Today’s article is simply as a result of the frequent questions that is been asked by some of the subscribers dealing with infertility and i have decided to share the answers with you

And that is simply about how to prevent sperm leakage after intercourse.

Trust you will find this useful and helpful.

A lot of times, couples complained about seeing sperm coming out of the vaginal after intercourse which is actually a big problem expecially when it comes to having to give birth while having infertility issues

Do you experience similar problem? Simply read on then.

Now how do you help to reduce these sperm leakage or possibly eliminate it completely.

This can simply be done by following the simple steps that i share with you below now.

1 Avoid using Artificial Lubricant.

To help reduce this, if you are using any artificial lubricant, now would be the time for you to stop it as this actually slows down sperm. Your vaginal canal ought to be clean of any of these lubricant.

When next you have to have your sexual intercourse with your man. Be more relax, dont be tensed. Enjoy it and also ensure that you pee before you start anything.

2. Not having enough foreplay.

Why having sex is good. Prior to having sex, there is need to have enough foreplay as this is what actually
helps you to actually reach orgasm when the intercourse finally happens.
Sex to women is more emotional than physical, so foreplay actually helps to build that up so that you can easily
be well lubricated and lead to a more powerful orgasm for the woman, As a result of the powerful orgasm that comes to play, it also helps the man in the production of higher sperm count which also leads to the higher chances of getting pregnant.

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3. Not getting into the right sexual position.

Getting into the right sexual position that helps to prevent sperm leakage goes a long way to helping the sperm to remain in the vagina for a longer time.

The best position is still the missionary position as that allows for deeper penetration and also helps to the sperm to stay longer

This is why this is the recommended available position especially for couples looking to get pregnant.

Another position that is also good for deeper penetration and also helping the sperm to stay longer is when you are in the doggy position.

Any other position that you might be engaged in might actually not get as much result as these two popular and simple position listed above.

4 Immediately standing up after ejaculating.

Now this is actually common in men, immediately after sex, the man actually stands up and feels that the session is over.
Well this is also part of what leads to sperm leakage. During sexual intercourse, you have to time your thrust and also ensure that you are still deep inside her when you eventually release inside your woman. Immediately after sex, never stand up, ensure that your man still stays inside until his penis gets flaccid, then he can rise up.

5 Placing a pillow under her hips.

Now this is actually good as it helps to elevate the pelvis and as such helps the sperm to have enough time to swim straight down into the cervix rather than leaking out.

This also helps as it also provides a deeper penetration and allow the penis to reach far inside you.

By simply following this, you would have gotten rid of sperm leakages by up to 90% if done right.

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Hope you enjoy this article.

Do let me know your thoughts.


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