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My name is Ademiluyi Adegboyega and am a health and fitness coach that has helped hundreds of Nigerian women to achieve their weight loss goals within weeks of my coaching with them using a proven plan that actually works through my newsletters that you have just joined.


Before I continue, I will want you to know this.


Am not a doctor, neither am I a nutritionist or studied in the medical line, but based on the fact of my personal experience and researches that I have done online which has helped a lot of people both in Nigeria and outside, I have been able to become an expert in helping people to reach the weight loss goal using my own methods and tricks in losing weight and getting more sexier, attractive and beautiful


With that said and done.


Lets move on to the reason why you downloaded this free report.


First off we all know who mercy Johnson is right. This pretty actress that has all the curves and perfect body that every woman always desire.


Recently she put to bed and as a result got very fat which was actually an issue with her husband because hes not used to seeing her that way given the new shape that she has.

mercy tw


That to let you know that we men can not easily adapt to changes women go through after we must have met them the way we love them to be.


Most especially when fat and obese.


Now I know that from the most part, your been overweight is not actually your fault because you don’t simply know the root cause from it.


Some might actually know but then, its simply difficult to keeping in shape and as a result you simply lose it all.


And the story that mercy Johnson share today is something that goes to show you that anything is possible.


Because within weeks, she was able to shed off completely the fat in her body within  weeks


Which is simply amazing


Because majority of the time…


Women don’t have a clue about having to lose weight most especially through the natural meams


Some go register at the gym.


And still not get the result that they want.


Note that not everyone can really afford the time to spend over 2-3 hours at the gym


Unless you are a full time house wife who has nothing else to do than to stay at home.


So what then is the key to losing weight.


That is part of what you will be learning as you subscribed to this newsletter and one of the reasons why you need to stay glued to your emails every 6am in the morning to receive my daily morning weight loss tips.


Because as a result of the trainings that I will be giving to you, you will be able to be on your way to losing those weights in your body within the next 30 days and get to live the healthy lifestyle that you have always wanted.


Want that right?


Then ensure you check your mail tomorrow morning.


Now back to the story of mercy Johnson.


I had to find out one of the simple things that actually helped her in her course to losing those weight which is why am sharing the 3 breakfast recipes to you that you can also make use of in your daily healthy foods to eat.


As they will help you.

Getting to lose weight is based on 2 things which if you really follow through with it, it will transform you to the kind of beautiful lady every man desires.

The two things are simply Nutrition and workout

which I will still talk about more starting from tomorrow morning 6am to show you how you can truly get to be all sexy and attractive again.


So for the purpose of this report, here are the recommended breakfast that you need to change and start using to start your process of losing weight.


First breakfast

– Two slices of Wheat Bread and jam

-a cup of ginger Tea(2 cubes of sugar) = 280 calories


Second breakfast


-2 cubes of Sugar or honey preferable.

-A Glass of milk = 345 calories


Third breakfast is actually a smoothie which you will have to refrigerate and blend using a blender

-Banana – Pineapple – pawpaw and – half cup plain cold water


So there you have it…


Start changing your breakfast to any of this and if you are not the breakfast type of person. The third option would be a good option for you.


To learn more losing weight, ensure you stay glued to my teaching and also my best selling book that will also be given to you later on as you get your daily dose of weight loss tips.



Ademiluyi Adegboyega

Your health and fitness coach

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