This article is coming as a result of emails that i have been getting for the past 2 weeks when I started telling you all about the clean 9 product here that lots of you people know me for…

Anyways, I decided to write about some of the foods that you can take that helps in fighting belly fat.

This list am about to make is not in any sequential order of priority, just for you to take note of them and also get to take more of them when needed.

And if you are already on the clean 9 program, then you will see the calorie count of some of the foods quantity you are expected to take.

1. Oatmeal, preferably the plain type is perfecting good for fighting belly fat

2. Almond and other types of nuts

3.Olive oil. Well I added this because olive oil is more of a mono saturaturated fat like olive which is more preferable than the normal oil that you use in eating. Its also a known fact that it also helps in reducing your craving for food. It also helps in keeping your cholesterol level under control

4. Berries. These are stuffed with lots of fibre which is good for your body. Just a cup

5. Eggs.  Not that you go and start eating lots of eggs. But eggs is know to have a good amount of vitamin B12 which helps in metabolising fat. But do note that you need to consult your doctor because too much of taking eggs would increase your cholesterol level which is not good for your body.

6. Lean meat and fish. Its always better when you go more of protein than carbohydrate because protein helps in burning more of the calories that you have inside of you. That also why you should avoid taking red meat and instead opt for white meat preferable turkey or Fish preferable tuna and salmon as they are very rich in omega 3 which is good for your body.

So there you have some of the foods that helps in fighting the fat in your body.

Talk soon.

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