One of the things that helps to keep your uterus healthy is when you take in enough water on a daily basis as it helps your embryo and your eggs to remain in a perfectly healthy condition.

In this light, i simply want to share a simply secret with you that helps to boost your fertility over time.

and that has to do with the powerful properties that is inside LEMON

You see, taking lemon mixed with water daily actually helps to enhance fertility in women

Not only fertility, it has the ability to treat and prevent some diseases that is inside our body system.

One of the nutrients that women need which has to do with fertility is FOLATE which is actually abundance in lemon in addition to the presence of Vitamin C, potassium phosporus among others including antioxidant which are essential important micro nutrients that is needed to help with fertility.

So how best can you take your lemon?

First off, be advised to avoid lemon juice made by companies as that is not what we are after.

We are after using the natural lemon fruit that you can easily get at the market or any shoprite outlet that is closest to you.

Now when you mix your lemon with water and take it in the morning, one of the function that this does is to increase the flow of cervical fluid that aids conception.

Now when it comes to conception to take place, without the cervical fluid, it will be difficult for the sperm to reach the egg.

And another important property of this cervical fluid is that id its in good quantity and quality, it can keep the sperm alive inside a woman for days before ovulation occur in women.

You can read more about this here where i talked about how to increase your chance to conceive a baby boy.

Is there any side effect to taking lemon water every day?

Truth is, there is no side effect whatsoever because as long as you are taking the natural lemon that you make
yourself from home, you can always drink it even if you are pregnant or still on a fertility cleansing program with the detox pack with C9


Taking lemon water will give you a lot more of added benefit.

Everyday, we all go out and are exposed to various radical and toxins which comes as a result of the food that we eat, the air that we breathe or the water that we drink.

All of this normally has adverse effect even to the sperm quality, egg and reproductive organs which inhibit pregnancy. But when you start taking in lemon, overtime, it helps to purify your body system thereby removing the poisonous toxins that is in your body system.

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Another big question that a lot of people ask…

Can lime be substituted for Lemon?

As much as both almost has the same properties. They are completely opposite.

If you are looking to get pregnant or fertile… Then by all means avoid the use of lime because it rather hinders fertility to both men and women.

But if you know that you are not in the child bearing age, then by all means, you can use lime as a substitute.

I hope this article teaches you something today.

As much as possible, ensure that you have exhausted your means to find lemon before you go for lime.

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