This article is simply as a result of the numerous email and calls from people that actually want to lose weight and talk about how they cannot do without a particular kind of drink.
In this article I want to stress out and write about the 1 different types of drinks that is totally bad for your health for you to recognize them and try to put a stop to it.
So here are the list below…
1. Soft drinks



Popularly known as “mineral”.

I know some set of people that cannot simply do without this in a day. They must always take a bottle every day.
This type of drinks simply has no nutritional benefit to your health because it has zero calories and worst of all, you are simply increasing the sugar intake in your body which is bad for your health.
Too much of these kinds of drinks simply helps make your body more toxic, acidic and worst off making it conducive for bacterial growth.
2. Juice



What makes this juice aside from the fact that you think its all natural.

But the truth is still the same as it has as much sugar that is been used in making it as any other soft drinks that you have.
That’s why it goes through the industrial process thereby adding synthetic sweetner which is not good for your health.
Best natural juice that you can take is the one that Is actually made from your home from the fruit themselves and not some branded pack of fruit juice which is just simply a marketing stunt to make you buy more.
3. Alcoholic beverages


People are still having misconception about alcohol.

True alcohol is know to be good for the body as it helps in increasing the blood flow of the body, raise the cholesterol level and improve sugar metabolism.

But as a result of this fact that you think you know, people simply abuse it by sticking to taking lots of alcohol on a daily basis.
While taking too much of this can easily increases the chance of you having cancer should in case you don’t know.
If this is to be taken, It should be taken in moderation or simply avoid it at all cost.
4.  Soda

Do you know that high rate of soda consumption have also been known to be the causes of weight gain, poor dental health, diabetes and cardiovascular disease
What you don’t seem to know is the when too much sugar is been taking into your body, it is converted into fat which is not good for your body.
Also know that taking this types of drinks adds no calorie to the body, but the conversion of this sugar to fat actually makes it more toxic for your body.
5 Energy drinks.

What people take in energy drinks, they believe that there is a sense of activeness that they feel in their body. Note that this is only temporary. What you are feeling is just the work of the extra boost of caffeine that is been added inside the energy drink that you take in.
And it is a known fact that taking too much of caffeine increase the blood pressure and heart rate of the body which is bad for your health.

So if you are looking to continue to consume a huge amount of sugar inside your body system, then be my guest and have more of this in your system. But if you truly want to live the healthy live that you want, then you will have to learn how to do away with most of this.
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