Quick question.

What do yo know about diabetes?

Chances are that if you are not yet diabetic, You have no clue about it or just happen to know someone who is actually diabetes but still dont know if it can easily be got.

Well the news for you is this.

If you are not careful, chances of you becoming a diabetes patient is extremely very high should you not take the necessary steps.

The good news is that there are 2 stages of diabetes which is the Type 1 and the Type 2 diabetes.

The bad new is that, every one is prone to becoming a type 2 diabetes even without having an history in the family of having someone that is diabetic.

So what are the signs and symptoms of diabetes.

That’s what you are about to read today to get a better understanding about it and how you can harness yourself with the necessary kit to help you either reverse your type 2 diabetes should you already know that you are a victim of it Or simply get more knowledgeable to know the signs that you might have a bad shot at becoming diabetic.

Diabetes is actually one of the health issues that actually lead to several other health diseases such as amputation, weight gain, loss of vision, arthritis, heart attack, stroke, hypertension etc.

Diabetes in simple term is a disease that deals with the insulin production in the body that gradually reduces, When this happen, the body will not be able to convert the sugar in your body into energy.

When such happens, It leads to an increase in the blood sugar level.

One of the problems that most people with diabetes go through is that they dont detect it in time and as such is what leads to various complications.

One of such is that, because of the fact that there is an increase in the blood sugar level, it affects the nerves, and this leads to nerve damage that creates a tingling sensation and pain in the leg.

And when such person gets a cut right in the leg, It wound refuses to heal even though you wont feel the pain because the nerves has been affected.

But over time as this happens, such person might have to see his leg taken off as it would affect the entire leg rendering it useless.

Other damages can be kidney failure, heart attack, stroke etc.

To be on the safe side, here are the signs that you should watch out for.

– FREQUENT URINATION: If you know that you urinate frequently to the extent that it affects your sleep at night, best for you to hurry to seek medical attention to know your state of the level of your diabetes. Because of the fact that your blood sugar level is on the high side, Your urine tends to attract ants to it which is also something that you can also notice.

– INCREASED THIRST: As a result of the fact that you are going to be urinating frequently,, you will feel more thirsty than usual. By things, you are encourage to stay away from soft drinks, chocolate, milt and take only water. By you taking soft drinks simply means that you are unknowingly increasing your blood sugar level.

– TIREDNESS: As a result of the high blood sugar in your body system, you will also get to feel tired always which will later on affect your productivity at work. Some have actually result to slumping from work when they overwork themself, only to get the news that they are actually diabetes, hence the reason for the fainting during work

– EYE SIGHT ISSUE: The lens of the eyes is always affected to people that are dealing with diabetes making your lens to become distorted making it harder for you to focus and have a blurry vision which might lead to cataract or blindness.

– Slow Healing and tingling sensation: With the increase in the sugar level, one will get to feel a tingling sensation on the feet, which is simply as a result of the immune system been affected due to the nerve damage. This makes it difficult for wounds to heal and in most time, leads to amputation of the legs.

Now the truth is that chances are that you alread know about all this symptoms or perhaps know that you are diabetic already.
But there is actually a good news to those with type 2 diabetes that helps you to naturally reverse your diabetes issue and drastically reduce your blood sugar level.

And that is through using the GLUCOFIT supplement which has worked for hundreds of people who are testimonies of having to completely reverse their diabetes.

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I believe that you have learnt a lot from this information that i have just shared with you.

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