you have a lot of people around doing the same exercise.

4. Eat Right and Healthy.

I know that we all fall prey of the processed foods and junks that are out there. But most especially if you are trying to ensure that your blood pressure does not go hay wire, then you need to start eating healthy. Stay away from process foods, reduce your red meat intake and take more of fish and white meat such as turkey. Fish such as salmon and tuna is rich in omega 3 which is very much good for your healthy. Eat a lot of fruits rather than taking the mineral or packaged juice. Do that and you will definitely live a healthy free life of blood pressure.

5. Reduce your stress.

At some point, there is no way we can actually escape stress, especially when we all have responsibilities to take care of such as families, kids, work, businesses etc.

But that does not mean that you should not try to reduce your stress level because it is associated with high blood pressure if not probably dealt with.

Some of the ways you can cope with them is by doing some exercise work out that has do with your breathing. I will talk more about breathing exercises that you can do easily as it helps.

Others that you can do are taking a massage, doing yoga and also meditating.

6. Detoxification.

Though i will still talk about this in a latter article but one of the ways by which you can actually control your blood pressure level is by doing a complete detoxification of your body whereby you simply get rid of all the waste and toxins that has compounded inside your body system. Doing this simply resets your entire body system and brings you anew.

To learn more about how to can do a complete detoxification,

then click here now to read this short letter on how to detoxify your body

As long as you try to do this 5 thing to help reduce and combat your blood pressure level.

You would definitely live a healthier lifestyle.

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Talk soon

6 Foods That Help Fight Belly Fat

This article is coming as a result of emails that i have been getting for the past 2 weeks when I started telling you all about the clean 9 product here that lots of you people know me for…

Anyways, I decided to write about some of the foods that you can take that helps in fighting belly fat.

This list am about to make is not in any sequential order of priority, just for you to take note of them and also get to take more of them when needed.

And if you are already on the clean 9 program, then you will see the calorie count of some of the foods quantity you are expected to take.

1. Oatmeal, preferably the plain type is perfecting good for fighting belly fat

2. Almond and other types of nuts

3.Olive oil. Well I added this because olive oil is more of a mono saturaturated fat like olive which is more preferable than the normal oil that you use in eating. Its also a known fact that it also helps in reducing your craving for food. It also helps in keeping your cholesterol level under control

4. Berries. These are stuffed with lots of fibre which is good for your body. Just a cup

5. Eggs.  Not that you go and start eating lots of eggs. But eggs is know to have a good amount of vitamin B12 which helps in metabolising fat. But do note that you need to consult your doctor because too much of taking eggs would increase your cholesterol level which is not good for your body.

6. Lean meat and fish. Its always better when you go more of protein than carbohydrate because protein helps in burning more of the calories that you have inside of you. That also why you should avoid taking red meat and instead opt for white meat preferable turkey or Fish preferable tuna and salmon as they are very rich in omega 3 which is good for your body.

So there you have some of the foods that helps in fighting the fat in your body.

Talk soon.

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