Watermelon has been known to be have been cultivated for thousands of years which Is why most people love it so much over the past centuries with evidence of its origin at South Africa and also in the River Nile area which recorded of its existence of over a thousand years of its existence.

Watermelon comes from the botanical name citrullus vulgaris which contains about 91% water and 6% sugar.

In the 16th century, the native southern America started growing this marvelous fruit and today, it is a common fruit that is been grown by majority of the farmers in the united state.

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One of the reasons of how it was discovered is basically because of its water content and its sweetness while been grown in the wild making it a good substitute for people who need to survive in the Wild while they are lost especially in the dessert.

Later on, when studies were carried on this fruit, lots of discoveries were made as a result of the nutritional benefit of what it can do to the human body.

Nutritional Content Of WaterMelon Water Melon Has some very important nutrition content that can help in a lot of different health way to the consumers of the fruit when taking rightly.

The Nutritional content include

Vitamin A: which helps to keep the eyes healthy.

Vitamin B6: which helps to make the brain to function well and also help to convert protein to energy.

Vitamin C: which helps to strengthen immunity, healing of wounds and also in the prevention against cell damage that might want to happen in your body system. –

Amino Acid like Citrulline and arginine which helps to maintain the keep the heart flow of the body stable and prevent any form of cardiovascular attack in the body.

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Even with all this nutritional content that is inside this marvelous and amazing fruit, there was also a new discovery of a particular nutrition content that is said to be one of the highest in tomato which was also discovered in water melon and also even higher than in tomato.

The name of the nutrient is the LYCOPHENE which is mainly found in red Fruit and its an extremely powerful oxidant that can help prevent against degenerative diseases like cancer, heart diseases and muscular degeneration.

One of the thing we do not known about lycophene is that it cannot be generated inside the human body, thus we have to get it by having to get it from food or fruit source to which led to the discovery of its presence in water melon.

For those of you looking at dieting in other to reduce your weight and keep your body fit. The calorie content of watermelon is extremely low, which means that you can take as much as you like and even use it in creating other food recipe that you can add to your list of dietary foods that you want to consume.

Personally, from experience, each time I consume watermelon I notice that I feel stronger, active and my body tends to be very active which is why I cannot do without it almost on a daily basis.

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Health benefit of watermelon

Now because of the studies that has been carried out on this fruit and the great result that was found from it, it is now a known fact that the fruit has a lot of amazing nutritional benefit that is derived from those that consume it rightly.

The first nutritional benefit of watermelon is that it acts as a powerful antioxidant. Insufficient amount of antioxidant leads to the damage of the cells in the body which is why it is essential that you consume lots of fruit especially watermelon because of its high antioxidant content.

The second nutritional benefit of watermelon is that it helps in the prevention of cancer.

The third nutritional benefit of watermelon is that it helps to prevent erectile dysfunction in men.

According to Dr Bhimu Patil “Arginine boost nitric oxidem which relaxes blood vessels having the same basic effect as viagra, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it”. This makes watermelon to be a natural stimulant for men who are having erectile problem.

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How Can WaterMelon Be Taking In a Healthy Way

Now because you have now known the health benefit of water melon does not mean that you should go and eat a whole bunch of water melon because you want to fortify your body system.

Even though the health benefit of water melon is great, it is known to cause to natural diuretic which will cause you to purge a whole lot, you will regret ever eating it.

So how should Water Melon be taking.

You have to be take it moderately. A few slice cut of water melon very early in the day will give you the required nutritional content to last you for the day.

Also another way by which you can take in watermelon in a healthy way is to simply extract the juice using a juice extractor so that you can easily have a glass cup of watermelon juice.

It’s very tasty and very good for the body especially for those who don’t have time to sit down to eat the natural watermelon fruit.

You can also try to spice things up by adding it together to other fruit to make a nice fruit salad for you. If you don’t love eating watermelon due to certain things, what you can easily do is to take the fruit that you love and mix it up with watermelon. That way you will still get the nutritional benefit that comes with it.

I hope you have been enlightened more about the powerful works of the watermelon…

I would love to hear your contribution and comments about this information that you have just read.

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