I once wrote an article on how to look more sexy by boosting your metabolism which you can read right here.

So now I would like to expose you to six metabolism foods and fruit that you can start using today to help increase your metabolism.

Though inside the fat loss magic system right here, lots of my users have been able to insanely boost their metabolism which has helped them in getting more result in losing weight effectively.

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So here are the 6 best metabolism boosters


A good source of vitamin E and also high in fibre. Though when taken in little proportion, it contains high amount of this nutrients that helps with your body system.

Some studies has shown that it can also lower cholesterol level in the body.

Also a good source of protein and monosaturated fat

Whey protein

This is highest form of protein that can be taken inside your body to help you in increasing the metabolism rate in your body which also helps in the product of amino acid in building up muscle tissues.

If you are looking to lose weight, this is one of the most important supplements that is needed in your body which is why I usually recommend the clean 9 weight loss kit or the fit one 30 days weight loss kit as it contain the highest level of protein that is needed in your body to help lose those weight.

Whey protein also plays a role as an antioxidant and helps support a healthy immune system. Most importantly, consistent whey protein intake coupled with exercise will result in consistent muscle building and potential fat loss.


This is a type of fish that is high in protein, has low saturated fat and a very good source of omega 3 essential fatty acid.

Omega 3 fatty acid cannot be made or produced by the body hence it has to be taken directly from foods that we eat and salmon is actually a good source.

Helps to speed up your metabolism and makes it more easier in losing weight.


Personally I love turkey to chicken, not just because of its unique taste but the fact that it has low fat without the skin and also a good source of folic acid, vitamins B, B!, B6, zinc and potassium

Extremely high in protein and a good source of building lean muscles and losing fat as it keeps the metabolism rate high in the body.


Taking whole grain such as oatmeal actually helps to control your appetite for food. Whole grain like oatmeal has a short chain fatty acid which helps you to eat less and in turn helps to stimulate the fatty acid in stomach to release leptin.
The high levels of fiber in whole grains also help us feel full by slowing blood-sugar release and steadying insulin levels. Avoid white bread.


I once wrote an article on the benefit of drinking water daily which you can read here. Daily intake of water should be about 2 litres daily for women and 3 litres daily for men.

Trust me, try this for just 30 days and you will be astonished with the result of how your body will begin to feel

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