Getting to be fit actually takes a lot of work on our part and one of the ways through which we can actually get to make things easier for us is through some of this fitness applications that I will be sharing with you.

These application are great for monitoring your progress and helping you as you journey your way to transforming your body into that sexier and attractive person that you have been longing to be.

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All of this apps that I will be sharing with you are all free and you can simply download through through your google play store starting from today.

So here is the list of my favorite apps that you can use.


This is a free fitness application where users starts by taking a fitness test to help assess their fitness level while also giving you the suggested form of exercise that you need to do. This application uses the GPS on your smartfone to help you in trackjing everything  from walking to running. It also has a community of people where you can meet with friends and also get to challenge your activity to get more work done. FREE on iOS and Android.


A lot of times, we find it difficult in knowing how many calories of food that we are actually taking it as your calorie intake goes a long way in helping you in achieving your weight loss dream. If you order for the clean 9 pack, you will get the Nigerian Calorie Counter report that helps you in measuring the amount of calories that you are to take. Click here now to get yours this week.

All you simply need to do with this app is to type in the name of the brand name foods that you would like to know the calorie amount. It has a very large database of meals that has been saved up there. And if you are making something from scratch, you can easily input it there and it does the calculation for you. FREE on iOS and Android.

Noom Coach

When you are trying to put together a new set of food that you want to eat. It might be a daunting task in know the correct amount of calories that you are making. But thanks to the Nigerian calorie counter for Nigerian foods when you get the clean 9 pack.

Now Nooms does all the heavy lifting for you using its extensive database as it would know the calorie intake of most of the major foods that you want to take in. It also helps in suggesting how you can make simple changes to living a healthy lifestyle. FREE iOS and Android


How many times have you exercised your mind, because majority of the time, we tend of dwell more on our physical body. Lumosity is an app that helps to take the normal traditional task used by neuroscience researchers and turn them into fun games designed to improve everything from memory to attention to attentions. This is a nice app that everyone should use.

You don’t need a lot of time, just set aside 15 minutes three times a week and you will really fall in love with this app. FREE iOS and Android

Pump Up

As a way to meeting with like minded people most especially when you want to use it to challenge yourself as you are progressing with the clean 9 program, this application is the perfect place to post your progress photos and also help motivate other like minded people to meet your fitness goals. FREE iOS and Android

So there you have it… do you have a favorite one, do please share with the rest and also add your own comments to this.

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