Everyday that we go out, we indirectly take in a lot of things that we are not aware of.

We probably don’t even have any way of getting to avoid them because as long as we move around people and location. We get to indirectly get them in our system.

And that is called toxins…

Each and every day, we inhale air inside our system and inside what we are exposed to are harmful toxin that slowly affect our health without our knowledge.

Now when this piles up to a certain stage. It hinders a lot of things in your body system and even cause some diseases in your body because they have piled up to a stage where it becomes extremely harmful to the body.

And that is why that when you are to go through the process of losing weight. You have to reset your whole body system through a detoxification process initially before finally getting to lose those weight.

Now here are a list of some of the Nigerian fruits and food that you can naturally take to help cleanse your system.

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1. Avocado


This is one of the list of fruit that tops the list of something to take because it is very high in fibre and and also a very good antioxidant. Though it has a lot of fat but its kind of fat is more of good fat than the bad kind of fat which I will explain in a later article. You should consume this alone without having to mix it with anything.

2 Pineapple


Inside this tropical fruit is a compound called bromelain which is an enzyme that cleanses the colon and aids the ease of digestion in the body system.

Most of the detox product that is been sold round the world which always has this compoment inside them

Which probably why taking pineapple will help you naturally detoxify your body

4 Water


I cant over emphasize the health benefit of water enough, that I just had to have a separate article on it for you to read. You can read it here.

5 Garlic


Garlic helps in the boosting of the immune system in the body as well as helping out with the liver which makes it also join the list of detox food that you can use. It could be in dietary form or simply as a spice to your food.

6. Cabbage


Cabbage is mostly eaten here in salads alone, though it can also be eaten alone or mixed with other fruits.

Cabbage helps in lowering your cholesterol level, cleansing your liver from accumulated toxins that has piled up

The major work of the liver is to filter the toxins from entering into your system. But all the toxins piles up at the liver… which is why what you are actually doing is cleansing the filtering process of the liver so as not to break down.

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7. Red pepper:


Do you know that red pepper contains 5 times vitamin c than orange.

Vitamins helps in the cleansing out of the liver, which is why you have to ramp up those red pepper and get them down your throat.

Not literally a lot… smiles

Because it aint always sweet in the mouth… but you can start adding them more in your foods that you cook to increase the amount of vitamin c that is in your system to help with the cleansing effect of the toxins.

8. Ginger


This is one food that I know has been in existence of use for century dating back to the ancient Chinese empire because of its medicinal properties that it has.

It helps mostly in the liver by flushing out toxic waste that has piled up either from too much of alcohol, toxic foods and waste that needs to be flushed out of your system.

Its mostly used in teas and also in meals.

9. Grapefruit


One good thing about grapefruit is that it actually helps burn out fat fast. As long as you keep piling up good things into your body system.. it will definitely flush out the bad ones.

One good thing about grape fruit is that it helps to powerup your liver to make it ready for whatever work that its to do.

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10 Lemongrass


If you are looking for something that will clear up the entire organs in your body. Its lemon grass and its very popular in thialand. We also have it here in Nigeria as its readily available anywhere most especially in the rural areas.

It does not only help the liver in cleansing but also the kidney, bladder and the digestive system as a whole.

11. Olive oil


When trying to detox, olive oil should be your alternative source of oil to be used in your cooking simply because it has a lot of healthy properties than the normal oil that you are using.

Now once you have been able to do all this. Though they are not going to be quick but they sure work. It will be easier to lose more weight.

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