Losing weight is not all about having to use just programs or products that you find available and use immediately expecting that magic to happen.

Have you ever wondered why is it that the last weight loss program that you went through didnt work for you?

Well i believe that this write would actually help to shed more light as regards helping to lose weight permanently.

Now there are various components that leads to permanent reduction in weight that does not grow back and this ranges from supplement programs such as our 9 days program and the 30 days programs.

Other factors that helps you to do this are exercise and that last which is FOODS which is what we eat and put into our system

And this is actually the area that i want to be sharing with you today in this writeup.

By getting to know the top Super foods that helps with weight loss, you will be able to help yourself to achieve that dress size that you have always wanted following instructions given to you.

So lets get started with the top 10 that i want to share with you.


Oat is one of the best weight loss foods out that there has shown to have worked with a lot of people that are working on losing weight.
Not only because of the low carb that its has but because it has also been scientifically proven through research that it sure works.

Part of the study found with oat meal is that over time of taking this meal, it also helps to reduce your cholesterol level.

Its rich both in calories and fibers that keeps you filled all through the morning when morning which is one of the great things with having
to lose weight because you will have to watch your calorie intake.

With the fact that its a meal that can simply be made in less than 10 minutes. Its the perfect super foods that every person looking to
lose weight should take.

leafy greens


if you are the type that runs away from your vegetable while you were younger, well you can let that pass right this very moment because of what am about to share with you about leafy greens vegetables as it relates to weight loss.

vegetables are versatile, nutritious and come in a various forms of variety which is been prepared right here in nigeria and all over the world.

Dark leafy vegetables are an excellent source of iron which helps to keep your body from getting tired or weak especially when you are going through an exercise plan that is in line with the weight loss goal that you are trying to achieve.

which is why it has to be included in every foods that you take when you are on a weight loss program such as either the 9 days flat belly or the 30 days weight loss program available.

Aside from the iron that it provides, it also has calcium which is excellent for the bones, teeth and also muscle function which is also essential with your exercise routine that you are going through.

Other sources that you can get from vegetables are folic acid, vitamin C,K and B

When you are deficient in this. It can lead to increased appetite.

Vegetables are also high in fiber which is a good indication for helping to promote a healthy and regular digestive system,

Because of the low calories and carbohydrate that it has, You can eat a whole lot of eat when on any diet without worry

which is why its actually recommended to eat a lot of vegetables when you embark on our weight loss program that we recommend to you.

So take your vegetables seriously.

Some are eaten raw, made in salads, cooked into various delicacy and also blended as a smoothie.




With salmon, there are no any fat burning effect that it has but what makes it to be among the list of superfood is simple because of the lean protein that is has which actually fits extremely well into any program that
you go through.

When you start taking less of red meats and junk foods and start taking more of salmon, you not greatly reduce the amount of calories that your body is taking in but you help your body to achieve the necessary weight loss goal that you are working towards to

Salmon is also known to be rich in omega 3 fatty acid which also helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Its also linked to helping to assist with lowering of blood pressure.

So eat more of salmon fish.

Chicken Breast


Am sure that you will be surprised with this inclusion to the list of superfoods for weight loss, but here is the truth
Chicken breast do not help you to lose weight at all.

The reason why this is included is simply because of its protein content which is high and also its one of the best replacement for high calorie intake meal which helps to reduce your overall caloric intake during your weight loss plan or program that you are going through.

A recent study done on this showed that when you consume meal that has at least 25 grams of protein, it helps to reduce your urge for food helping you to better manage your weight.

To make your meal more interesting, you can spice up your chicken breast with brown rice or potato with lots of vegetables.



Whether irish or sweet potato, they are fat free and completely rich in nutrients with low calorie amount
which makes it completely best for losing weight. Now because of the fact that there are several companies now creating potato products
i will recommend you to stay away from there and take in only the fresh organic ones that that is less concentrated.

A very good source of vitamin C, protein, fiber, pottasium etc

You can take your potatoe with vegetable and chicken/salmon

Potato is also good for the heart that also helps in promoting normal blood pressure levels.



when it comes to making your body full even when you have eaten little.
Beans actually does that to the body and that is actually because of the high fiber that it has that gives the “i’m full’ feeling.

what this does to your body is that it helps to prevent you from eating too much thereby reducing your calorie intake for the day.

Its also a very good source for high protein to the body and what this does to is help to keep the energy and bloog sugar level stable.


This is actually one of the perfect foods that helps to lose weight.
Now what actually strange about this is simply because everything that makes up the avocado is pure fat.
the most interesting then about it is simply because this fat is called good fat as its classified under mono saturated fat, hence it helps you in your
course to lose those weight

It also helps to lower cholesterol in the body

Its completely low in calorie, rich in vitamins and assist in the shrinking of waist

the type of fat found in avocado has been classified as supreme
So ensure you take more of avocado if you want to work on losing those weight.

Another reason why avocado is great for the body is that its a metabolism booster which is good most especially for hastening the rate at which fat is lost in the body.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different superfoods that you can work with. Why not be engaged in any of our weight loss program that has helped hundreds of both men and women to lose those weight effectively using a complete meal plan that has been created to follow.

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