Did you just lose weight…?

Or you are scared of growing fat?

Then this information that you are about to read will mostly definitely help you to keep in shape and stay slim.

As most people are losing weight and getting slim which can easily be achievable through our 9 days program here. Most people usually have this question at the back of their mind.

How do I stay slim, fit and healthy?

Some reading this post are actually slim but are scared of just increasing their shape hence the desire to want to learn how they can stay slim and also in a healthy way

While exercise workout session actually helps does the trick just like the two 10 Minute exercise workout video that is given only to those that gets access to the 9 days program to help get that much effective result.

There is also the need to know some of the foods that can help you stay slim which is what this post is about today which I believe will help many of you.

Hence this research i had to do and keep you informed.

So lets get started.



Popcorn is loaded with a lot of fibre that is self fulfilling when taking. Should you feel the need to want to eat.

Studies has also shown that just 15calories of popcorn is equivalent to taking 150calories of chips which you would have avoided taking.

And as a result of its texture and longer time it takes for you to consume it, your brain is registered that you have had enough of it thus suppressing your thirst of hunger

Wheat bread


it has been proven that when you eat more of wheat bread, you tend to become fuller eating just less of it than the normal bread that is common to us all. This is also as a result of the high fibre in the bread which helps in keeping a fuller stomach and also eating less food.

Chilli Pepper

chilli pepper

Now chilli pepper are rich in something called capsaicin which is an appetite suppressant. It helps in increasing body temperature which also increases the burnout of calories in the body and helps makes you more fuller.

Studies also revealed that when the capsaicin touches the neuron in the tongues, its sends a signal that releases the gut hormones that kicks of satiety response.


mushrooms (1)

Mushroom naturally are high in a particular amino acid called glutamate which triggers a new type of taste called umami. This is actually the fifth taste bud that is found in mushroom. Remember the other four which are sweet, bitter, sour and salty.

Result shows that those who eat this tend to eat less than normal and are more satisfied and fuller.



This is not only nutritious but its also a fulfilling meal with low calorie.

Now here is what is goes on in your system when you eat potato from the studies that I found out. Potato itself contains what is known as resistant starch which is not even digested as it goes through your small intestine. Getting to the large intestine, bacteria that live there actually feast on it creating a substance known as short chain fatty acid which also create another compound called peptide that makes you feel as though as you are full as that is message it sends to your brain.

Dark Chocolate


Yes… chocolate.. especially this dark chocolate can make you actually stay slim.

You might be surprised…?

But what taking dark chocolate does is that, it actually reduces your urge to eat the main meal

There we have it for today.

I believe you learnt a lot from this post today.

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