3 Secret Things Men Talk About Their Women At Home.


If you think that we men don’t gossip, then you are on a long thing.

Because ours is even far much worse than the one you think you talk about with your girlfriends.

Men must always talk.

And I just laugh because I knew sooner or later… the man would start having a side babe that he is having an affair with

Don’t blame him…

Just like last night when I was with our group which we are known for as the“socialite married men”, and a topic came up about how our wives have been behaving which is also responsible to the reason why we seem to cheat on them

The response will shock you because these are things that normally every lady should be aware about, but here is it lacking and just killing your marriage little by little and one of the reason why he comes home late at night.

Well as we were sipping our drink of “harpiness” as one of my friends would say…

We all started talking about the different issues that we had, which was.

  • Always feeling like the boss in the house and always want to be in control.When if you don’t know. Trying to control your husband is simply telling them to go and get someone that they can control outside the home. Ever wonder why he comes home late at night?
  • Not always in the mood.Now this is actually part of what kills in. He wants in with you during the night and you are always saying that you are tired.
  • Not as sexy and attractive as before.The way you used to dress has suddenly changed that you don’t even care about been tidy and just drop things anyhow in the house, you start getting bigger without even watching how big you are getting and always using the children as excuse for have those extra flabs in your stomach.

You see

I just wished there was a way you could wake up to realize that you are slowly losing your marriage and until you start suspecting that he’s cheating on you. You would not know it.

One of the main concerns is actually about your how your body is.

You see, we men are moved by what we see.

The way some married women are now, is just a complete turn off that simply creates the trigger for men to get a much finer and sexier babe outside. Sorry to say.

Now for you to actually make him to appreciate you and stop talking about how bad you are simply maltreating him psychologically

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And you can simply do that by losing those extra pound of fat that is been stocked up in your belly.

The third one Is actually the predominant reason which you all need to work.

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