Like I have always told you all. This blog is all about staying healthy and that is why I created this site in the first place.

Okay, I went through some research recently thinking about ways by which one can easily avoid the unavoidable sickness that comes like a thief in the night. Though there are lot of studies out there which I have read.

But there was one that rather strikes me, which is why am writing about this today to let you know of my thoughts and also what i have found out.

One of the things I know about Nigerian is that we rather go for a cure than a prevention.

We never want to avoid certain illness or diseases until it has actually happened to us.

Now if everyone had rather gone towards the line of prevention rather than cure.  Do you think we would be in a safer healthy lifestyle…

I think so.

So that is why one of the ways by which you can live a healthy lifestyle is actually by ensuring that you do some medical test that is actually a MUST.

Most if not all death that is caused apart from accident or unknown circumstances could have been prevented if you had done one of these test that am about to talk about.

1. Blood pressure test:

Do you know that having high blood pressure leads to stroke, heart attacks and even kidney failure.

I recommend that you all do a checkup to know your blood pressure level most especially if you are above 40 years of age.

That does not exempt the younger ones, because when an individual undergoes too much stress which can be family, work or health issues, it can lead to an increase in your blood pressure without you know.

So by ensuring that you know your blood pressure level you can be in check to notice when there is already a slight increase in your blood pressure. You can also read about the causes of high blood pressure here

2. Blood Sugar test:

This is most especially useful for diabetes patient.

You need to know the level of the amount of glucose that is in your blood.

Having a higher blood sugar level is actually disastrous to your health. So ensure you go to a medical centre right now and find out If its normal and If its not, you will be recommended and told what to do to drop the sugar level in your blood system

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3. Cholesterol:

If you want to keep your heart in check especially as you grow older, then this is one of the best test that is really essential for you.

Doing this test will help you understand your heart better and also help prevent you from having heart attacks.

Your blood is usually tested for the total cholesterol level in your body which is now broken down into good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL) and blood fat called triglycerides. By getting to know the result of the test, you are helping to keep your cardiovascular system safe and in check.

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4. Waist Size:

How big is your big…?

Do you know that the more big your waist size is, the more prone you are to heart diseases and diabetes.

For women, if you wait size is above 35 inches or for men if your waist size is able 40 inches, then you have already entered the danger zone and need to reduce that waist size immediate.

One of the ways you can do is, is by undergoing a 9 days program the helps you to reduce up to 5-10kg of fat in your body. Going through this programme will drastically reduce your waist size and help make you feel more better. You can simply start here now.

5. Breast and cervical Cancer test For Women:

This test has actually helped saved the lives of many who are early enough to start undergoing medical checkup to test for any trace of this symptoms. And that is the mammogram. Though this is actually done according to your age.

Starting 3 years after becoming sexually active or when a lady enters the age of 21 years, you are to undergo a test to see if there is any signs of abnormal cell changes that might possibly lead to cervical cancer. Doing this would help ensure early discovery and treatment of the cancer before it even develops in your body.

 6. Prostate Cancer For Men:

This is found mostly in older men. Though the test for early discovery of this  which is a kind of screening has actually been said to be of more damage to the man than the disease itself from a report I read in the usa. But a discussion with your doctor would help you in getting to know more about how you can quickly detect this disease.

I guess that’s all for now… though there are other test that you could do such as sexually transmitted disease and other… Just ensure that you  make sure that you are healthy.

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Talk soon and do also comment on this article if it was useful to you.

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