Stretch mark is one of the most dreadful scar that any woman would always fear having but be that as it may, Majority of women end up having it due to certain causes that you might be aware of or not aware of…

Whichever which case I would like to enlighten you on this scar that makes you lose your completely sexy self esteem.

What is stretch mark?

stretch mark is simply the scarring of the skin that changes the colour into an otherwise off colour that is not in tune with the normal body colour which happens as a result of the stretch of the dermal layer of the skin.

Stretch mark can be found in the tommy, arm, breast and buttocks area of the body

It can come in different colour than your normal skin which might be light grey, purple or bright pink.

Which ever colour is it…

It does not look attractive and that is the reason why you will see some women who cant even afford to put on the bikinis in the beach because they simply don’t look sexy in them as a result of the mark it leaves on their body

What causes stretch mark?

Stretch mark is mostly common among women and here are the major causes of it.

Pregnant Women: Pregnant women are mostly the carrier of stretch mark and this is because of the gain in weight and the child that they are carrying. Signs of this actually start showing from the 6th to 7th of been in pregnancy.

Obese Women: Women that are generally fat tend to develop having stretch mark in their body which is also why you will some obese women with the stretch mark very visible in their body mostly on their arm and chest areas.

Genetical history: If you have an history of people in your family who has the stretch mark, chances of you having it is rather on the high side.

Dramatic Weight loss: Have you lost a lot of weight recently, then chances of you have stretch mark is high because as you reduce that weight. The size of your skin reduces and because of the new found size that you have, your skin is not accustomed to it and also very weak as at that time. Hence the stretch mark in your body and if not immediately taken care of… then its something that becomes permanent in you. Am sure you don’t want to have that permanent scar in your body

Men who work out a lot: For men who work out and exercise a lot in getting the 6 packs abs. they tend to also have the stretch mark on their  shoulder area because of the strenuous exercise that they do which actually damages the skin in that area thereby causing the break which leads to stretch mark.

So can Stretch Mark be cured?

While there are a lot of way through which you can get rid of stretch mark one of which is an expensive route which is through laser therapy which I don’t think is done in Nigeria.

Some other expert will tell you that stretch mark can never be cure and telling you to accept your fate and live with it.

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Am sure this will help.

Do let me know your comment and contribution to this information that is just published.

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