There are several ways to improve your health which is what I will be showing you today.

Sometime most people fall victim of this and don’t even have a clue that they are simply compiling unnecessary diseases inside them. One of the ways by which you can avoid this is by knowing how to continually stay healthy that also keeps you free of diseases.

So here we go…

  1. Eat Less Fried Foods.

I know some people that cannot do without eating fried food. In short they will even tell you that if its not fried they are not eating. Well what you don’t know is that fried foods actually have a negative effect on our arteries in the body which restricts the movement of blood in the body system. This also leads to increase in body weight and also having an adverse risk of heart failure in the long run. Instead of fried foods, start going for grilling, baking or poaching. That way, you help yourself by staying healthy and safe.

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  1. Sleep More and Avoid Stimulant.

Truth is am also a victim of this. I take coffee due to the nature of my work. But then I had to cut down on it when I learnt this. When you sleep less, you damage your body system further and deprive yourself of sleep. When you take in stimulant such as coffee to help keep you active. You get to sleep less. Sleeping is one of the ways through which you can get to stay healthy because its helps all your body cells to get the rest that they need.

I know that majority of us do have a very busy day. But lets not forget the fact that when our body breaks down early, those busy work that we are doing will be forced to stop.

So why not take a chill and ensure that you get a lot of sleep so that you can keep doing the work that you are doing.

  1. Reduce your salt intake

I recently got to know that there are some people that love taking salt even when they are eating. They feel that the salt is not enough and even have to add it to their food. Truth is too much salt is dangerous for your health as it also increases blood pressure which I know you don’t want to have.

  1. Take In More Fibre

When you eat more of fibre foods, it actually helps in increasing the rate of digestion in your body which also helps to speed up the rate of removal of waste in your body. This is why we had to include a fibre food for those that wants to lose weight using the clean 9 product. It simply helps in speeding the removal of waste such as fat in your body thereby helping to increase the rate by which fat is been removed from your body which is why I totally always advice that you get a pack of clean 9 and use.

  1. Increase the strength of your bones

Having strong bony system makes you more active and agile. That is why you will see some old men still waxing strong and are still active.

Its simply because they are taking care of their bones.

Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D helps to lead in strong bones, healthy nerves and muscles which is good for you. Foods such as Egg yolk, bones, oil fish and early morning direct sunlight are good for you.

  1. Eat More Fruit.

And no I don’t mean the fruit juice they are selling at the supermarket.

Am talking about the natural kind of fruit that you buy and take in. Oranges, lemon and grapefruit which are classified under vitamin C actually helps to improve the body system. Fruits rich in potassium such as bananas helps in regulating your blood pressure.

  1. Drink More Water.

What you may not know about water is that it actually helps to heal you of a lot of things if you drink it regularly. Normal recommendation is to take in about 1Litre of water daily. This helps to increase the rate of absorption of nutrient, skin hydration and digestion of the body and also your general health.

  1. Take in more garlic.

Garlic is actually good for your body system as it’s a powerful cleanser. It helps in lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol and also helps in fighting infection and immunize your body system.

  1. Eat More Wholesale Foods

Foods labelled wholegrain actually helps to reduce your cholesterol level and also help reduce the risk of having heart diseases. Foods such as bread, cereals or rice belong to this category.

  1. Have More Sex.

Hehehehehe… smiles

Yes, having more sex helps you to workout and be engaged in a more physical exercise as the risk of having heart attack and stroke is greatly reduced by half for those that have it regularly. This is good most especially if you are married as you can having as many of it as possible without any restriction as long as you and your partner both have the safe appetite for

Sex greatly helps you to reduce stress and also helps you in getting more sleep.

So wives and ladies, if you see that your man is always complaining of stress. You now have a proper medicine to give him to keep him in bed for his own good.

  1. Eat More Pepper.

Not that much that it will make your mouth so hot…

Just enough to get what you need from it. Peppers contains what is known as capsaicin which helps to increase and stimulate blood circulation and also reduce the risk of clot. They also help prevent cell damages as a result of it antioxidant properties that it also has.

  1. Breakfast is a must.

Well, not really a must because on the plain truth, am used to skipping breakfast a whole lot. But then here is the reason why it’s a must for you. It helps you burn more calorie during the day. Simple

  1. Take in more of Carrot.

Want to improve your vision and help keep your eyes in check, then ensure you take in more carrot as its rich in vitamin A which the eyes need to see in dim light

  1. Eat more oily fish

Looking to reduce the level of cholesterol in your body system, then eat more of oily fish as they are extremely rich in omega 3 fatty acids which also helps to reduce stroke

  1. Always Think Positively.

Be free about life irrespective of what you are going through. Think positive and don’t allow anything to weigh you down. If you are going through anything, simply see it as a stepping stone to fight and prove to yourself that you are bigger than what you are going through. Stay happy and focused.

To end this article, I would recommend that you all do a proper body detoxification of your body system to flush out the toxins and dirts in your body, that way when you start following all what I have mention above, you will find it working for you easily and be more free with life.

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Talk Soon and Stay Healthy

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