Now, am sure that a lot of you are actually eager to lose your weight and also need help with tips by which you can actually burn off fat faster.

So I decided to help you today with simple easy exercises that you can do that will help you keep fit and also shed more fat most especially in your tummy area

But mind you, this will work best when you combine the powerful 9 days clean 9 programme to this exercise that you will be learning today.

Anyways. Lets get started with our early morning exercise

Now if you find out that the names am mentioning here is new to you.

The best thing you can do is to go and register in a gym centre and they will help you in getting some of this equipment that I will be talking about.


1. Alternating Dumbbell Row

credit: womenshealthmag

credit: womenshealthmag



Doing this… You will need to to do 5-10 repetition of this on a daily basis… Should take you more than 3-5 minutes to do but it actually helps in getting the job done faster.

Simply spread your legs wide apart when bending a little and also keeping your hand straight down parallel to your shoulder.

Once you are in this position, With your dumbbell, simply move up your right hand as though you are pulling something while still putting your left hand parallel to your shoulder.

Do it for both your right and left hand for 5-10 while still keeping your legs and knees widely apart.

the diagram above is quite explanatory.

2. Dumbbell Sumo Squat


credit: womenshealthmag


Just as the pics above represent. Stand straight tall with the dumbbell around your lower abdomen with your legs spread apart and move your way down like in the pics above.

Do this repeatedly 10 times, this should take you about 3-5 minutes exercise

3. Moving Mountain


credit: womenshealthmag

Assuming that you want to do the regular push up that men do but this time you are working more on your legs.

What you do simply is to assume the push up stance and while in that position, move up your left leg to your chest area and back and do the same for your right leg

Trying doing 10 each of this.

Now i know you might be thinking this is too much work, But here is the fact.

If you really want to totally shed off the ugly fat in your body system, most especially in your belly area,

then i would advise that you ensure that you spend at least 20 minutes daily doing this.

Also for faster turnout of this exercises, Start the 9 days Clean 9 program today to lose 5-10kg within the next 9 days.

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