Have you ever been in this position that you just stepped out somewhere and saw a food or snack that caught your attention and you just can’t instantly let go until you have had a taste of it.

Well it happens to a whole lots of people, myself included most especially if it’s something that we have been longing to want to eat. It could be the taste shawarma that you so much love or that special fried chicken that is sold at KFC. It could even be that mama shade’s canteen that you just can’t do without her food.

But the truth is that if you are on a journey to lose weight and keep fit just like the 9 days weight loss program that helps you lose between 5-10kg of ugly belly fat. One of the ways by which you can get more positive result is when you try to do away from such food and reduce the intake of them.

Doesn’t look so doable right?…

Well, here are my 11 tips that you can use starting today that helps to instantly reduce your urge to want to eat.

1 Going for a walk.


Do you know that a simple 15 minute low intensity walk can actually help you in regulating your intake of food.

2 Find something relaxing to do.


There are time that when you are really craving for something and you are trying to do away from falling into such temptation. Finding something relaxing to do can actually help you in fight it. Stretching, meditation or just chilling somewhere can actually help you in dealing with such cravings.

3 Think about the future


One of the killer action steps when you are always craving for food is for you to simply think about the future. Doing this would simply take you on another journey that instantly makes you to forget that you were actually craving for something.


4 Play Video Game/watch a movie


When next you are hungry, take a video game or watch a movie, science has shown that when people do this, the concentration of wanting to eat instantly changes to that of the visual entertainmentthat you are going through. That why you will see some people playing game for a long period of time without even the feeling of been hunfry, you can also adopt that strategy,

5 Take A break


Having to pause to someone during work for some minute actually helps you in foirgeting ever thinking about wanting to eat. Studies has shown that when  you are alone, you tend to want to eat more than when you are in the midst of people talking. So when  next you are in your work place and the hunger is beginning to strike in. That time is the perfect time for you to do some gossiping with friends. smiles

6 Drink ginger tea


One of the properties of ginger is the cleansing property that it has which actually helps fight against that urge to want to eat any sweet things that you might be longing for. Simple make ginger tea and add some lemon into it with hot water.

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7 Drink a glass of water


Water has a lot of benefit as I have even written about the benefit of drinking water which actually helps you in a whole lots of ways that you don’t even really know. That’s also part of the reason that why you make use of the 9 days clean 9 product that helps in losing between 5-10kg of fat, you will be required to take in a lot of water as you start the program

8 Picture yourself eating something you are craving for


This one might be way too much for some people to handle because you would simply fall victim of it. I for one will… smiles. But some study has shown that when you picture yourself eating what you are craving for, it actually helps reduce the urge for you to eat. Well don’t really know how well true that is. It might work for you.

9 Lie down for a nap or take a break


You cant always to working round the clock, doing so would only increase your craving for the desire of food when it sets in. If you really want to enjoy your day without having to take in unnecessary food, taking a nap for about 15 minutes will help do the trick. Trust me, it works

10 Snack on protein and fibre


One of the ways by which you can stop your craving for some type of food or snack is to simply get a protein or fibre snack. That one of what you get when you order for your 9 days clean 9 weight loss product that helps you to lose between 5-10 kg of fat in your body.

10 Have small amount of what you crave for and something healthy with it.


Here is not where you have to go gangsta on the food that you crave for just because I said so. But here is the trick to it. Crave for a type of food, take a little of it and accompany it with healthy food. Truth is that most of what people eat outside most especially in fastfood actually causing you never to lose weight the way you like.

I believe that ends it for now. Do drop your own comment to what you also feel about this piece that i have just sent you to read.

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Talk to you soon

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