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Did you know that been able to please your woman every single time you do kerewa with her makes her to want more of you, improve your own self esteem and makes you more of a REAL SOLID MAN?

Been able to last long is a very crucial aspect every woman wants their man to have because to women, that is there own food that helps to make them perform very well during the day as there is this bright glow that radiate from their face when they get it real good from their man.
The Problem- Cheating.

Unfortunately, it has been known that men who cannot perform their manly duties has a higher chance of having their woman CHEAT on them because no woman wants to stay with a man that cant give them that full breath taking satisfaction that they desire.

Not to talk of men who spill out those watery milk within just few minutes that cant even get any woman pregnant. Which easily sips out of her thereafter

Women disgust such men even with all the money and cars in the world they have

They can stay because of your money but they would definitely get one poor fellow perhaps the gateman or Gardner that would come do justice and give it to her real good.

Imagine someone else enjoying what is yours right under your roof!

Just like what my friend Tope told me who was an old time friend way back before we entered the university, We decided to fix a date and hang out at a nearby restaurant and started talking about our lives and how much our experiences has changed us When we got talking about our s.ex life.

I got to know that Tope was actually a very sexually active woman and as such does not stay with one man for too much of a time especially if he cannot perform just like when she told me about Mr James.

Mr james in question was a businessman that tope got in relationship with when she was in her finals in a private university and when the time came for them to have that nice hot sizzling time which tope by the way had been preparing for because of how much she got so attracted to the man as Mr james was also a very handsome man

They checked into the hotel room where they wanted to stay for the weekend, and when it was time for Mr James to perform,

He literally flopped


He didn’t even last up to 2 Minutes.

And worse, he acted like nothing happened.

A vacation that was meant to last just about 2-3 days.

Ended that night.

Tope left the following morning and never looked back to Mr James again.

Even though Mr James was well loaded, Tope said she can never have a relationship with him as it would be a disaster cos her s.ex life would be dead and it’s a must that she would cheat on him.

For the married women reading this and having their men who suffer them in silence, Don’t worry, there is still a solution for you. Read on…

The Solution, Naturally deal with it and get result.

In contrast, Many so called drugs out there have rendered many men impotent.

Which is why you need to take in more supplement that contains substance like L-arginine which is a natural, safe compound which drive straight down to the blood stream in the circulatory system that helps to pump more blood and more energy into your body.

You should also look for supplement that contains this ingredient such as maca. Essential powerful other ingredient you should look at that helps to further promote stronger stamina and thick milk release during those love making period that helps to further give you the natural energy that you need.

Those are what you need.

There are variety of supplements available out there that helps in dealing with stamina, thickness, and energy, but not all brands are equal in quality.

The Benefit Of These Supplements.

– Makes you look and feel younger

-Improve se.xual function in men

– Helps maintain a healthy blood pressure and circulation

– Increases the blood vessel that goes into your penis thereby making it bigger and stronger once you have started to make use of these supplement

– Increases energy and strength

– Maintain blood sugar level

– Increase te.stete.rone and increase the thickness of the spe.rm

– Aid Bone and tissue growth and repair

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Argi Plus

There are so many fantastic benefit as regards making use of argi plus which is why its best for men to be able to see the important for this.

One of the reason why lots of men cant perform with their wife is simply because they have actually gone through a lot of stress and taking in so much process foods that has limited the capacity of the body for its to function well especially when it comes to performing with your woman

Because you can only be able to stay long in bed with your girl when your blood vessel is opened up without now obstructions such as waste in your body with makes millions of men to be a one- three minute man.

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This is an highly nutritious edible root, which is a member of the radish family, Using this root which has been 100percent been transformed into this supplement capsule, It will increase your libido, se.xual potency and energy.

Maca has been highly revered for over 2,000 years in Peru.

According to legend, the Incan warriors ate Maca for strength and endurance before going to battle. The Spanish Conquistadors called it the “s.ex herb of the Incas.

This is actually the main component that actually helps to increase the thickness of the sperm count and testerone level in your body.

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Dear Friend,

When talking about getting pregnant,

One of the areas that most people fail to neglect is on the issue of the contraceptive that most women have used over the cause of the lifetime right after puberty.

And I will like to use postinor 2 as a case study to be able to buttress my point to help educate you more.

Postinor 2 is an emergency contraceptive otherwise known as the “morning after pill”

This pill is actually a contraceptive pill that is used after sex that helps to prevent pregnancy most especially for sexual partners who simply didn’t use any form of protection prior to having sex.

Postinor generally comes with 2 pills that is to be taken within 72 hours after sex.

The problem with this is that because of its easy use and accessibility, lots of women including a lot of the women reading this newsletter are regular user of this pills which is to simply prevent pregnancy.

I actually know of a particular lady who uses this like 3 times a week which is extremely bad.

Now here is where there is problem most especially for women who knows in their heart that they are regular users of this pills.


Now let me ask you a question?

Who goes into the emergency room every two weeks because she is doing what she should not be doing?

Medications like this are meant to serve as an emergency for those very rate times that you forget to allow your partner to use a condom.

So here is what actually happens when you take this set of contraceptive regularly.

  • Since postinor is simply a drug, it may make you have headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.
  • Being a hormone, the regular use of this pill actually messes up with your menstrual cycle. This means that repeated use of this can simply lead to irregular cycles, missed period and even prolonged bleeding. What this does is that you won’t be able to easily know when to expect it coming and it might simply happen at a time that you are not simply prepared for.
  • Some cases of using this contraceptive, it can lead to women having issues with hypertension, heart failure, stroke, migraines, kidney problem
  • It simply increases the chance of infertility at the time that you need it most. Things may refuse to happen.

And it is for this reason that if you know that you have become a regular user of contraceptive and now looking to conceive and its simply getting difficult.

You need to start doing something about it right now most especially using the fertility cleanse right here. CLICK HERE NOW

This newsletter is not to scare you but to let you know that you really need to go through a fertility cleanse to first rid away all of the toxins that has accumulated in your system.

The fertility cleanse will help to reset your fertility hormones which also helps to correct whatever menstrual issues that you have.

The fertility cleanse would help you as a first step in dealing with any form of fertility issues that you might be going through such as fibroid, blocked tubes, hormonal imbalance etc.

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Is Type 2 Diabetes Genetic? [The Truth]

Man Sits at a Table at Home Eating a Salmon Salad for Lunch

It’s actually surprising how learned some can be and still not yet ready to accept certain issues and feel that their opinion is far correct.

That’s one of the reasons why people don’t get results.

Not ready to accept change.

Truth is that WE DONT KNOW IT ALL and that is why more research is always done to bring out the new things that we have today advancement in technology, science, health, agriculture etc

So there was an argument with a subscriber who wanted to go through the program which i want share with you about.

Problem is that he has issues with diabetes, hypertension,
kidney and liver issues and having a blurry eye vision

while talking, he made note of something which i will like to clarify

Most especially as a result of one of the areas he talked about that type 2 diabetes is genetical and can be easily transferred from parent to children.

While i am not a doctor but a natural health expert who centres around educating my loyal subscriber with natural health tips and also recommend products as it relates to your health, i am yet to see someone or read about someone who is a TYPE 2 diabetes and been passed down from his parent.

Because it’s rare.

First you have to understand certain things.

When it comes to diabetes, there are two types, which are type 1 and type 2.

And let me state it clearly that type 2 is not in any way transferred to children 100% true unless rare certain occurence which you will know about shortly.

Because If it was, then we should be looking at having over 1 billion people having type 2 diabetes by 2030.

That’s talking from statistics of estimated people that will be living with type 2 diabetes in the world which by the way is currently 530 million people by 2030

Now here is a screenshot i found online from a reputable site


which i will like you also to analyse yourself.

First sentence reads

“not all of your type 2 diabetes risk is genetic”

meaning that there are actually some people who get it transferred to them from parent to children which means that
this has every statement of truth in it to begin with

But let’s read further.

“Major risk factors for type 2 diabetes also include obesity and a sedentary lifestyle”

Major means that this is actually very common among all type 2 diabetes people which is actually from obesity and
sedentary lifestyle.

How does obesity place a major role in diabetes?

Obesity is simply caused by lifestyle changes around us mostly as result of what we eat and drink overtime that is harmful to our health without us necessarily seeing it as such which over time accumulate as fat in the body or certain areas of the body

And this leads to several complications including diabetes, infertility in both men and women and even high cholesterol levels in the arteries.

More articles will be shown later on as regards obesity,

Now what does sedentary lifestyle means?

According to Wikipedia which you can also look up.

Sedentary lifestyle means not being physically active over a long period of time.

Quick question?

When was the last time you went out for an exercise? am not talking about mental exercise that makes you do more work than necessary,

Am not talking about mental exercise that makes you do more work than necessary, causing stress i mean a special time that you actually dedicate personally yourself to do exercise which might be walking, jogging, swimming, going to the gym.

Now you will find out that most people living with type 2 diabetes are guilty of one or more of this.

Be truthful to yourself, prior to the time you were diagnosed of been a type diabetes patient,

How was your lifestyle?

Now let’s continue with our analysis…

Over to the last sentence

“That said, several gene mutations have been associated with type 2 diabetes risk.”

Now what is gene mutation?

According to Wikipedia again, here is what it has to say

A gene mutation is a permanent alteration in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene, such that the sequence differs from what is found in most people. Mutations range in size; they can affect anywhere from a single DNA building block (base pair) to a large segment of a chromosome that includes multiple genes.

Now gene mutation is rare which is what makes the last statement in the attached file valid

“None of these genes cause diabetes on their own”

Now to finalize this, based on the research done, here is the ratio of those that end up have type 2 diabetes been genetically

here is the ratio of those that end up having type 2 diabetes been genetically transferred to them.

one in seven, if one of your parents was diagnosed before the age of 50
one in 13, if one of your parents was diagnosed after the age of 50
one in two, if both your parents have diabetes.

Now i still stand valid with my statement earlier that its type 1 diabetes that is been more transferred to children…

In most cases of type 1 diabetes, people need to inherit risk factors from both parents.

If you start to live a balanced healthy lifestyle and starting doing what needs to be done, you can still combat your type 2 diabetes.

Seeing your doctor is the first step to at least helping to manage your type 2 diabetes level.

But if you want to naturally help to bring it down since the root cause of diabetes is actually in the pancreas which can be naturally dealt with through the glucofit pack that has been helping lots of people,

Then you should start yours today and start living the natural balanced lifestyle that you are living with also the 7 days meal plan that has also been created for you to follow.


Now a lot of time, complications happen most especially with diabetes and most of the time, they are all interrelated with other health issues that people have.

But put it at the back of your mind that if you are diabetes, chances are that its a result of been diabetic that has led to several health complications that you presently have.

Which is why you have to first deal with that first.

When you start dealing with your blood sugar level, you will start noticing an improvement in your general health which is a sign that there is progress.

Lots of testimonies has come from some possible side effect of uncontrolled shaking of hands stopped just from making use of the glucofit pack.


And finally, a note of warning. Because you are presently using the glucofit pack does not mean you should stop using the medication from your doctor.

Only your doctor has the right to tell you to stop after seeing that you no longer need them.

Your doctor is to track your progress as you are using his medication and also these glucofit pack because they are all dietary supplement which is very safe to use without any form of side effect.

You can consult with your doctor once you have received the kit and when he goes through the content, he would give you the go ahead because most doctors understand what dietary supplements are.


Hope this helps

From your health coach.

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How To Conceive Even With One Fallopian Tube

Blocked-Fallopian-TubesI know that a lot of women are having issues with Fallopian tube having just one working and worried if you will still be able to get pregnant at all.

Inside this article, you will find out why you should not be worried and the steps that you need to take to help you get more fertile and pregnant even with one Fallopian tube.

The truth is that you can have only one functioning Fallopian tube due to various reasons, but there is one thing you actually need to know.

You dont need both for you to get pregnant…

Technically, having one Fallopian tube actually reduces your chances of getting pregnant by 50% but then, there are also technical ways by which you can also improve and boost that only one functioning tube to help you get pregnant and deliver safely.

In actually sense, women needs to understand their body system most especially their reproductive system as learning to understand their self helps them to get over what they might have been made to believe is right, which is innocently wrong.

Women need to understand that only Fallopian tube doesn’t have to be the cause of infertility disorders, but can sometimes interfere with the desire of pregnancy.

While that is said.

I always receommend that every man and woman goes through a test before i actually get to answer their questions. As getting to know the root cause of your infertility helps to know what you are exactly dealing with.

So what are the 3 steps for getting pregnant with just one Fallopian tube as your case.

– Fertility boost supplement.

Now using supplements helps a great deal simply because they help to provide a kick start to
your fertility journey which is necessary to help you ovulate successfully. by going through the
supplements, its helps women even with one fallopian tiube to get pregnant.

– Fertility Cleansing.

Now before you can start any fertility program, your body needs to reset itself as though it new free from any toxic waste or radicals that might have compounded in your body overtime as that also leads to infertility issues with both men and women.

Going through a fertility cleansing process helps to make your body to respond to any other natural remedies that you will be going through much better.

Its no wonder one of our client had a triplet in her womb just going through this. smiles

– Fertility Program

This is a program made of natural health kit which helps and assist the body to reduce inflammation, pains and also helps to reduce scar tissues up in the Fallopian tube. Going through this program helps to regulate your hormones such as oestrogen, progesteron, FSH.

This is a program that actually helps to increase the efficiency of your Fallopian tube which leads to fertilization.

And this is why we always tell our clients to ensure that they go for a checkup after going through any of our recommended treatment.

Now if you need this kind of complete all in one treatment that is also affordable with no side effects.

Then i will recommend you get the female fertility boost right here


Lastly, Don’t give up. stay healthy and remain healthy. With the improvement in technology and medical science
advantage, there is simply a solution to everything.

With this also comes greater health risk if care is not taken.

So ensure you keep your body healthy as well as your mental health status in this period of you looking for the fruit of the womb.

Try to avoid self medication at all cost or unreliable advice.

Each individual is unique, so what is good for one person might be harmful for you most especially

Which is why these are supplement products that can be used by anyone with no form of side effect whatsoever.

Simply click on the link below now to get your own female fertility boost today and be on your way to
improving your health.



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Top 5 Vitamins That Help Promote Fertility In Both Men And Women

One of the essential nutrients that is needed in the body to help promote fertility are VITAMINS.

And when taken in the right proportion and medium, its helps and assist in getting you fertile as a whole.

So right here in the article that you are about to read, Its simply the list of  the different vitamins that actually helps you to achieve such.

Vitamin C: In both male and female having issues with vitamin C, its extremely good for infertility
and its also a potent antioxidant

Folate: This is one of the well known necessary vitamins that is needed in early pregnancy to avoid complications which is why this should be taken most especially prior to when you actually take in as it helps with cell division and also helps to promote ovulation. Do note that this  is different from folic acid that you all know about. The Folate does extremely better than that.

Zinc: extremely good for cell division and also especially for men who want to increase the quantity of their sperm.
This is usually best taken with any of the B vitamins.

Selenium: while you need to work your way to help boost your fertility, you also need to protect your body from free radical, most especially the sperm and the egg. using this helps to put them in check and also avoid miscarriages in women.

B Vitamins: When you are deficient of this which arise as a result of consuming high amount of processed foods, grains or sugar, which is why you need to be on this so that it helps to level this deficiency in your system. It helps to increase the lutenizing hormones and the FSH (FOLLICLE STIMULATING HORMONES) which helps to improve fertility.

Another vitamin that is needed in your body is the vitamin D as it also helps to deal with infertility and also miscarriages.

Now a lot of time, most of the issues that women face is simply linked to hormonal defiency in the body system which now leads to several other complication in both the man and the woman.

Which is why you need to use a natural boost that contains most especially all of this and in very high quantity that helps you in overcoming the problem.

As a man, you need your sperm to be of high quantity.

As a woman you need to ensure that the environment is created to help you get pregnant easily which is why the first step is very much important which is the fertility cleansing detox process which is why i always recommend all women to go through irrespective of the issues they are facing.

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6 Effective Ways To Prevent Sperm Leakage After Sex

Today’s article is simply as a result of the frequent questions that is been asked by some of the subscribers dealing with infertility and i have decided to share the answers with you

And that is simply about how to prevent sperm leakage after intercourse.

Trust you will find this useful and helpful.

A lot of times, couples complained about seeing sperm coming out of the vaginal after intercourse which is actually a big problem expecially when it comes to having to give birth while having infertility issues

Do you experience similar problem? Simply read on then.

Now how do you help to reduce these sperm leakage or possibly eliminate it completely.

This can simply be done by following the simple steps that i share with you below now.

1 Avoid using Artificial Lubricant.

To help reduce this, if you are using any artificial lubricant, now would be the time for you to stop it as this actually slows down sperm. Your vaginal canal ought to be clean of any of these lubricant.

When next you have to have your sexual intercourse with your man. Be more relax, dont be tensed. Enjoy it and also ensure that you pee before you start anything.

2. Not having enough foreplay.

Why having sex is good. Prior to having sex, there is need to have enough foreplay as this is what actually
helps you to actually reach orgasm when the intercourse finally happens.
Sex to women is more emotional than physical, so foreplay actually helps to build that up so that you can easily
be well lubricated and lead to a more powerful orgasm for the woman, As a result of the powerful orgasm that comes to play, it also helps the man in the production of higher sperm count which also leads to the higher chances of getting pregnant.

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3. Not getting into the right sexual position.

Getting into the right sexual position that helps to prevent sperm leakage goes a long way to helping the sperm to remain in the vagina for a longer time.

The best position is still the missionary position as that allows for deeper penetration and also helps to the sperm to stay longer

This is why this is the recommended available position especially for couples looking to get pregnant.

Another position that is also good for deeper penetration and also helping the sperm to stay longer is when you are in the doggy position.

Any other position that you might be engaged in might actually not get as much result as these two popular and simple position listed above.

4 Immediately standing up after ejaculating.

Now this is actually common in men, immediately after sex, the man actually stands up and feels that the session is over.
Well this is also part of what leads to sperm leakage. During sexual intercourse, you have to time your thrust and also ensure that you are still deep inside her when you eventually release inside your woman. Immediately after sex, never stand up, ensure that your man still stays inside until his penis gets flaccid, then he can rise up.

5 Placing a pillow under her hips.

Now this is actually good as it helps to elevate the pelvis and as such helps the sperm to have enough time to swim straight down into the cervix rather than leaking out.

This also helps as it also provides a deeper penetration and allow the penis to reach far inside you.

By simply following this, you would have gotten rid of sperm leakages by up to 90% if done right.

6 Enroll into our fertility boost program and start your cleansing process with C9

Now this is actually very important especially for women that are looking to get pregnant and want the sperm of the man to remain active.

Now what our progam does is to create the perfect environment for the sperm to remain very active inside you after your man ejaculates and as such helps to speed fertilization in women.

This program will helps to detoxify your sexual organs and get rid of harmful toxins that has been preventing you from getting pregnant.

This is greatly experience even by women who has been medically told to be okay and still cant figure out where they have it all wrong.

All what you simply need to do is to go through the female fertility program


Hope you enjoy this article.

Do let me know your thoughts.


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7 Best Super Foods To Lose Weight Naturally

Losing weight is not all about having to use just programs or products that you find available and use immediately expecting that magic to happen.

Have you ever wondered why is it that the last weight loss program that you went through didnt work for you?

Well i believe that this write would actually help to shed more light as regards helping to lose weight permanently.

Now there are various components that leads to permanent reduction in weight that does not grow back and this ranges from supplement programs such as our 9 days program and the 30 days programs.

Other factors that helps you to do this are exercise and that last which is FOODS which is what we eat and put into our system

And this is actually the area that i want to be sharing with you today in this writeup.

By getting to know the top Super foods that helps with weight loss, you will be able to help yourself to achieve that dress size that you have always wanted following instructions given to you.

So lets get started with the top 10 that i want to share with you.


Oat is one of the best weight loss foods out that there has shown to have worked with a lot of people that are working on losing weight.
Not only because of the low carb that its has but because it has also been scientifically proven through research that it sure works.

Part of the study found with oat meal is that over time of taking this meal, it also helps to reduce your cholesterol level.

Its rich both in calories and fibers that keeps you filled all through the morning when morning which is one of the great things with having
to lose weight because you will have to watch your calorie intake.

With the fact that its a meal that can simply be made in less than 10 minutes. Its the perfect super foods that every person looking to
lose weight should take.

leafy greens


if you are the type that runs away from your vegetable while you were younger, well you can let that pass right this very moment because of what am about to share with you about leafy greens vegetables as it relates to weight loss.

vegetables are versatile, nutritious and come in a various forms of variety which is been prepared right here in nigeria and all over the world.

Dark leafy vegetables are an excellent source of iron which helps to keep your body from getting tired or weak especially when you are going through an exercise plan that is in line with the weight loss goal that you are trying to achieve.

which is why it has to be included in every foods that you take when you are on a weight loss program such as either the 9 days flat belly or the 30 days weight loss program available.

Aside from the iron that it provides, it also has calcium which is excellent for the bones, teeth and also muscle function which is also essential with your exercise routine that you are going through.

Other sources that you can get from vegetables are folic acid, vitamin C,K and B

When you are deficient in this. It can lead to increased appetite.

Vegetables are also high in fiber which is a good indication for helping to promote a healthy and regular digestive system,

Because of the low calories and carbohydrate that it has, You can eat a whole lot of eat when on any diet without worry

which is why its actually recommended to eat a lot of vegetables when you embark on our weight loss program that we recommend to you.

So take your vegetables seriously.

Some are eaten raw, made in salads, cooked into various delicacy and also blended as a smoothie.




With salmon, there are no any fat burning effect that it has but what makes it to be among the list of superfood is simple because of the lean protein that is has which actually fits extremely well into any program that
you go through.

When you start taking less of red meats and junk foods and start taking more of salmon, you not greatly reduce the amount of calories that your body is taking in but you help your body to achieve the necessary weight loss goal that you are working towards to

Salmon is also known to be rich in omega 3 fatty acid which also helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Its also linked to helping to assist with lowering of blood pressure.

So eat more of salmon fish.

Chicken Breast


Am sure that you will be surprised with this inclusion to the list of superfoods for weight loss, but here is the truth
Chicken breast do not help you to lose weight at all.

The reason why this is included is simply because of its protein content which is high and also its one of the best replacement for high calorie intake meal which helps to reduce your overall caloric intake during your weight loss plan or program that you are going through.

A recent study done on this showed that when you consume meal that has at least 25 grams of protein, it helps to reduce your urge for food helping you to better manage your weight.

To make your meal more interesting, you can spice up your chicken breast with brown rice or potato with lots of vegetables.



Whether irish or sweet potato, they are fat free and completely rich in nutrients with low calorie amount
which makes it completely best for losing weight. Now because of the fact that there are several companies now creating potato products
i will recommend you to stay away from there and take in only the fresh organic ones that that is less concentrated.

A very good source of vitamin C, protein, fiber, pottasium etc

You can take your potatoe with vegetable and chicken/salmon

Potato is also good for the heart that also helps in promoting normal blood pressure levels.



when it comes to making your body full even when you have eaten little.
Beans actually does that to the body and that is actually because of the high fiber that it has that gives the “i’m full’ feeling.

what this does to your body is that it helps to prevent you from eating too much thereby reducing your calorie intake for the day.

Its also a very good source for high protein to the body and what this does to is help to keep the energy and bloog sugar level stable.


This is actually one of the perfect foods that helps to lose weight.
Now what actually strange about this is simply because everything that makes up the avocado is pure fat.
the most interesting then about it is simply because this fat is called good fat as its classified under mono saturated fat, hence it helps you in your
course to lose those weight

It also helps to lower cholesterol in the body

Its completely low in calorie, rich in vitamins and assist in the shrinking of waist

the type of fat found in avocado has been classified as supreme
So ensure you take more of avocado if you want to work on losing those weight.

Another reason why avocado is great for the body is that its a metabolism booster which is good most especially for hastening the rate at which fat is lost in the body.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different superfoods that you can work with. Why not be engaged in any of our weight loss program that has helped hundreds of both men and women to lose those weight effectively using a complete meal plan that has been created to follow.

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Looking forward to seeing you enrolling inside the program

This is actually one of the articles that actually took a lot of my time not only because of the senstivity but because it is one of the questions that a lot of women who send me emails about fertility tend to ask me about how they can get to know the exact period that they can ovulate to increase their chance of getting pregnant naturally.

While its a good thing. here are some thing that you have to know most especially about yourself first before you can actually get to know how to put your body to work in improving your fertility.

The first thing that i will like to talk about is this…

Because you are able to know when you are ovulating does not mean that you get pregnant if all conditions in your body system is not met.

Why is this so?

The reason why am saying this is because a lot of women actually think that all they need to do is to figure out this period, have sex with their husband and expect that they get pregnant.

Some might have seen positive result.

But in most cases. Majority dont and they keep on trying month in month out expecting a miracle to happen but dont see anything at the end of the day.

That is also part of the reason why you will see a lot of women waiting years without any positive result still following the ovulation period to having sex with their husband to get pregnant.

While that may be so?

You all need to understand that your body system varies to another woman’s own such as the health issues that you have internally such as hormonal imbalance, block Fallopian tube, ovarian cyst, fibroid, low egg health etc

All this determines if using the ovulation period that am about to reveal to you will work for you.

And this is part of the reason why i always advice that women get a test done by their doctor.

Have seen cases where women are looking for the fruit of the womb and have not even gone for any medical check for over 2 years

which is bad.

Going for a test is not the end of the world.

Going for a test simply helps you to understand your body more to knowing what it is you are dealing with.

So if you are yet to go for a test and reading this writeup.

Pls ensure that you visit a doctor soon.

While that may be said.

When all condition is met, then it makes this calculation to work more in your favour.

So lets talks about some of this conditions.

One of the condition is the health of your fertility organ, your uterus, your Fallopian tube and even your general body health.

You need to ensure that your fertility organ are perfectly healthy which is one of the reason why we always ensure that our clients make use of the fertility cleansing process which helps them to first set their body in order to help in regulating their hormones, their health and also flushing out whatever waste that is in their body system as stored waste and toxins leads to infertility issues that you are not aware of.

And if you are the type that is actually fat or obese on the big size, Following the cleansing process also helps you losing some weight making you feel more lighter, active and more productive which also helps in your fertility.

The next condition is in the kind of food that you eat.

Now what you need to know is that eating healthy food is far different from eating foods that are rich in also enhancing and boosting your fertility.

I actually wrote a details guide and compilation of the different fertility meals that you can be taking that helps you out a lot inside my highly researched and downloaded fertility report that is you can also get right here.

Click here to download my fertility all natural report.

Now when you begin to follow the fertility diets right after you have gone through the normal cleansing process, then you can be rest assured that you are on the right track to ensuring that the ovulation period that you will be learning about will have a very high chance of working for you.

Now once you have incorporated this two both the fertility cleansing and the fertility diet into your lifestyle.

Every other thing gets easier when you switch to our complete fertility booster supplement that is also sent to you because what that does is to help improve the quality of your health, make your ovulation stronger which you actually get to feel when its the right time even without the calculation that i will be giving you below and best is that it helps you to improve your fertility that helps you gets pregnant naturally should the sperm health of your husband is of high quality.


Now that your body system is now on point, fully reset and your fertility improved.

Its now time for you to learn about your ovulation period for you to know when to strike in having more sex with your husband.

One of the things that you need to know is that there are just a few days within each cycle that helps to make conception possible, and by learning how to know this period would help make thing easier for you.

Now during this period, your body will definitely provide signals for you which is actually driven by hormones.

Now when you have gone through our fertility booster program, this will come easy for you because all your hormones would have been regulated to function properly during this period.

Now the hormones responsible that actually gives this signal to your body are the estrogen and the progesterone.

Estrogen is high in the days before ovulation when you are most fertile and the progesterone is high after ovulation, when you are no longer fertile

One of the signs that shows your estrogen is high during this period is in your cervical fluid which should be thick, stretchy and egg white in nature and your basal body temperature

Cervical Mucus Fluid.

Since this actually occurs on a daily basis, it is something that you can start taking note of.

Now what you need to know is that this mucus is produced by the cervix when the ova is actually maturing and preparing for ovulation.

So how do you learn how to make use of this information?

Just as you have always learnt to know when to spoy when your period starts, that how you are going to work with knowing how your mucus can guide you towards that.

Just at the first time you notice these mucus when you start your menstruation which usually comes with bleeding, right after then, you will also notice another mucus that coming out which will be more sticky without the blood stain on it when you check.

It is at that period that you should know that you are entering your ovulation period.

And through this, you can be able to know that you very much fertile during this short window period.

There are some women that are simply having irregular menstruation. I will advice you to go through our fertility booster program as it also helps in regularizing it during the 40 days period

Ovulation Calculator

Now another more recommended way that you can do is through a plugin that you will see below where you only need to put in some figure and it helps you to calculate the period through which you are likely going to ovulate.

This is actually one of the best thing that technology has done to better the lives of women as regards fertility.

So simply follow what is below by putting in the amount of your menstrual cycle and the first day of your late menstrual cycle. Click On calculate and simply follow the date given to you and work with that.

Using the date that is given to you, you will be able to work with that time to know when you are most fertile while also recognizing the way your body get to feel during this time.

Now that you have know very well about at least 3 ways… your cervical mucus, basal body temperature and also with the aid of this ovulation calculator. You should be able to better detect your own ovulation with this and strike during this period with your husband.

Now you need to understand that if the quality of your man’s sperm is not in high quality, Conception wont take place, which is why i will also recommend that you put your husband on our male fertility boost program called vitofit.


Once you have gone through our fertility booster program, using this ovulation tips in this article would help you in getting a more better improved result.

start your own first fertility process through the fertility cleansing today. Click Here Now

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The One Reason Why You Are Not Getting Pregnant

I simply had to write this article because of the kind of emails and chat that i have with people when it comes to fertility and them having to go through my program.

And this issue that i want to tackle is one of the things that has left many couple without a child for years without even seeing the need for it.

And that issue is simply having to work with your gynecologist to help your transition in understanding your body better to get the kind of result that you want which is been a proud happy mother

Lots of women today think it not necessary to see a doctor when it come to getting fertile or pregnant as they feel, its something that will happen on its own.

This is most especially the case when you see a woman who have not conceived for over a long period of years.

Now, even though pregnancy comes with ease to some, to some it does not because of several causes and complication that might be happening your body without your knowledge.

Your reproductive hormones such as progesterone, FSH, oestrogen level can be low, there might be issue with weak uterine lining that also leads to miscarriages and there could be other health issues such as fibroid, blocked fallopian tube that can also inhibit you from getting fertile.

Which is why your first point of contact should be your doctor who will help you in testing to help you ascertain where the problem is coming from.

Even if the result turns all out to be positive.

It better than simply assuming that you are allright or simply using any fetility product that is out there without even knowing which area you are to deal with.

By simply doing this. you tend to know the right people to talk to or the right program to go through that will work for you.

Some of which might be in line with the first stage of the fertility cleansing program which you can read right here


You knowing the state of your fertility alone helps to increase your odds of getting pregnant than a lady who
does not even know why or where the problem is coming from.

Hope this short post helps and do please spread the word with your friend.

To learn more about our fertility cleansing program with the detox pack

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Now should in case you have gone through various test and you are told that you are perfectly okay, Get your husband tested to know if hes reproductive system is also good.

When it has been cleared that you are both okay and nothing is wrong with the both of you.

Then you can start a natural program that helps to boost your fertility hormones through supplements that are proven to work based on certain things.

Now if all checks out fine with you, then you need to work on cleansing your body system and adjusting your lifestyle to taking more fertility foods just like what you will be going through with the detox pack of C9 which comes with its own fertility boosting foods

Click to get the fertility report on complete fertility meals that you can take

By going through the fertility booster program with the fertility guide, you will simply help to naturally cleanse your body system, boost your fertility hormones and naturally get pregnant in the process.

Both men and women can use it, Though they are completely different in such case.

Anyways, i hope this article teaches you one thing.

Get tested and work with your doctor.

Do drop your comments and also share this articles with friends and families

12 Most Important Days In Your Fertility Cycle

When it comes to fertility and getting pregnant, each phase of your menstrual cycle is extremely important to your fertility.

Now, one of the most important phase during this period is the luteal phase which actually is the make or break time when you are working on your way to conceive.

What is the luteal phase?

The luteal phase is a period between the ovualation and the start of a woman’s period as during this time fertilization and implantation occurs.

Now the main issue here is that when any disruption happens during this phase can lead to fertility issues.

According to expert and research, Most agree that the uterus phase less than 12 days does not give the uterus sufficient time to establish a nourishing lining for a growing foetus and therefore will cause miscarriage if fertilization has occurred.

What are the symptoms of luteal phase defect.

Low progesterone
– A short Menstrual cycle
– Disrupted basal body temperature after ovulation
– Low back pain, bleeding and loose stool

One of the ways through which you can use to determine the length of your luteal phase is when you know how your body works as regards fertility and also the level of your progesterone to know if its low most of which you can easily get to know by simply visiting your gynecologist.

This luteal phase has been shown to affect 3-4% of women who have what is known as unexplained infertility which is a situation where there is no explanation as to why you cant get pregnant because you simply passed the medical test that says such. Up to 63% of women who has repeated miscarriage also suffer from this and also 6-10% of women who are fertile.

The most common factor that causes the luteal phase defect (LPD) is LOW PROGESTERONE LEVEL.

This is one of the important hormones that is needed for preserving the uterine lining and pregnancy during the first trimester.

When your progesteron level is not sufficient enough, luteal phase defect (LPD) may occur leading to infertility.

Common Culprit to Low progesterone.

– Low Follicle Production

During the first half of the menstrual cycle, if the pituitary gland does not make enough FSH hormones, then the follicle production would be weakened. This is
the time between your last period and ovulation. What this causes is you having an early period which also causes a thin uterine lining which of course prevents fertilization
and implantation from taking place.

– Premature Drop in Progesterone.

Should your progesterone level go low too soon which is usually few days of ovulation,
this simply allows your body to instinctively think that its time to flush out the uterus and have to start all over again.
When you have short cycles which is usually less than 24 days, its actually a sign of this type of luteal phase defect (LPD)

– Low lutenizing Hormone
Prior to when ovulation occurs which is usually within 24 hours, there is a spike in the lutenizing hormones which causes ovulation to occur.
When there is a lower than normal LH, it can simply prevent ovualation from occuring and also leads to low progesterone level as well.

– Uterine Lining Failure.

The job of the uterus is to create a nourishing environment for the fertilized egg to grow into a foetus.
When the uterine lining is not actually think enough or simply put strong enough. It can actually lead to miscarriages in women.
And this is usually caused by low hormones or hormonal imbalance.
Now Estrogen is the actuallt the hormone that is responsibkle for the thickening of the uterine lining which helps with the implantation and also ripens the progesterone for implanatation.

– Abnormal Low Cholesterol Level.

When there is an abnormal low cholesterol level, it also results into low level of progesterone. Now what you need to know is this.
All hormones including the progesterone, must have choleserol as it is needed to be manufactured by the body, Been underweight too can also lead
to low cholesterol production and body fat which indirectly affect the hormones level across board.

The Solution For Luteal Phase Defect (LPD)

LPD is a very serious issue, that has unknowingly affect even the marriages of people who are having issues getting pregnant.
The good news is that you can actually work on it until it is fixed by natural therapies as you can get results mostly through diet and supplements that is been recommended to you.

Diet and Supplements

Now for you to ensure that you are taking in the necessary diets that helps to fix the issue, ensure that whatever supplements that you are taking are in conjunction with the diet rich in whole foods which are vitamin C, Essential fatty acids, green leafy vegetables, Cholesterol from eggs, coconut oil and fat from organic product.

This is also why i have also prepared a fertility diet meal plan that every woman can use.

You can click here to access to fertility All natural Report


Women who has been found to have miscarriages showed signs of lower level of antioxidant in their body compared to other healthy women. There is a lot of benefit of antioxidant on fertility which should be included in every couples fertility program.

There you have it.

I believe that by now, you are now better informed as to helping you on your course to get fertile and pregnant.
Now what i have done is to put together a very powerful kit which i call a detox fertility cleanser that has all this recommended ingredient and antioxidants in place that helps you to increase your fertility level and hormones while also removing all the toxins in your body and that is the FERTILITY CLEANSER DETOX WITH C9

Which i will advise that you get today and start using it now.


Do let me know if this article was useful to you.

Talk soon


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