This is purely based on the research I have made so far in ensuring that you get to live the kind of healthy lifestyle that your body needs.

And one of such that I will like to address today has to do with sleeping.

Quick question…?

How many hours of sleep do you get daily…?

If you are looking to lose weight, then your answer would most likely be an issue that you have to deal with in your course of ensuring that you get to lose weight the right way.

Some people might have tried hitting the gym or ran for a long distance to ensure that they sweat a lot to help them lose weight but at the end of all this training, you find out that you are not losing as much as you expected…

According to the research and experiments made, it is found that an adult needs to have 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

Now regardless of whether you are fat or not… You all need to have this time to yourself to sleep.

That is your  “you time” to ensuring that you have a healthy lifestyle

Then the following reasons might prove helpful to you which you need to know.

1, Sleeping Makes You Eat More

What happens if you stay longer awake instead of sleeping,

You get hungrier and when that happens, you are forced to want to take in something.

Now that’s an extra calorie count that your body was not prepared for. Because that extra food that you just ate would be converted into fat instead of converting into the energy that your body needs

Do you want to know why you have the first food in the day known as break fast… Its simply because your body is meant to be fasting while sleeping at that appropriate time to reset the body and make it function normally when it wakes up back.

So that by the time you wake up and take in something, your body system would have rested enough to break the fast which is what it’s called breakfast.

Now late sleepers don’t get to enjoy this as they simply disrupt the entire body system for the consumption of food during this time and the failure of allowing the body system to get the needed rest that it needs.

2. Easy tiredness From Sleeping late.

If you see a man in your work place that is always sluggish with work, chances are he’s a late night sleeper and you would even notice it on his face as the signs will be everywhere.

Now let me explained to you what is happening to such person.

As a result of the fact that you sleep late, you get to always want to take in something, and whatever food that you take in does not always get to digest which is bad for your health.

The calories are then turned in fat in your body which causes weight gain and this is due to the fact that you deprived yourself from sleep and there is no energy to help convert all the foods that you have eaten which makes it all turn into fat in your body system.

3. Increase In The Amount of Cortisol

Do you know that cortisol is also known as the pot belly hormone because it is responsible for the movement and storing of fat in the stomach region.

Now what happening if the cortisol is increased in your belly…

Or let me better put it this way… How can these hormones be increased in the body system?

Well, when you deprive yourself from sleep, the cortisol in your body simply increases and it’s produced in the bloodstream

So if you are losing to lose weight, then ensure that you take enough sleep to ensure that the cortisol are not produced in your belly to make you have an increase in your weight.

4. Its Increases The Burnoff of Calories When You Take Enough Sleep.

There was a research that was undergone that when you take enough sleep at this recommended time, it increases the rate at which the calories in your body is burnt off by 5 percent than  someone who regularly sleeps late for a lesser time of waking up back.

5. It Increases Fat Loss

Let me make reference to a research that was conducted in the usa, 2 group of people were formed and given the same quantity of food calorie but they slept for different hours. One group slept for about eight and half hours and the other slept for five and a half hours… the result was that the one with the higher amount of sleep lost about 6 and half pound of weight which was pure fat.

Meaning that sleep actually helps you to lose weight naturally giving the perfect condition and environment.

It goes without saying that for you to create that environment that aids in ensuring that you lose weight. Then I would recommend that you get a pack of the clean 9 weight loss product which you will use in 9 days to help you lose between 5-10kg of fat.

That will be all for today.

I hope you enjoy this.

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Talk soon.

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