Water… As simple as it sound and easy to get. Its one of the most important fluid that our body needs to perform its necessary activity for the body to function normally.

But as widely available as water is, most people still are not aware on why you need to take in a whole lot of water on a daily basis most especially when it has to deal with living a healthy living lifestyle as I usually preach in most of my articles.

Here I will be sharing with you the 8 benefit of drinking water

1  It Keeps Out Body Fluid Balanced.

Do you know that the entire human body consist of 60% water. This means that the body fluid is involved in a whole lot of activity ranging from transportation to digestion to excretion and energy rate in the body.

2  It Helps in Regulating The Calorie Amount In Your Body.

Taking in lots of water helps in making you more full thereby making to want to eat less than necessary. Which is why its always recommended in any weight loss training programme like clean 9  to take lots of it to ensure that you don’t take in unnecessary food.

3   Increase in Brain Boost.

There has been an establish research that links drinking water to help boost brain performance while working. So a bottle of water can always come in handy while at your work place.

4  Increases Digestion of Food.

When having issue with indigestion. Best bet is to drink a lot of water as it helps in the digestion of food most especially in the colon to make it all go easily and smoothly.

5  Can Prevent You From Been Tired or sleepy.

Remember those time that when you are feeling sleeping and want to stay awake. You either drink water or wash your face with water. Your eye becomes clear. That goes to tell you that water helps to reduce fatigue most especially when you are very tired.

6  Its Increases The Smoothness of Your Skin.

When you body is regularly hydrated with water, you help prevent having wrinkle and also dry skin that might occur as a result of dehydration that might occur as a result of not getting enough water inside your body system.

7  It Gives Your Muscle More Energy.

When exercising, it is important that you take in enough water to prevent fatigue of the muscle that might occur. That way your body keeps getting the energy it needs to continue with the different exercise that you might be doing or involved with.

8  It helps to keep the kidney in check.

To prevent having diseases such as kidney stones, you need to help the function of the kidney to move the toxic waste that is in the body out and it’s the function of the body fluid in your system that actually helps it to achieve such function in the body.

When limited, then you are at a high risk of getting a kidney disease which you could have otherwise prevented by taking more water.

All in all, always ensure that you take in enough water on a body daily.

Hope this helps.

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