This information is strictly for the buyers of the clean 9 product.

While many have seen substantial result from the use of the clean 9 product,  Some however are saying they are not seeing the changes that they expect to see.

And am here to address that to ensure that you all get the result that you want.

First off I want to talk about the short cut which is the 9 days programme to lose 5-10kg of ugly belly fat

Because of the fact that it’s for 9 days. There are strict measures that you have to follow to ensure that you lose that weight and if you don’t follow through, you will be disappointed with the result that you get which is actually due to your own fault.

Some of which is the first 2 days which is very important.

You are not required to eat anything for that 2 days. All you are required to do is to simply follow the instruction of the different times you are to take in the supplement for those 2 days and a Nutritional Pack That will serve as your food for those 2 days… Doing this alone and you have crossed the 50% chances of getting the result that you want.

Just like one of my customers whom I talked with. During her first day, She was eating meatpie instead of staying off food and was still expecting to get a radical result in the program that shes doing, she still went off to eating another food the next day.

At the end of the 9th day, she lost about 2kg of fat which to her means that the product is not working, but to me, I see it as her own negligence for not following through with the program

Ensure that you take in your own weight and measurement before you start using the product. ITS IMPORTANT

Another thing that you are required to do is the exercise. I cannot stress this enough. If you are looking to get that fast change in your physical body, you have to make sure you do those exercise.

Lots of people don’t know how much exercise they should do, that’s why I decided to help you with that tommy and arm weight loss workout Video Series that i had to package as an added bonus to the product to ensure that even if you are spending the complete 20 minutes doing the workout both in the morning and evening which I feel that no matter how busy you are, you should be able to spare that 20 minutes for yourself.

If you are finding it difficult to do the exercise, get someone to be helping you anytime you are about doing the exercise.

Unless you work 24 hours in a day all through.

You cant tell me that you are too busy and cant do exercise to help stay healthy.

If you are among those that says this.

Trust me, You will completely break down one day and it wont be funny, because you will be forced to have that rest that you don’t want to have.

Another important thing is that you need to drink a whole lot of water during the program. At least 1-2 litres of water everyday. I have written about the benefit of drinking water to help you understand its importance.

You also need to sleep a lot as you need the rest. It has been shown that sleep helps in dealing with weightloss

And lastly, we have the naija calorie counter which is the recommended food quantity you are to take during the program to help keep you in shape.

Once you follow this, then I assure you that you will definitely get the result of losing about 5-10kg of fat within the 9 days period.

I get testimonies from people who follow this, so I believe this will work for you.

Now for the Long route for those that want to lose more than this.

Now if you feel that you cannot go through the process that has been outline for you, then there is also another alternative for you.

Which is the 30 days supplement which is called FIT 1.


Now what this does is to ensure that you continue taking the supplement for the period of the next 30 days while doing about half of the exercises that was mentions above.

Now the FIT 1 is simply the same with the clean 9 with a lot more supplement than clean 9

So if you know that during the 9 days, what you lost is not comfortable by you, then I will advise that you continue with the 30 days FIT 1 and follow the instruction given to you.

Now for those that are looking to lose about 20kg and above. I can tell you that continuing with this 30 days will definitely help you in getting back in shape after taking this natural supplement for the 30 days plus the 9 days that you have done.

But note that those 1st 2 days are extremely important. Kindly refer back to your instructional guide

Now a quick question to those of you that are generally fat.

Do you think that spending the next 39 days to get back in shape is worth it?

Your answer should push you to either get the FIT 1 product or not.

FIT 1 Cost N49,500 But only for this week alone.

To Get It Delivered to You Simply Make The Payment for the FIT 1 Here and send us your address to have it delivered to your Door step Anywhere in the country.

Bank Name: GTBank

Account Number: 0037250497

Account Name: Ademiluyi Adegboyega

Once you have made the payment, Send your Name, home address, teller number and phone number to 08027258634

Talk soon.