Cancer is one of the prevalent disease that the world has today that has no cure but then it can be prevented and avoided by actually know how to stay out from certain things that we do on a daily basis.

One of which is in the type of food that we eat or take into our system on a daily basis which actually helps in the increase in the cancer victims that we have in the world today.

Most of the time, we don’t usually have a look into the production of the food that we eat and that is part of what that kills us in today’s society.

In today’s article, I will be revealing 10 of the cancer causing foods that we actually need to avoid.

1. Popcorn



Now popcorn is actually very good for the body because of the increase in the fiber content that it has, but the problem with taking popcorn is when you are buying the processed on in the paper bag where it is been packed and microwave… that is where the problem comes in.

The brown paper bag been used is tagged as carcinogenic which is bad for your health and has been linked to have a chemical that is linked to liver, pancreatic or testicular cancer…

So it’s usually best if you just stick to the traditional way of making popcorn using those old popcorn machines as that one is safer to your health than the microwave one

2 Soda


I believe that you already know about soda.

Soda has no nutritional benefit that adds to the body system. It’s packed full with calorie, sugar and artificial ingredient which is simply a no no for your health.

According to the scientific study that has been done…
taking 2 soft drinks weekly doubles the likelihood of having pancreatic cancer.

Another studies also shows that these drinks is corrosive to the dental enamel which leads to tooth sensitivity and cavity despite good hygiene

Processed meat


To those of you that love going to restaurant and eateries to eat assorted meat and sausage, I hope this does not scare you.

Process meat like bacon, sausage, hot dog or packaged meat are known to have high amount of sodium nitrite and nitrate which is used in the preservation of this meat and also responsible for giving it its reddish color.

Well studies shows that it’s linked to colon cancer and other form of cancer which you are not aware of.

If you must eat meat. Go for the natural grass fed one than the packaged ones to reduce the risk.

I know some of you all are looking for been hygienic in what that you consume most especially meat. But then, not all hygienic packaged meat that you see is safe for consumption because of the method of preservation that is been used.


4 Refined white flour


Do you know that one of the food causes that have caused over 220% in breast cancer in women is in refined flour?

A well study has also revealed that and it has been linked to the excess carbohydrate content that has been added to it. High glycemic foods has shows to increase the blood sugar level which is been responsible for the growth of the cancer cells in the body

5 Canned Tomato


Now i hope i don’t get skinned here because i know that majority of us actually make

use of this…

But then, the truth has got to be said.

You might think what is bad about canned tomato… well nothing is actually wrong with it but the lining of most canned foods has what is called bisphenol-A(BPA) which acts as and estrogen and also disrupt the hormonal activity of the body.

Tomato as it is has high acidicity which actually causes this BPA to leak through into the tomato

itself and further studies has been shown that actually links to other forms of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, intestinal damage and several reproductive issues

which is why the sachet one is a far better option than the canned one… best still, go for the natural tomato and blend them

Now that ends this part of this information, now i know that a lot of people would have fallen prey on this on a couple of time. But then you still have the chance to actually reset your entire body system. Though not a cheap method, but it helps in removing all the toxins and waste that might have been stored up in your body.

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Do let me know how much this article has helped you by commenting below. thanks

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