So you have decided to start your weight loss journey and perhaps already registered at the gym to get those calories burnt and weight reduced.

Either you frequent the gym or possibly doing the workout at home as I teach majority of my subscribers who partake in either the 9 days clean 9 weight loss journey or the 30 days weight loss journey.

The fact remains that some of this exercise can actually get boring when you are actually doing the same thing over and over again.

In fact a study in florida actually revealed that doing the same exercise day in day out actually increases the chance of you actually giving up on your weight loss and fitness goal

That also why we see that lots of people who register at the gym actually lose interest after some time.

Is there actually a way to correct this in making sure that people who have started engaging in exersice either at the gym or at home get to look forward to doing this exercises without having to lose focus.

Well, that’s what you are about to learn today

 Changing the exercise you do daily.

Few months back, womentalksng decided to create a  weight loss guide that can help people to actually lose weight the natural way and one of the things we did was to actually create an exercise program that is different from every other day to make sure that you don’t get bored from doing them.

You can actually read more about it here on the fat loss magic report

By spicing up your exercise routine and doing something different everyday makes you t want to be engaged in it

Simply because, its not the same exercise you did the day before

Going for a spin.


Now because am writing this piece from the Nigerian view, I know that not everyone actually might have this spin at home. So the alternative would be you actually buying a bicycle that you can be riding either in the morning or evening depending on the time that is comfortable for you.

Having to engage in riding a bicycle helps you make your workout more fun because you get to see the environment while also burning out those calories in your body.

Its actually the perfect exercise for people that actually has the time to do.

Spending a simple 30-60 minutes on this would go a long way in helping you in putting you back to shape.

Going for a swim.


When last did you go swimming?

Perhaps you don’t even know how to swim, now would be the best time to start learning how to swim and using it as a form of exercise.

Swim is actually fun because of the cool water that gets to wash over your body that also helps to cool you down.

Taking it as a form of exercise would actually help in strengthen your arms and legs because those are the areas that are important when you are swimming.

Actually I got it from one of my subscribers who actually went through my 9 days clean 9 program and added swimming to it which helped her to lose 10kg within 9 days.

Trust me when I say this, you can achieve your weight loss goal if you set your heart to it.

And I also make sure I help my subscribers achieve that result.

Taking A Walk


While this one does not need anything special.

All you need to do is to spend the next few minute simply taking a walk.

It actually helps you in cooling the nerves while also slowly burning out those calories.

One of the things I usually do when I engage in this is applying a simple twist to it.

I simply walk slowly from one transformer pole to the next, and once I get to the next one, I increase my pace of walking and continue to change my pace for about 30 minute which helps me to increase the amount of calories burnt

Drink plenty of water.


I cant overemphasize this a lot. You need to remain hydrated.

This is one of the things that gets you bored and tired quickly.

When you are not taking enough water, it does not give room for your body system to work as it should thereby straining your muscles which leads to fatigue.

Its ideal for women to drink between 1.5-2 litres of water daily and 2-2.5 litres for men.

That sums it up for now.

I believe that you have learnt a great deal from this writeup.

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