One of the common beliefs is that the only thing that helps to determine the health of an egg in a woman during her ovulation is simply through AGE.

Well, there are as well a lot more factors that has a general impact on the quality of the egg released during ovulation that also affect the fertility of a woman and that includes environmental factor, hormones in the diets, stress etc.

Now the truth about fertility in women is that it is based off four major areas which are

Proper circulation

Healthy fertility cycle

Balanced hormones

Healthy eggs

For you to get pregnant, you need an healthy eggs because that is what actually leads to fertilization and pregnancy.

Believes has shown that when a woman is born, she has all her eggs inside her, hence the reason why age is been said to affect the quality of the egg in a woman.

It has also been shown that Eggs do not regenerate.

This goes to tell you how much age is been influenced by the quality of an egg in a woman.

Now while that may be true.

Here is what you dont know.

Many women with issues of pregnancy having been told by their doctor are given alternative options such as IVF, egg donor or even as a last resort having to adopt a child.

But majority simply dont know that by simply increasing the quality of your egg over a 90 days period, you will be able to improve the quality of your eggs and eventually get pregnant simply following all that i will be showing you.

So how does this works.


By working with this factors listed below you will be able to improve the quality of your eggs over a 90 days period because this are the contributing factors that leads to poor egg health


– Blood flow

– Proper Oxygenation

– Hormonal Balance

– Nutritional Intake

– Stress.

When you work on this,you will see a much better improved result.

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