This is actually one of the articles that actually took a lot of my time not only because of the senstivity but because it is one of the questions that a lot of women who send me emails about fertility tend to ask me about how they can get to know the exact period that they can ovulate to increase their chance of getting pregnant naturally.

While its a good thing. here are some thing that you have to know most especially about yourself first before you can actually get to know how to put your body to work in improving your fertility.

The first thing that i will like to talk about is this…

Because you are able to know when you are ovulating does not mean that you get pregnant if all conditions in your body system is not met.

Why is this so?

The reason why am saying this is because a lot of women actually think that all they need to do is to figure out this period, have sex with their husband and expect that they get pregnant.

Some might have seen positive result.

But in most cases. Majority dont and they keep on trying month in month out expecting a miracle to happen but dont see anything at the end of the day.

That is also part of the reason why you will see a lot of women waiting years without any positive result still following the ovulation period to having sex with their husband to get pregnant.

While that may be so?

You all need to understand that your body system varies to another woman’s own such as the health issues that you have internally such as hormonal imbalance, block Fallopian tube, ovarian cyst, fibroid, low egg health etc

All this determines if using the ovulation period that am about to reveal to you will work for you.

And this is part of the reason why i always advice that women get a test done by their doctor.

Have seen cases where women are looking for the fruit of the womb and have not even gone for any medical check for over 2 years

which is bad.

Going for a test is not the end of the world.

Going for a test simply helps you to understand your body more to knowing what it is you are dealing with.

So if you are yet to go for a test and reading this writeup.

Pls ensure that you visit a doctor soon.

While that may be said.

When all condition is met, then it makes this calculation to work more in your favour.

So lets talks about some of this conditions.

One of the condition is the health of your fertility organ, your uterus, your Fallopian tube and even your general body health.

You need to ensure that your fertility organ are perfectly healthy which is one of the reason why we always ensure that our clients make use of the fertility cleansing process which helps them to first set their body in order to help in regulating their hormones, their health and also flushing out whatever waste that is in their body system as stored waste and toxins leads to infertility issues that you are not aware of.

And if you are the type that is actually fat or obese on the big size, Following the cleansing process also helps you losing some weight making you feel more lighter, active and more productive which also helps in your fertility.

The next condition is in the kind of food that you eat.

Now what you need to know is that eating healthy food is far different from eating foods that are rich in also enhancing and boosting your fertility.

I actually wrote a details guide and compilation of the different fertility meals that you can be taking that helps you out a lot inside my highly researched and downloaded fertility report that is you can also get right here.

Click here to download my fertility all natural report.

Now when you begin to follow the fertility diets right after you have gone through the normal cleansing process, then you can be rest assured that you are on the right track to ensuring that the ovulation period that you will be learning about will have a very high chance of working for you.

Now once you have incorporated this two both the fertility cleansing and the fertility diet into your lifestyle.

Every other thing gets easier when you switch to our complete fertility booster supplement that is also sent to you because what that does is to help improve the quality of your health, make your ovulation stronger which you actually get to feel when its the right time even without the calculation that i will be giving you below and best is that it helps you to improve your fertility that helps you gets pregnant naturally should the sperm health of your husband is of high quality.


Now that your body system is now on point, fully reset and your fertility improved.

Its now time for you to learn about your ovulation period for you to know when to strike in having more sex with your husband.

One of the things that you need to know is that there are just a few days within each cycle that helps to make conception possible, and by learning how to know this period would help make thing easier for you.

Now during this period, your body will definitely provide signals for you which is actually driven by hormones.

Now when you have gone through our fertility booster program, this will come easy for you because all your hormones would have been regulated to function properly during this period.

Now the hormones responsible that actually gives this signal to your body are the estrogen and the progesterone.

Estrogen is high in the days before ovulation when you are most fertile and the progesterone is high after ovulation, when you are no longer fertile

One of the signs that shows your estrogen is high during this period is in your cervical fluid which should be thick, stretchy and egg white in nature and your basal body temperature

Cervical Mucus Fluid.

Since this actually occurs on a daily basis, it is something that you can start taking note of.

Now what you need to know is that this mucus is produced by the cervix when the ova is actually maturing and preparing for ovulation.

So how do you learn how to make use of this information?

Just as you have always learnt to know when to spoy when your period starts, that how you are going to work with knowing how your mucus can guide you towards that.

Just at the first time you notice these mucus when you start your menstruation which usually comes with bleeding, right after then, you will also notice another mucus that coming out which will be more sticky without the blood stain on it when you check.

It is at that period that you should know that you are entering your ovulation period.

And through this, you can be able to know that you very much fertile during this short window period.

There are some women that are simply having irregular menstruation. I will advice you to go through our fertility booster program as it also helps in regularizing it during the 40 days period

Ovulation Calculator

Now another more recommended way that you can do is through a plugin that you will see below where you only need to put in some figure and it helps you to calculate the period through which you are likely going to ovulate.

This is actually one of the best thing that technology has done to better the lives of women as regards fertility.

So simply follow what is below by putting in the amount of your menstrual cycle and the first day of your late menstrual cycle. Click On calculate and simply follow the date given to you and work with that.

Using the date that is given to you, you will be able to work with that time to know when you are most fertile while also recognizing the way your body get to feel during this time.

Now that you have know very well about at least 3 ways… your cervical mucus, basal body temperature and also with the aid of this ovulation calculator. You should be able to better detect your own ovulation with this and strike during this period with your husband.

Now you need to understand that if the quality of your man’s sperm is not in high quality, Conception wont take place, which is why i will also recommend that you put your husband on our male fertility boost program called vitofit.


Once you have gone through our fertility booster program, using this ovulation tips in this article would help you in getting a more better improved result.

start your own first fertility process through the fertility cleansing today. Click Here Now

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