In today’s special post, I decided to go a bit different than before in the kind of post to make and this has got to do with infertility and why you all need to be aware of this either you are single, married, either male or female.

Infertility is when a woman is unable to conceive within a year or two of having sexual intercourse with her man.

And as a result of this, couples get worried as to what is happening to them and why the woman is not been able to conceive.

Which is why I will be writing about the causes of infertility in both men and women and also talk about the possible solution of how you can be able to solve this.

Statistic has shown in that in Nigeria, 20-25 percent of couples are actually unable to give birth either in their first year or second year which is also why there is an increase with the consultation with the gynecologist because of this issue that they are facing.


Now there is something that I really need to stress out because this is actually common in Nigeria.

We all think that infertility is strictly for women
but the truth is that its not the case…

It can be either male or female that is actually having the problem and been able to recognize that will actually help you in getting help quickly.

To proof that last statement earlier, a statistic in the USA states that about one in four couples have infertility issues, 40 percent of the issue came from the men and 40 percent came from the women. The remaining 20 percent is simply a combination of the two.

Which is why the fastest and easiest way out for the couple is to have themselves checked and tested to see where the problem lies rather than leaving it one sided alone to the woman to go fix her issues.

Infertility comes in various forms which could be primary, secondary or infertility miscarriages which is a situation whereby a woman always loses a child due to mischarges.

So what is the general causes of infertility

According to the research that I had to conduct. The following are some of the causes of infertility that couples have to face.


Chronic Illness

Low sperm count

Use of antidepressant drug which could easily lead to irregular menstrual cycle

Use of hypertension drugs (not supplement) could also lead to male infertility


Sexually transmitted diseases



And generally for the men, here are some of the causes that can make a man to be infertile

Poor Diet






Pesticide &lead

Accident Or injury

Low Sperm Count

Not been Able To Perform Well In Bed


5 things that you need to do to help fertility takes place

There are 5 things that is needed for you to actually get pregnant and also fertile

1) You need to ovulate:  your ovaries needs to produce an egg of which this process is known as ovulation. A way through which you can fast track this is through the use of this supplement  called “fertility booster here which will actually help you.

2) Your man needs high quality sperm: When a woman is very fertile and her male partner is having issues with low sperm count, there is no way conception will take place, that’s why the man too will need to work on increases the quality of his sperm and also increase his sexual stamina and performance to help with the process. The vitofit pack supplement  can easily help him with that, which is actually what I recommend to the men to make use of.

3) You need to have sex frequently:  you can not be looking for a child and be having sex once every week or two weeks. Some even go for months without sex and are still hoping for the fruit of the womb.

You had better change and grab your partner and do it at any given opportunity and anywhere you so like.

Spicing up your sex life helps in bonding you much more.  Which is why both the fertlility booster for women and the vitofit pack for men will really help you a lot in achieving both

4) Having a healthy uterus: for conception to take place, you need to ensure that all is well in your uterus area (womb) as if all is not well in that compartment, you will find it difficult getting pregnant.

5) Losing Off Some Fat In Your Body: Studies has shown that women who are obese and have excess fat in their body are prone to have issues with infertility which is why most doctor usually recommend that women should loses some weight to help make conception easy for them.

You can simply lose weight using the clean 9 supplement pack today

Okay… this brings me to the end of this post.

I believe it would have touched someone, somewhere that is reading this.

Do share this article with your loved one and also drop your comment if this article was useful to you.


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