Private Letter To Overweight Women Over 30 years

  Discover The Little Secret System Of How To Blast Off 5-30kg Of Ugly And Unwanted Fat Completely Transforming Yourself Into That Sexy, Curvy And Attractive Woman You Are Meant To Be Using This Revolutionary Fat Loss Magic System Within The Next 30 Days.

 And How You Can As Well Be The Next Person That Gets Transformed Starting Today.

 From The Publisher Of Womentalksng

Are you over 30 years and looking as though you are losing your sexiness? 

Do you feel depressed each time you look at your naked self at the mirror?

Do you feel your husband/boyfriend is getting distant from you and complaining that you should do something about your weight?

Has your doctor told you that you need to lose those weight before you can get pregnant?

Are you one of those who actually use the waist girdle just to make people
not to know about your pot belly fat and just feel among?

Is your doctor telling you that you have high blood pressure and placing you on drugs to help maintain your pressure because of your been overweight?

If any of those series of questions seem peculiar to what you are actually going through right now, then this is the more reason why you need to stick to this important letter to the end as it will transform your life totally


My name is Gboyega, a health and fitness coach and publisher of womentalksng, i have currently helped 254 women and still counting, transforming them into sexy, curvy and attractive women, I decided it was time to actually let out my bag of secrets to a lot more women in Nigeria by making you the 255th person...

First off, Am not a doctor, neither am I a nutritionist or certified by any authority to advise you. All what you are about to read is based on personal experience and research from other people Whom have been able to use in helping hundreds of Nigerian women to help them get these amazing result that you are about to experience naturally

Well what started my journey to helping
women was actually FUNNY AND WEIRD.

It all started when I was in secondary school, been someone that was actually fat,
I knew how uneasy and inferior I felt…

Imagine having to wear a school trouser that will look odd on you because I was fat

I never really thought much to my size then,
until I actually had a crush on a girl…

That was in ss3…

Though I never got to date her…

She was the reason why I decided to want to lose those weight to look more handsome then…

That was about
9 years ago.

That was what led me to study lots of reports, videos data and experiment on so many things over the years to be able to transform not only myself…

but the lives of other women to actually look more beautiful getting rid of those fat that they were fighting with.

Just like the case of jumoke,

who happens to be a married woman and was so worried and depressed about her weight.

She knew she had to do something about her weight if she wanted to live the kind of stress free live that she wanted because truth is from being fat,

You hate looking at your naked self at the mirrow because you simply dont like what you are seeing.

you get to become tired easily and wont be as active as you want to be.

You might actually have issues sleeping

And worse still, your husband would not be happy that you are getting fatter because chances are you were never really fat when he got to meet which makes him to complain 

So was the case of jumoke before she met with me.

After much consultation, she agreed to go with my plan and within the next 30 days, she was able to transform her body into that sexy woman she had always wanted to be.

Shes actually the first pics you
will see when you scroll down.

Right now, i write health publications to about 8823 subscribers at the moment whom i share health tips and secrets with the people who have subscribed to my newsletter.

I also own a private facebook group with 26,084 members as am typing this letter right now

And from the series of emails and calls that i get each time i make a publication, a lot of women are really bother about the way their body are.

Here are some of the women and messages that
has benefited from my System…


Now my magic secret system that has help these women to achieve their weight loss dream is actually based on a formula that has been fine tuned which you are about to learn


Finding the right balance between the two is where the trick lies which is what I always use for every woman that is seeking to lose weight.

Which is why when I decided to write about this… I called it


This is a system that is proven to have worked and will work for you if followed properly.

So here is what you will learn inside the product that you are about to get access to

  • How to radically speed up your weight loss journey using these foods that helps you to increase your body metabolism
  • How to use the 24 hours cleansing system to increase your metabolism which speeds up your weight loss in the next 30 days
  • The only type of cooking oil that you should be using daily in your home if you truly want to lose those weight fast
  • My Special secret recipe book of nigerian meals that will help you lose weight within the next 30 days.
  • The fail proof easy to use weight loss MInd Map healthy living tracker that you need to follow even after you are through with my program that helps to keep you in shape and bring out your beauty and sexiness.
  • My list of fat burning cheap foods and fruits that you need to have at your home which is needed for this program to work out for you.
  • My miracle supplement of nutrients that is essential for you to instantly jumpstart and fast track your weight loss journey.
  • How you can use my special 40 minute daily workout session to instantly burn off that stored fat that is in your body
  • My unique golden rule to follow to effectively drop down massive amount of kg within the next 30 days. Follow this 9 rules and you will be be happy with your new body.
  • The bonus 10th rule that i never tell anyone about to which when followed will speed up the rate of your fat loss journey within the next few days.

  • How to revitalize your skin to be more fresh and glowing than ever before within the next 30 days. You will be surprised at how much you would have changed by the time you are through with this 30 days program.
  • How the effect of drinking alcohol can help you to increase the rate of burnout of fat in your body system. you really need to read this especially if you take in alcohol and fat.
  • How to effectively understand your body system that makes the entire body process of losing weight look very extremely easy. Do this and you will be surprised at how far you will go in losing those weight that you have always wanted.
  • My secret way to reduce your blood sugar level during this 30 days period by staying away from this 2 types of food that causes it.
  • The perfect blend and mix of fat loss recipes that you can easily create at home that will ensure that you are losing those fat in your body.
  • How to reduce the craving of food in your body system using this fat loss smoothie recipes that will quench your hunger for food and also help keep you in balance.
  • How to stay away from these 6 kinds of foods that will simply add more weight to your body system guaranteed
  • How to engineer your way to ensuring that you dont skip your simple workout session to effectively lose weight
  • How to use my 7 steps to guarantee that you have an highly effective workout session
  • How you can lower your blood pressure level using this simple diet recipes that cost next to nothing.
  • Exposed to you, the 10 biggest fat loss lies that will prevent you from losing those weight.

And many more secrets will be revealed to you inside the Fatloss Magic System Report

This is a completely easy process that you will be going through within the next 30 days... 

Okay, Here are some of the Bonus Pakages that you will also receive when you pick up this Fat loss Magic System

Bonus 1

The F4X youth enhancing body shaping system for men and women. This is a classic read the explains a simply 90 minutes workout exercise to building muscles and removing fats in your body.  This is suitable for everyone regardless of your age. (Worth N7500)

Bonus 2                                   

The Ultimate Body Building Secrets To Losing Weight Effectively. This is simply every basic things that you need to know to losing weight effectively including the type of foods that you should eat to help and assist you on your journey. (Worth N3500)

Bonus 3

Special Fat Burning Secret report. This is a special report that shows you the different fat burning secrets to help you lose more weight and stay more healthy while building your muscles.
(worth N2500)

Bonus 4

Special Access to our private special facebook group where you get online support and help during your process of losing weight. (Worth N25,000)


Private ACCESS To Our LIVE SEMINAR "Meet Your Coach" Program When you get to meet with me and my team of both fitness experts and doctors where we teach you more about your health and how to live a healthy lifestyle plus also a practical session of how to lose weight effectively. By getting this, you automatically get your own FREE ticket to this SPECIAL PRIVATE PROGRAM. (Worth N50,000)

 Are you tired of your being overweight or you have already lost your self confidence as a woman because of those fat in your body, Then get the FATLOSS MAGIC SYSTEM TODAY that helps you to transform your body into that sexy and attractive women you are always meant to be.

 How can you get access to this
packages and the bonus.

Right now, for just the first 100 people who are the first set of people I will be helping using my magic system, this will be available to you at just N5500 only.

Note, this is only for a limited because I would definitely close this page down very soon once the spot is filled and the price would very much increase. Remember that you are also getting other special weight loss report that are valued over  N80,000 together.

I know that the spaces would be filled up fast because remember that i have a list of close to 9000 susbscribers plus also a facebook group where there are currently over 26,000 facebook members which is daily growing.

So time to act is right now, because later might simply be too late and this page completely closed down.

Remember that by also getting this fatloss magic system report. you automatically get the ticket to come for our MEET YOUR COACH event 

 Get yours now today at this low price of N5500 now by following the process below


Make payment of N5500 into any
of the following account below

Bank Name: GTBANK

Account Name: Ademiluyi Adegboyega

Account Number: 0037250497


Bank Name: Diamond Bank

Account Name: Ademiluyi Adegboyega

Account Number: 0040823257

 Once your payment has been done, send an email to with the subject "Paid For Fat Loss Magic System" Include your full name, date of payment, teller number (Dont bother if you did online transfer) and your phone number.

Once received and your payment confirmed, your download link will be sent to you within the next 3 hours of sending your payment notification.

Now you can test drive our product for 60 DAYS with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Remember, that this meant for just the first 100 people to help get their sexy and attractive body back in shape using our fat loss magic method. Ensure you dont miss this as coming back to this page again might be too late.

Your Health And Fitness Coach
Ademiluyi Adegboyega

Call Care Number: 08027258634 
Mondays- Fridays (9am-4pm)

P.S: You are backed by My 60 days money back guarantee that if you dont not lose weight during these period of this program. I will refund you back your money. Hurry now and get your this report today

P.P.S: Remember that this copy will only be released to just the FIRST 100 people that gets their hands on this report. You dont want to miss this, right? Hurry now and get this product delivered straight to your email within the next 24 hours of confirming your payment.

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