We’ve all seen the news how some of our celebrities who have died as a result of their kidney failure which they were late in recognized which eventually killed them.

That has also led to some other celebrities coming out to create awareness to prevent the death of people dying from killing failures.



Now am here to educate you and enlighten you on some of the things that you need to know about your kidney and why you also need to understand how your kidney works to better take care of it and help improve its activity.

Now if you still neglect some of what I will be sharing with you, then you are simply not far off from people that get to realise that its too late for them to do anything which is why you need to know this now.

Its my prayer that none of my subscribers reading this, do not fall victim of this.

Now what are the causes of kidney failure…?

Can it be prevented?

Can it be cured?

What does it really means to have a kidney failure.?

Now these are some of the questions running through your mind which am going to be talking about today and also in subsequent other articles i will be writing here later on in this blog

What is Kidney Failure?

As the name is, this is when your kidney has finally failed to perform its function in the body. And what are this function

  • Waste removal of toxins
  • Water balancing of the body
  • Blood Pressure Regulation
  • Acid Regulation

Now this main function of the kidney makes it to be one of the most important organ in the body that when it fails to perform this function, your entire body breaks down which also leads to permanent failure and finally death of such patience.

Now most people don’t even know that their kidney is failing which is why some people die from it because they get to know when its already late which could have been avoided if they had the information that you are now reading now today.

But by getting to understand the causes and how you can prevent this most especially permanently. You will get to live the kind of healthy lifestyle that you want.

Causes of Kidney Failure

There are several causes of kidney failure some of which are

When the drainage tube in the kidney is blocked which prevent waste from leaving the body. this can be cause by cancer that is associated within the area of the colon, kidney, bladder, prostate gland in men, cervical


Some medical conditions that slows down the activity of the kidney like heart disease, blood pressure, infection, liver failures, bleeding, use of some drugs, dehydration,


When there is a direct damage of the kidney like toxins which is very common in our world today such as alcohol, heavy metals, cocaine and also when there is an inflammation of the blood vessel that is normally caused by free radicals in the body

How can you reduce the risk of kidney disease.

Now having known all this, you need to know that keeping a healthy lifestyle is one of the ways by which you can avoid having a cleaning failure.

Now because of the daily work that we do. We inhale lots of toxins on a daily basis that if its not removed, could lead to kidney failure.

Now its very important if you can cleanse your body from these toxins once every 6 months as it really helps in giving you a healthier lifestyle and also helps make you to be more fit.

One product that could help you to detoxify, Cleanse your colon and help you trim down and avoid diseases is actually the clean 9 product which you can get here

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Now it’s a wise and safe decision if you decide to take care of your body as it helps you against the potential of been a patient of kidney failure.

Also if you know you have any of this associated diseases such as diabetes, Liver Disease or high blood pressure. Then I strongly advise that you go through the clean 9 product as it really helps.

More article will be written later on as regards this topic.

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Talk to you soon.

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