Welcome to the second part of the weight loss tips that I started sharing with you yesterday.

If you missed yesterdays post on how to be more sexy- metabolism rockstar.

I think you should go over there and read that piece.

In todays post, I want to quickly address an important issue that is been faced by a lot of women that are actually on the big side

Chances are you are also on this list of people that does this

And that is you drinking COKE.

Which is like one of the most popular drink out there that people cant do without on a daily basis

Now here is what you don’t know about coke.

One of the factor that is affecting your been overweight is because of the consumption of coke that you are taking.

Taking coke is simply more of empty calories with a high rate of consumption of sugar while also increasing the stored up fat in your body which piles up little by little until its too late for you to realize that this one low priced drink that is taking everyday is adding to the fatness in your body.

Well the truth is that its not only coke that actually does this.

there are a whole lot of foods if taken would actually make you fat.

Other drinks too are responsible for this and its been estimated in USA as one of the major increase in obesity among both young and old people.

So right now, if you are among those that drinks coke or all those drinks… Well I guess you better try staying away right now as it will help making losing weight more easier

So what are the things that you can take to shrink those fat in your body.

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Your health and fitness coach

Ademiluyi Adegboyega