I want to share the reason why some people actually try out a lot of weight loss programme and after expected to get the required result. They tend to be disappointed that they could not shed the weight they needed.

So today I will be throwing more light on the reasons why you are not losing your belly fat.

1. Eating Too Many Processed Food.

It is a known fact that eaten too many processed food will not help your body most especially if you are trying to lose your belly fat.

Inflammation is caused when you eat too many processed food which indirectly have lots of process ingredient that is been transformed into fat in your body.

When you take too much of this, then you are inhibiting the fat from getting out from your system

2. Not getting enough sleep.

You might think sleeping too much is bad for you especially when you are the busy type of person. But the hard core truth is that if you are not sleeping at least 6-7 hours daily, your chance of losing away the belly fat that you want is very slim…

So indirectly speaking, try to catch more sleep.

3. Getting Stressed.

Do you know that the more stressed you are, the more cortisol hormones that is been released in your body which turns out to more visceral fat in your body thereby inhibiting you from losing the fat that you want.

Though stress come in different form everyday from trying to meet deadline from work, to dealing with the kids and also the putting the family together and taking care of responsibility.

Well I have one word of advise for you.

Don’t kill yourself over nothing because should anything happen, there will always be a replacement later on. Take care of your health and try to prioritize thing in ways that it does not stress you out.

Getting stressed is also linked to having High Blood pressure which is bad for you.

4. Not Doing Enough workout.

If you really want to lose belly fat fast, then you have to take your workout more serious.

Chances are you are trying to take things easy.

But let me tell you a secret.

Taking it easy will not get you to the promised land of losing your belly fat.

You have got to do more workout though simple but with spending more time.

If you are doing 300 skips daily… try pushing it to 500 skips.

If you are doing 50 pushup everyday, Try doubling it to 100 pushup daily.

Because when you do this, you are going to be burning more calories from doing more workouts.

That’s how you can quickly lose those fat very fast. Most especially when you use it together with this Clean 9 weight loss product. You will definitely get amazing result from your workout.

Personally those who workout more using the clean 9 product here actually get the best result from the 9 days fat loss programme.

5. Getting Hooked On Soft Drinks And Soda.

Studies shows that one of the causes of obesity is actually the high intake of these drinks.

What you don’t know is that these drinks that you are taking in on a daily bases are actually empty calories and they are what that actually turn into fat in your waist line and abdominal fat.

This is simply as a result of the additional refined sweetener that is been used on this drinks that you are take which has not calorie.